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MINI-SIGMA Black projector LED HE 24W 3000K 56° 1565 lm
Ref: 010902802
MINI-SIGMA is a track projector with a cylindrical structure and compact design. A projector that allows different lighting scenes to be created with the same installation, depending on the needs of the place at the time. Thanks to high-efficiency (HE) LED, a yield of 130lm/W to 146lm/W can be achieved, optimising the light emitted and achieving improved consumption. With a colour temperature of 3000K, this projector allows warm, comfortable atmospheres to be created. The 56° version is perfect for lighting in restaurants and hotels, and also in exhibition rooms or museums.
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Technical features
Technical data sheet Instructions
General characteristics
Lighting characteristics
General characteristics
Fixation: TECHO, PARED
Type: I
IP: 20
voltage: 120V-240V
Hertz: 50/60Hz
Downwords vertical orientation : 180
Horizontal orientation: 358
Power: 27W
Body/Structure: Aluminium
Body/Structure: Black
Lighting characteristics
Light source included: Si
Light source: COB LED
Temperature: 3000K
MacAdam Steps: 2 SDCM
LM: 2050Lm
CRI: 85
LED lifetime: 80000H L90/B10
Dimmable light source: NO
Degrees of light aperture: 56
Light direction: Accent lighting
Requires Driver: Si
Driver embedded: SI
Power factor: 0.9
Dimensions and photometrics
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