You’re probably reading this from home, watching the Coronavirus infection curve and wondering when the situation will improve.

So are we, and we are convinced that this will happen and that it will be thanks to everyone’s effort, collective awareness and solidarity. Therefore, in Faro Barcelona we have reorganized to continue offering you the best service with all the teams that are developing their activity from home. Our priority is the people. We welcome you to FARO FROM HOME!

¿What will you find here now?

We want to inspire you, make you enjoy yourself, teach you new ways to pass the time and, why not, take over your life. We are going to talk about enlightenment, because light is our field and now it is more necessary than ever. We’ll give you tips, we’ll talk about trends and we’ll unveil projects that we already had underway. Follow us on our social networks, read the content we have prepared for you and share everything that interests you.

Commercial service

We’ve reorganized to continue offering you the best of us. Find here the commercial of your area and ask for a virtual visit.
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We’ve reorganized to remain your best partner. These are the teams that are at your disposal. In addition, we have launched a new virtual commercial visit service that you can request now..

Area Manager

Spain&Portugal → marc.garcia@faro.es → virtual tour

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Back Office
Nacional faro@lorefar.com
Export europe@faro.es

Our Technical Department but also Purchasing, Product, Finance and Marketing teams continue to work for you and are accessible through their usual communication channels. As you know, our warehouse is temporarily inactive and so are shipments.

Now more than ever we recommend that you follow us on our social networks to keep up to date.
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VERSUS and FUTURE at Finca Santiago Restaurant

Finca Santiago has renewed its terrace displaying its FUTURE wall lamps and the outdoor table lamps VERSUS. The work of MC Estudy has focused on the refurbishment of the restaurant and its architectural adaptation, expanding the outdoor areas and improving existing ones. Versus terraza La Finca Santiago This change responds to the need to offer events and catering services on the patio and terrace. This restaurant located in Murcia has an extensive green area and a nice space where tables are distributed along these two spaces. On the outer walls FUTURE uniformly lights up the space, however the more focused lighting is the responsibility of VERSUS. The table lamps have been placed above their structures to turn them into floor lamps. This type of lighting is not very usual in outdoors spaces and that is why its originality is so striking. FUTURE VERSUS gives a warm touch to the terrace both in its table version and floor version. The lamp has a subtle role that comes to life when turned on. One of the most charming areas is the pool, since the table lamps look and dazzle in a very particular way. Versus en la zona de piscina The winery, one of the renovated spaces, show filament bulbs LED lights. The light warm tones contrast with the wooden ceiling and the materials of the bar and tables. The minimalist style of the lighting enhances the space and offers a pleasant look. MC Studio has created an elegant and sober atmosphere that contrasts with the wealth of the country house structure. The lighting fits perfectly with the cosmopolitan air and serene surroundings of Finca Santiago Restaurant. bombillas LED filamento
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Faro Design lamps in the New Hotel Colon

The design lamps Vesper, Link and Sweet are responsible for the lighting in the rooms of the New Hotel Colon in Mataró. The reform project of this hotel is the result of the work and collaboration of the interior design studios Concepción Padilla and Onikot. lampara_sweet_habitacion_new_hotel_colon “Functionality, just as elegance and excellence in every corner”, this is how the hotel is conceptualized and our models fit perfectly with this premise. The lamps chosen for the 48 rooms of the hotel, are part of our catalog The Collection, where all the author’s models are gathered. lampara_vesper_habitacion_new_hotel_colon The Sweet and Link design fixtures, of Estudi Ribaudí, and the reader fixture Vesper of Nahtrang are the ones responsible for providing warmth in the illumination of these spaces. Elegant lamps, but also practical and functional that, placed in the headboards, solve the problem of space in the bedside tables. lampara_lass_baño_habitacion_new_hotel_colon Besides these design fixtures, other Faro lamps have been used in the reform of the New Hotel Colon. Among others, you can find Lass fixtures in the bathrooms of the rooms or recessed for general lighting. Furthermore, the Newport outside fixtures, designed by Estudi Ribaudí, illuminate the entrance and bring a touch of nautical inspiration to this hotel, located at just 150 meters from the beach.
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RING and PLUMA at the Hotel Lux

Update or die. The Hotel Lux in Santiago de Compostela is a project carried out by F1 Proxectos Interiorismo. The challenge was to convert an apartment building into a 44-room hotel. pluma hotel lux The main focus of this hotel is light, an focus which links all environments and gives it continuity. One of the most curious areas is the reception. Being an old building, they did not have much space for the desk. Hotel Lux Santiago The solution? Change it around. A small living room hangs from the ceiling while the reception is illuminated by our PLUMA LED lamp in gold and black. The two inner courtyards provide constant light, day and night, to the different common areas. The rooms, of essential importance in these establishments, are characterised by clean lines and muted colours. Minimalist and lightweight furniture is the perfect invitation to rest. RING en el cabecero de las habitaciones To illuminate the headboard, our RING light fitting, designed by Manel Lluscà and including LED technology, decorate the rooms and adds a perfect warm light. All these elements invite guests to rest and relax at this hotel.
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