From a small hotel to a refuge on the Costa Brava

If we think about where we want to spend the summer and a few days’ holiday, an apartment might come to mind, like the one renovated by Alto Interiorismo.

An old hotel in the cove of Cap Sa Sal, Begur, Girona, this small space has been designed to accommodate a family during the summer season. The layout is open and preserves noble materials such as the wood on the wall of the dining room or the ceiling. The entire decor has a seafaring air, as do the colours chosen in different pieces of furniture to provide a contrast with the main white colour. A white IBIZA fan has been put in the master bedroom right above the bed, and will provide coolness and make little noise. The bedroom, like the dining room, looks out onto the terrace, an important corner of the apartment that provides natural light indoors.

To illuminate evening meals outdoors and the times spent with friends after a day on the beach, ALTO Interiorismo has used NEWPORT wall lights. The perfect complement for a home that looks out onto and is inspired by the sea.
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CÚRCUMA, the new healthy cafe in Burgos

Burgos is now home to a new space where you can eat healthy food made with local produce. It is called Cúrcuma and its premises were renovated and designed by Enrique Jerez, Leal Interiorismo & diseño and Nonaka Design.

Located in the city centre, right next to the Camino de Santiago, the premises needed to move from the ‘dark character’ of the old design to an open, light space that showed all it has inside without complications. With this premise, the interior designers designed a cafe with a simple style, using natural materials such as oak, stone and clay. It was organised into two spaces: the bar and market area, and the private dining room that also looks out onto two indoor courtyards.

In both parts of the premises, the lighting is projected indirectly in order to also make the most of the natural light. The white SIDE wall light bathes the walls of the hallway in light thanks to its fine, modern design. The GINA model welcomes you as you enter and in the dining room, the AKANE designer light projects appropriate light onto the window ledge. Two SUN ceiling lights have been used in the bathroom next to the mirrors, which accompany a space with a very modern design.
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A cool home in the heart of Barcelona

Serrat-Tort Arquitectes and Marta Castellano are behind this amazing renovation and interior design project in Barcelona’s central neighborhood of Ciutat Vella, photographed by Davide Pellegrini

With the premise of recovering pre-existing elements, such as ceilings or the indoor wood, a space with a modern and natural style has been designed. The rooms are open and the communal spaces like the dining room or kitchen look directly out onto the courtyard, which has been converted into a semi-outdoor space. Thanks to this, it is a flat with a lot of light that, along with white walls, a mix of materials and details in wood or black, give it a young and cool appearance.

A coolness that the JUST FAN fan has helped to give its largest room, the dining room. With a black motor and dark wood blades, its industrial, modern style marries perfectly with the essence of this home.
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FLASH and a new modern farm

We travel to Italy to see the project led by DeltaStudio, which has turned a village farm into an authentic design house.

“The old farm is renewed and expanded, it becomes a house, a refuge. Simple and compact, it accepts the needs of a modern life in close contact with nature “, this is how its architects define the project, that they have designed the interior part without forgetting the environment that surrounds them and giving great importance to natural light and colours outside. The result is a minimalist space that looks towards the field. In the lighting highlights the black FLASH wall lamp of Faro Barcelona, placed in the main room and next to the bed. Thanks to its fine lines design it perfectly matches the style of the entire house. In addition, it is a good resource as a reading light thanks to the round screen that can be oriented.

A minimalist style wall lamp ideal to illuminate the readings before going to sleep, when light and nature also end the day around this renovated farm.
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Faro Barcelona illuminates the first Asian handcraft bakery

Faro Barcelona illuminates SOME CAKE, the first Asian artisan bakery in Alicante.
This project has been designed by STUDIO HC and built by STUDIO TEC 58. The objective was to achieve a classic and relaxed aesthetic, playing with noble materials such as wood, marble and textures. These materials combine with the vegetation and national art pieces that play with original Faro Barcelona lamps. In the counter bar they have chosen the FUGA model, an adjustable projector that provides a warm and comfortable light. While, for the lighting of the bar, LISE has been the chosen pendant lamp, thanks to its elegant and discreet design, which makes the space look spacious and bright. To light the sinks and the dressing table, we find a space inspired by the dressing rooms of the stars, due to the combination of our TEN wall lamps, minimalist and versatile, and the geometric floor
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KEIKI and MISTU of Faro Barcelona in Cala Bandida

Cablea Electric has been in charge of the Cala Bandida, project, a restaurant located in the port of Jávea, Alicante. It has relied on Faro Barcelona for lighting and outdoor ventilation. Thanks to the work of the interior designer Jessica Bataille, the objective was to connect the colours of the sea and the surrounding nature and the buildings of the area, making this place a unique space. The natural elements used, such as wood and wicker, connect the exterior with the interior, providing a harmony and warmth throughout the premises. As for ventilation, the KEIKI ceiling fan, industrial and retro style, is perfectly integrated into the terrace of the restaurant and provides the necessary fresh air. For outdoor lighting, they decided to use the MISTU over walls. These luminaires allow to decorate the railings with a warm light and delimit the perimeter of the terrace. One of the characteristics of this project is that everything is automated to create the same environment always at the same hours and there are scenes created for lighting depending on the time and season of the year.
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Faro Barcelona illuminates Les Clarisses

Vilaseca Interiorisme was responsible of transforming an old convent into a boutique hotel in the heart of the city of Vic. The Hotel Les Clarisses consists of 27 rooms, and the choice for lighting the rooms has been the NIKO de Faro Barcelona lamp of Faro Barcelona.

The NIKO wall lamp designed by Nahtrang is perfect for this type of room, since it has a charger for mobile phones and a USB port integrated. In addition, the light source is adjustable and thanks to its switch on the base makes the use very intuitive.

The integration of the NIKO wall lamp create a perfect atmosphere and ambient light for the bedrooms that help to turn Les Clarisses into the ideal place for a pleasant and relaxed stay.
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A bedroom with SIDE and a lot of peace

Maria Odena was responsible for the complete rehabilitation of a house located in Barcelona.

With a minimalist, relaxed and timeless style, she choose two SIDE pendants from Faro Barcelona to illuminate the marriage suite. The luminaires are perfectly integrated thanks to their solid and simple structure and modern style. They are located on both sides of the bed providing general lighting to the space, and at the same time, acting as support light in each corner.

The space also has an integrated bathroom that follows the same style. A nice and complete room to rest.

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An interior design project with a lot of light

Ana Garcia, interior decorator, shares with us the project Venezia, the comprehensive reform of an entire house in Murcia.

The project has been developed in three stages, which we can see step by step here.

This reform has been designed to be rented. Ana Garcia wanted to transform this home to a brighter place. For it, she has used light walls and warm materials.

At the entrance, a big painted paper wall gives an exotic touch, as well as the original mirrors. In which refers to general lighting, the embeddable natural light LED, allow to illuminate the room without subtracting protagonism to the awesome wall. The living room has also been homogeneously illuminated with embeddable lights. In the kitchen island, the pendant white ORA LED reinforces the lighting and focalizes the light source to a work zone. Continuing with the minimalist style and with the range of colors; on the dining table, the FUSTA pendants are the absolute protagonists of the lighting in this area.

The mirror allows the light to be reflected and distributed again through the room.This trick allows us to give space dimensionality and at the same time take advantage of the light of the pendant. Each bedroom must be adapted to the needs of each member, although as Ana Garcia says, being an apartment to rent, each corner should have versatility.

In one of the bedrooms, the LULA board by Marina Milá serves as a support light for this room. Also, the white finish allows being adapted in a personal way, although not strident, to the space and to any personality. To finish the project, we can find several positive messages throughout the home, as if it were a path of crumbs, we can see: dream, smile…
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Outdoor lighting in La Guingueta de l’Escribà

La Guingueta de l’Escribà is a beach bar located in Bogatell beach, Barclona. GE Interioriormo has overseen this project with a tropical decoration.


The bar offers a range of bright colors, cheerful and cool, perfect to enjoy its kitchen next to the sea.

The furniture and the illumination are rustic and made of materials like wood and wicker, fact that reinforces the warmth of the place and allows the visitors to feel comfortable.


For the general lighting lamps with the same materials have been used, whereas for the perimeter lighting of the beach bar, you will find the portable lamps CAT.

CAT is a Nahtrang design for the lighting firm Faro Barcelona. It is inspired on the 50’s cartoon geometric shapes and its body also reminds of the lamps of ancient boats.

This lighting allows to reinforce the general one and gives a modern touch to the place. A good job by GE Interios Design that have known how to capture the essence of La Guinguita de l’Escribà.


Photography: Dani Rovira
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