Decoration and warmth with the WHIZZ luminaires

R-Estudio presents this project located in Terrassa and whose main objective was to reform the living-dining room of this house.

White and wood have been used in the house to create a sense of spaciousness and warmth.


For general lighting, a track with NAN projectors from Faro Barcelona is responsible for lighting both the entrance and the central part of the room.

The installation of lanes allows us to orientate the projectors and thus really adapt to the needs of the space and modify it if necessary.


To complement the lighting in the living room, the WHIZZ living room by Cristoph Friedrich Wagner was installed. Its minimalist style and its golden interior reinforce the aesthetics of the room and the warmth that the studio has achieved thanks to the wooden floor, the panels and the wall.


From the same WHIZZ set, two pendants illuminate the long dining table. The use of the same set gives continuity to the room and maintains the objective of a diaphanous and functional space, without the distraction of many ornaments.

R-Estudio has achieved a modern living-dining room with an adequate and warm lighting thanks to the lights of Faro Barcelona. A minimalist, simple selection, but with a cosmopolitan and original character.