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Faro Barcelona joins the Pofesional Lighting Designers Association, APDI

Faro Barcelona’s membership of the Professional Lighting Designers Association constitutes a step forward for the firm in its goal to promote the culture of light, offering the most innovative solutions from respect for the environment and looking to the welfare and happiness of the people in contact with it brand and products.


The Spanish company, leader in lighting and ventilation, has joined the APDI, a platform that brings together architectural lighting professionals who stand out for their developed visual sense and for their ability to satisfy the aesthetic and functional needs of each project.


The APDI was born in late 2018 and founded by a small group of lighting designers who decided to come together to create an association with a public image that is committed to the institutional recognition of the profession. In its defence for the "culture of light”, the APDI pays tribute to excellence and quality in lighting projects in benefit of society. This founding cause remains in force today.


The APDI currently has 140 members and its goal is to promote the lighting design profession and establish criteria to improve the lighting of our cities and spaces, in order to achieve an optimal expression of architectural design, taking into account the appropriate use of energy resources and the welfare of users.


This philosophy is in line with the guidelines of Faro Barcelona, a family company founded in Barcelona in 1945. In its 75-year trajectory, Faro Barcelona has consolidated as one of the main companies in the lighting and ventilation sector.


The firm currently exports to more than 130 countries and supplies 7,000 customers. It also has showrooms in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Madrid and Barcelona.


Faro Barcelona promotes a new affordable design concept based on values such as the respect, welfare and happiness of people, with a deep respect for the environment.


On its path to sustainability, the firm has started series of changes in internal processes with a dual purpose: to minimise the environmental impact resulting from its activity and to maximise its positive impact on society. Some of its commitments to achieve this are to optimise its manufacturing processes, as well as design enduring products with greater durability and better repairability.


In its journey in the ventilation and lighting sector, Faro Barcelona has been recognised internationally with numerous awards for its designs: 4 Red Dot Awards, 6 German Design Awards, 2 If Design Awards and 2 Green Product Awards, among other prizes.


This membership is without a doubt an extremely important step in the brand’s trajectory and reaffirms its commitment to quality light designed for people.