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Lighting details in this coastal apartment
Quatre Coses has been responsible for the decoration of this flat located in Blanes. To welcome, the MINE one-light pendant in white lights the entrance and fits perfectly with the minimalist style of this area.

The wood and wicker, as well as the metal organiser, give it functionality and at the same time follow the current trends in decoration.

In the living room, an American kitchen presides over the long room. On the kitchen island, two LIZ-1 crystal pendants provide the right light for cooking, as well as illuminate this area in a general way.

The Mediterranean atmosphere of the room provides a calm and relaxation sensation; and the crystal allows the light to diffuse without flashes while not losing any lumens.

A very original way of lighting the dining table is thanks to the industrial look wall lamp that directly illuminates the panel and whose reflection of light affects the table. Thus, it can be used without disturbing the guest.

Finally, in the white and blue bedroom, the CELIA wall lamps with the articulated arm give a retro and industrial touch to this room.

The bedroom is modern and functional. The set is an interior design project designed for today’s life and where light fulfils an essential and consistent function in all environments.

Project: Apartamento de playa Interiorism: Quatre coses Products: MINE, LIZ, CELIA