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VICO 115 Black pendant lamp with surface canopy
Ref: 61103
VICO is a very modern, minimalist style, black pendant light. The collection allows you to choose from two lengths and from either leaving the canopy visible or installing it as recessed lamp. This is the 115 cm version with the canopy on the surface. Ideal for all types of indoor spaces such as dining rooms.
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Technical features
Technical data sheet Instructions
General characteristics
Lighting characteristics
General characteristics
Fixation: Ceiling
Type: II
IP: 20
voltage: 220V-240V
Hertz: 50Hz
Cable meters: 2000mm
Tensioner included: Si
Power: 30W
Body/Structure: Aluminium
Diffuser: PC
Body/Structure: Matt Black
Diffuser: Opal
Lighting characteristics
Light source included: Si
Light source: MODULO LED
Temperature: 2700K
Adjustable colour temperature: No
MacAdam Steps: 3 SDCM
LM: 2800Lm
CRI: 90
Dimmable light source: YES
Light direction: Ambient lighting
Energy classification: E
Requires Driver: Si
Driver embedded: Si
Driver regulation included: TRIAC L
Maximum driver information: 700mA CC
Dimensions and photometrics
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