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LINK spotlights illuminate a design staircase

João Nuno Macedo, Ricardo Silva, Marta Machado are the architects who have renovated the Monsenhor Airosa House in Braga, Portugal.

In doing so, they have maintained the original layout of the house, which is divided by an imposing staircase that connects all the levels. The staircase, in the centre of the main space, is the most important element, allowing the spaces to be distributed without closing them off and letting natural light into the whole house.

To illuminate it, they have chosen LINK adjustable projects. Projector lighting allows the light to be fixed where it is most needed and to act as general lighting so that it is perfectly integrated into the ceiling. In this case, it illuminates part of the staircase and the rest area that shares the space. This model has also been used for the kitchen. In the renovation, we can also find the MINE pendant lamp on the upper floor to illuminate a table centrepiece, the HYDE recessed luminaires for general lighting - as we are in a house with open spaces, general lighting plays a fundamental role - and the OSLO wall lights in the corridors. The architects have restored the main façade to reveal a traditional Portuguese style, which is complemented at the entrance by the THON outdoor floodlight.


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Project: Monsenhor Airosa House
Architects: Macedo, Silva and Machado
Products: LINK, MINE and more