CYLINDER lights up the new Multiópticas store in Gran Canaria

Cubica Es+udio is responsible for the new Multiópticas store in Gran Canaria. The objective was to create a comfortable and warm environment for the store, placing special emphasis on a functional but personal aesthetic.


“The purchasing experience or the mere fact of accessing the store to see a product, is like being at home, with a spatial sense of comfort” tells us the architectural study when we ask about the main objective of this comprehensive project.


To carry it out the store has a gable roof that makes it recognizable and that gives it a greater sense of spaciousness. This type of roof influences the lighting, with this we intend to give it a sense of depth.

Cubica Es+udio gives special importance to lighting, as it is an important aspect to look for the desired environment. For the product lighting part, Faro Barcelona’s CYLINDER spotlights have been used. They allow to direct the point of light and it matches perfectly with the comprehensive lightning offered by Grupo Faro’s Projects team.


The rails with adjustable spotlights are responsible for lighting the frames and thus matching the general lighting with the focal. The use of different materials for the optical product and sunglasses display is a statement of intent.


“The displays were designed in an oak wood finish, for the sunglasses display, giving a greater warmth to a product related to the sun. In addition, the incorporation of vegetation in said display enhances the fresh and summer image with which the client mentally associates the purchase of the article. For the display of the optical glasses, a soberer image is used” specifies the study when talking with passion about the project.

As you can see in the pictures, the result is a warm store that embraces the visitor from the beginning and accompanies it with a warm light from the time it enters until it leaves. A cozy and homely space with a modern minimalist style.