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Faro Barcelona lights up the garden of a house in Cantabria

Hemanos Vega Díaz are responsible for the changes in the garden of a single-family house in Cantabria. To cover needs, this distribution company has been responsible for the construction of a bathroom integrated into the garden and the remodelling of this to create a functional space.

The structure of the building is made of wood enamelled in colour and decorated with old wooden planks.

Both the lighting of the garden and the bathroom are from Faro Barcelona. On the main facade we find the ESTORIL rustic lamps. Their classic style and their protection index make them the perfect luminaire for this area.

If we enter the structure, we find a rustic bathroom, but with details that capture our attention. The wooden doors have been recovered by the Vega Díaz Brothers. The interior lining of the bathroom, as well as the imitation wood flooring give continuity to the style of the whole.

The bathroom taps belongs to the Bristan Group and is officially distributed by the people in charge of the project. Finally, to give light to the interior, two ART pendants with filament bulbs illuminate the dressing table and maintain that rustic and delicate style that surrounds the whole set.

Project: Residence in Cantabria
Distributor: Hermanos Vega Díaz
Product: ESTORIL