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KLEE LED Right grey wall lamp with reader
By Isaac Piñeiro
Ref: 20065
KLEE is a textured grey wall lamp designed by Isaac Piñeiro. It has an adjustable reading light on the right side, and an indirect light that is projected through the circular light beam. Indirect light is dimmable and is activated through the visible switch on the structure. It can be installed vertically or horizontally.
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Technical features
Technical data sheet
General characteristics
Lighting characteristics
General characteristics
Type: II
IP: 20
voltage: 100V-240V
Hertz: 50/60HZ
Switch type: 2, ON/OFF
Upwards Vertical orientation : 45
Downwords vertical orientation : 45
Horizontal orientation: 350
Body/Structure: ACERO, MELAMINA
Diffuser: Pmma (metacrilato)
Body/Structure: Gris Texturizado
Diffuser: Opal
Lighting characteristics
Light source included: YES
Light source: COB LED
Temperature: 2700K
LM: 1021
CRI: 90
Dimmable light source: SI
Intensities: 6w - 10w / 690Lm - 1021Lm
Degrees of light aperture: 45
LED reader light source: 3W, 2700K, 85Lm
Degrees of reader openness: 45
Requires Driver: SI
Driver embedded: SI
Electrical requirements: 10W
Dimensions and photometrics
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