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The rooftop garden of Hill House Villa

Hill House Villa is a holiday rental house built in 2017. It is located in a dream spot in Chrisi Akti in Chania, Greece and has 4 floors where comfort and luxury are always present.

It was decided to build a garden at the top of the building in order to have the feeling of well-being offered by looking at the ocean while enjoying the sunset.

For this corner, the VERSUS-Elamp of Faro Barcelona and its structures have been used so that they stand out above the vegetation and the sun beds.

VERSUS-E has been used both on its structures and as a floor lamp to create a warm atmosphere for guests. According to Angelos and Thomais Klothaki, owners of this holiday house, “The lighting fits perfectly with the modern design and the urban environment of Hill House Villa”.

Photography: Petros Patakos

Distributor: Electrolyseis

Project: Hotel House Villa (Grecia) Distributor: Electrolyseis Products: VERSUS