Relaxing in Greece

In an amazing countryside setting near the sea is the Casita Casita Lindos Hotel in Greece.

Renovated by the architect Vana Pernari, it has small, but cosy rooms decorated in the purest Mediterranean style. From them all, a large pool can be enjoyed that merges with the landscape. It is an oasis of peace and quiet.

To make the visitor’s stay even more pleasant, the JUST FAN fan with wooden blades has been installed in the double rooms, which not only helps you sleep and cool down, but, thanks to its design, provides wellbeing and elegance. In the jewel in the crown, the two storey suite with dining room, Pernari has gone for the WINCH fan. With a more industrial style and incorporated light, it has been installed in a sloping roof. A brown fan perfect for a space as large as this one.

Each corner is designed for guests to put their problems to one side and relax the mind. The bathrooms facilities and the decorative elements are dark stones, and to accompany the mirrors, you will find MOY wall lights. Small, sophisticated—the interior designer chose the gold finish—and perfect for humid environments. Fotography: Stelios Kalisperis
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The magic of the south

In Granada and Marbella are home to the last two renovations by Salto Proyectos, Andalusian architects with many years’ experience.

Seeking elegance and simplicity, they have designed two flats with a lot of personality that make the most of the abundant light in these lands and that mix modernity with open, functional spaces.

In Granada, where the ‘Chueca’ project can be found, the interior designers have centralised the space in a dining room of light tones, complemented with furniture and lighting. The DANKA pendant light presides over the table ‘unobtrusively’ with its subtle design, and the ceiling lights from the LINK collection give a warm welcome in the reception—with a window to the kitchen—breaking up the pale pink of the wall. Following this thread, at the ‘Tetuan’ project in Marbella, the MOY, PLAT, ERES and NIT lights are hung to illuminate some edgy finishes. The terracotta floor is the indisputable protagonist of the entire space, which has been combined with the classic white and a strong blue in the dining room. The ERES wall light is located in the entrance, gives depth to the contrasts and complements the lighting thanks to its double light beam.

PLAT has also been placed just above the table and perfectly enhances the bulb and the fine structure of the diffusor. Some soft, elegant details, such as MOY, which illuminates the master bedroom from the wall, and the NIT wall light placed next to the bed. NIT also has a tray that is perfect to be used as a bedside table. Photographs: Architectural Matter
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Eating in style

Grupo Saona has a variety of restaurants spread out over the Valencian capital and coast. They offer home-style, healthy dishes made with top quality ingredients and their spaces perfectly reflect their philosophy: to convey wellbeing and bring us closer to a healthy life and an environment as warm as the beach in Formentera bearing its name.

So, the interior designers Tarruella Trenchs set about cooling down the dining areas with the matte nickel LANTAU fan with dark walnut wooden blades, a finish that blends in with all the spaces and goes unnoticed among wood, esparto grass, fabric and a lot of natural light.

In Madrid, Gandia or Jávea you can find top quality food, spaces with modern, elegant and, at the same time, very Mediterranean designs, and one of our star fans.
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The young life

Madrid’s central Argüelles neighbourhood is home to one of Suave Interior Design’s latest projects.

It is a renovation of a narrow, dark flat in a light-filled, youthful style dwelling. To achieve this, the interior designers opened the layout to create large, shared spaces, managing to transport the natural light throughout the inside. The use of neutral materials like wood, light fabrics or wall tones have successfully conveyed the idea of coolness and openness. For the bedside lighting, they used the BOC and ORLEANS wall lights in black and white, respectively, which marry perfectly with the minimalist, soft style of the rooms and leave space for bedside tables.

Faro’s LAO floor lamp in black finish was also used. Designed by Nahtrang, it provides style, elegance and a perfect reading light.

A modern space for a young person in one of the city’s best areas ready to move into. Photography by Luzestudio
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A window to the sky

We go up to the top floor of a building in the modernist city of Reus in Tarragona to enter a new renovation project by LoCa Studio.

The apartment was the concierge’s old home — very typical in these types of buildings, — a small, dark space that the family who lives just below bought to convert into a common zone for relaxation and celebrations. The primary aim of the project was to make the most of the natural light that that floods in thanks to the building’s height, so the first thing they did was to connect the terraces with the building. The architects raised the floor, opened balcony doors and unified the materials of the different spaces and windows.

The result is a spacious flat that is minimalist in style and in which the use of wood and the terrace plays an important role. The layout is open, and it has a living-dining room, a bathroom and a small office. For lighting, the TEN wall lamps in matt nickel finish and the copper tabletop version stand out, perfect as a general light that goes unnoticed. The PLAT pendant lamp organizes the central space of the table and, thanks to the white finish, follows the discreet and modern line of the dwelling. Finally, we also find the PEPPER clip wall lamp in the study area, which with its beige colour accompanies the wood and gives it a touch of personality. Photography: Pol Viladoms
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PLAT and a flat ready to live in

Barcelona’s calle Londres is where you will find the latest project of Ingenii interior design —a renovated flat ready for occupation. The dwelling has a living-dining room, one bedroom and one bathroom in rather open spaces. The original wooden beams were kept as part of its design which, against the white of all the walls, offer a relaxed, minimalist and modern environment.

A “tranquility” that the interior designers have broken with the furniture and lighting. The PLAT ceiling light has been placed in the centre of the table in the living-dining room, which, thanks to the bright effect produced by its light source, provides personality and contrast throughout the room.

Two Faro Barcelona TEN wall lights in matte nickel finish have also been used for the general lighting in the corridors and in the bathroom. In this case, it is a support light that follows the “clear” and overall style of the whole home.
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A small, modern work

The centre of Kiev is home to the new renovation project of the Ukrainian interior designers Bubes&Grabovska, a small 56 m2 flat with a very modern, functional style.

Despite its small size, the designers have managed to create a home that meets every need and has a bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, a dining room that opens out onto the kitchen with a bar, a bathroom and even a small pantry. A space that is very well used and that, thanks to the use of neutral tones and materials such as wood, at the same time gives a certain feeling of spaciousness. The lighting follows the same mantra and has adapted perfectly to this modern work. The WHIZZ pendant light designed by Christoph Friedrich Wagner for Faro Barcelona was installed above the bar separating the kitchen from the dining room and, thanks to its black and copper finish, provides a touch of colour, modernity and contrast with the wood. TAKE AWAY, the portable lamp by Nahtrang also for Faro, is the lighting accessory that the designers have chosen for the bedroom, next to the bed. Since it is portable, TAKE AWAY can help to light any corner of this small, but stylish home and help to light, for instance, the walk-in wardrobe next to the bedroom. Photography: Sergiy Kadulin
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The nest, the home

The NIDO pendant light from Faro Barcelona is the star of the dining room of the latest project of Collgorgot in Figueras.

This Catalan architecture studio has renovated a 110 m2 floor, arranging it to hold an open living room with dining room and kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. NIDO is situated just above the table that joins the first three spaces and steals the show thanks to the contrast with the white walls and the rest of the wood furniture and warm tones. A lamp for general lighting that, as happens with birds, gathers the entire family in a warm home.

Owners: Maria Amat and Pol Pijoan
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A very stylish bathroom

When we think about renovations and interior design projects, the bathroom is not the first thing that comes to mind. But, if we think about it, it is one of the most important corners of the home.

The architects Egue y Seta have created a bathroom with a lot of personality in their latest project. With honeycomb shaped wall tiles, the space has the toilet area, seventies inspired double marble countertops and two showers integrated into the same wide plate. The colours follow different white tones and are only broken by the details, such as the black structures and the TAKE AWAY portable light. Modern, timeless and movable so it can be put wherever it is needed, this design by Nahtrang for Faro Barcelona is, once again, the perfect solution for any corner.

Photography: Víctor H. Antón of Vicugostudio
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Madrid coolness and elegance

Summer in the capital can be very hard if you do not have a good fan at home. The interior designer Monica Garrido knows this, and this is why she had the Faro Barcelona LANTAU model for her latest project in Madrid.

With the purpose of achieving a house of spacious rooms with an elegant aesthetic, this comprehensive interior design and decoration project is characterised by the joining of spaces, the hidden doors of the rooms and a single chromatic criterion for materials and colours, like grey, white, green or light wood.

The LANTAU ceiling fan in oak wood finish not only freshens up the main bedroom, but also, as Garrido says, ‘clearly plays a leading role in the decoration.’

A sombre home with a timeless style where each element counts. Photography: Felipe Schefeel Bell
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