Innovation and technology

Smart Bulb
Some of our luminaires can be controlled with our smart bulb. This, thanks to the TUYA app, which you can find on Google Play and App Store, works with Wifi and is compatible with Alexa, Google assistant & Siri.
Smart Lighting
For technical lighting projects we have the CASAMBI system. You will find the products already configured with the system in our technical range. It contributes to energy savings and user well-being.
Multiple functionalities of Smart Bulb and Smart Lighting:
- Switching luminaires on and off.
- Group the control of several luminaires together if they are in the same room
- Create specific scenes
- Create specific animations
- Create galleries for each type of space
- Control and modify the intensity of the light
- Program the day and time of day and time of day and time
- Program the "sunrise" and "sunset" option so that the intensity takes into account the time of day.

Smart fan
As leaders in the ventilation sector, we have a wide selection of smart fans that can be controlled easily and conveniently from any device, improving the user experience and adapting to the needs of each user at all times. They work with the WiZ app and with Wifi connection, and are compatible with Alexa, Google assistant & Siri.

- Operate the ceiling fan
- Program the switching on and off
-Create personalised scenes for each room
- Adjust speeds
- Control the light

Ventilation projects
As experts in ventilation, we can customise and adapt the fan functions to your needs:

1. Try out how to control your fan: on/*off, remote control, remote control, wall controller, KNX.
2. Our fans all over the world: we adapt the voltage and electrical frequency you need to your region.
3. We adapt the fan speeds to your needs.
4. We modify the memory of your fan.

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