A comprehensive project of open areas

We´re going to Granollers, a city in Barcelona province, to visit a new house from the architects at the Quatre Coses studio. A comprehensive renovation where the living area’s open zone plays a leading role.

The project has successfully brought dining room and kitchen together, and expanded the space given away to one of the bedrooms. We are now in a huge living room open to the natural light, which when it starts to fade is lit with STAN ceiling lights. And from the same collection, the wall light version is installed in the kitchen, right above the sink. From two single bedrooms, the architects have managed to create the master bedroom, also obtaining a much larger space. For reading lighting, right on the headboard-wall, they used LINK wall lights in bronze finish, providing coolness and modernity.

They did something similar with the child’s bedroom, previously the master which together with the old laundry room is now home to a large living room. Decorated with wallpaper painted with stars and moon, the LUNA wall light is installed right in the centre. It projects a pretty indirect light around the perfect structure to accompany evenings of games and sweet dreams. The bathroom, totally renovated, is lit by KOMBA pendant lights in beige and the mirror area and corridor, which displays the original brick, feature COTTON wall lights in black.

A comprehensive renovation whose result is a modern and functional home of open spaces, and which has found at Faro Barcelona a solution for the lighting in each room.
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Faro Barcelona lighting in a Barcelona attic

The architect David Labori has found at Faro Barcelona the perfect lighting for each corner of his latest project. And a ceiling fan, too.

It is the comprehensive renovation of an attic floor duplex in Barcelona’s Tres Torres neighbourhood. To make the most of the natural light and create a large communal space, the living-dining room, kitchen and laundry room were brought together, knocking down the interior walls and using glass sliding doors. There we find HYDE recess lights in black for the general lighting in the kitchen (also on the upper floor), a STAN recess light to illuminate the living room library and two pendant lights in grey from the KOMBO collection over the kitchen table. Installed over the dining room table, by contrast, is the PAM-G pendant light. The private aeras on the same floor, three bedrooms and three complete bathrooms, have been laid out to accommodate the bedrooms. In the master bedroom you will find SUAU wall lights, designed to project reading light, and in the children’s bedroom, with the same function, we find ACADEMY wall lights. The PEMBA fan has also been installed in the double bedroom, perfect for cooling down the summer nights and creating comfort all year round. Before we ascend to the duplex’s upper floor via an amazing staircase, we should note that it is lit by PLAS recess lights, as in the corridor, with the stairwell home to the PLUMA pendant light. A modern and impactful design combination which fits in very well with that space.

In this house’s upper part, designed with a renewable energies collection, we find a multifunctIonal living room and access to the terrace and to the balcony. Both outdoor spaces are lit by OLAN wall lights, with the SOUN-2 recess light on the terrace and the DART-1 recess light for the balcony.
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A property with sea views

On the coast of Tarragona, in Calafell, is one of Magamo Studio’s latest projects. It is a 90m2 family house on the seafront designed to rest and escape all year round.

With the reform the kitchen, the living room and the dining room have been unified creating a great community space and taking advantage of the sunlight. The whole room has custom-made wooden furniture, which manages to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere without leaving aside the modern and timeless design. A long corridor runs through the flat to the bedrooms and the bathroom, and has been illuminated with HYDE round recessed lights, which are perfectly integrated into the ceiling and provide good general lighting. Inside the main bedroom another model of Faro Barcelona lamp illuminates the room. This is the wall lamp with a reader designed by Nutcreatives FOLD, which, on both sides of the bed, is perfect for spot lighting and for reading before going to sleep. Its lampshade is made of fabric.

Both in the bedroom and in the dining room, the ALO fan has been installed to cool down the hot summer days. As it has a reverse function, it will also help the heating system in winter. Its design and finishes (black the motor and wood the blades) make it a perfect model for Mediterranean style, comfortable and warm spaces. Photography: Merce Gost
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Light and clarity in a reform in Sarriá

The architect Elisabet Guasch and the Estudi Nou studio have renovated a small house in the Sarrià district of Barcelona for a family of four.

The main refurbishment consisted in widening the entrance hall and unifying it with the living room and kitchen in order to make the most of the space and natural light. The result is an open space with a minimalist and very Mediterranean decoration in colours and details.

As natural light is important in this home, artificial light must fulfil the same function when the sun goes down, and that is why we find Faro Barcelona lights all over the house. Two KOMBO hanging lamps in beige finish dress the wooden kitchen worktop and some LED strips do it under the furniture. In the bedrooms, ORA and BEL wall lights, both in a white finish, are installed next to the beds to provide reading light. At the entrance we find the KAMEN wall lamp in beige and in the children’s room, apart from the wall lights mentioned, we also find the MARGOT hanging lamp. The small interior patio is also one of the spaces where the lighting of Faro Barcelona is present with the TASA ceiling lights and the dark grey FOC spotlight. The list is completed by the ALO fans in the double room and the living room, which, although they are not luminaires, provide comfort and wellbeing throughout the year and manage to maintain the warm style of the entire floor. Photographs by Sara Adroer.
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A very Mediterranean home illuminated by Faro Barcelona

Architect Travis Wright of the DOS studio has refurbished what could well be a perfect holiday home.

In a totally Mediterranean style, the house opens onto a garden with a porch and a swimming pool. Inside, there is a dining kitchen, separated by a bar, and a double bedroom with a bathroom upstairs. In all the rooms the natural wood of the chariots and the doors dominate the style, in contrast with the white of the walls and the noble materials of the furniture. In every corner of this refuge there is a Faro Barcelona designer light, which provides the lighting solution according to the need. Such as the LE PETIT wall lights in white finish on both sides of the bed that are perfect as a reading light, or the VERSUS lamp for the porch and garden, because it is designed for outdoor environments that do not want to lose any style. In the room they have also counted on the ALO fan, made of wood and silent.

Inside we find a fantastic combination of the MINE hanging lamps above the dining table, which breaks with the rustic air and gives it a lot of light and freshness. In this open space, and illuminating the sofa area, two extendable WHIZZ wall lights. And from the same collection in a hanging version, two lamps illuminate the kitchen bar.
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An Italian project with GUADALUPE

The GUADALUPE wall lamp with green shade is the protagonist of the bedroom of HOUSE RS, the new project of the STUDIOTAMAT architects in Garbatella, Rome.

The main elements of the renovation are the open spaces distributed by the original beams, which are visible. This new home was originally a laundry room and now has 75 metres of living space.

In the main room we find the wall lamp version with reader in black finish and green screen from GUADALUPE, the modern, cheerful and daring collection from Faro Lab that gives a twist to the classic bedroom lighting. The interior designers have had a luminaire on each side of the bed to be used as a reading light. At the same time they accompany an incredible built-in wardrobe with glass doors.
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FUGA lights up the new CATBAG shop

Studioapart is once again leading the renovation of the CATBAG shops and in its latest renovation it has used the FUGA projectors from Faro Barcelona.

With the aim of creating a modern and attractive space for the young public, the new backpack and handbag shop has as its main element a metal grid that serves to display the product in a “versatile way”. The architects also wanted to open the shop to the outside and, this same structure combined with two other materials, allows it to be used as a showcase and to see the products from the street.

To illuminate this very important area we find the FUGA spotlights, a family of technical lighting with a refined design where all the elements are housed inside the spotlight casing. They have chosen the black finish to continue with all the aesthetics of the premises which is very urban and has signs in neon lights. FUGA can also be oriented on both the vertical and horizontal axis, making it perfect as an accent light in renovations like this one.
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A travel attic

Madrid’s modern Malasaña neighbourhood is home to the latest project of architects Egue y Seta: the “Traveller’s shelter,” an attic designed for resting, returning to the city and enjoying it from on high.

With open spaces, and modern finishes and decoration, this house has a unique bedroom. The bed ‘leans’ on a small wall that separates the wardrobe-dressing room area, and has two spaces made-to-measure for the LINK table lamps, which act as reading lights.

In the same bedroom, we can also find the PAM pendant lamp in black (like the LINK) and gold finish. In this case, it lights up a small side table and reinforces all the bedroom’s artificial lighting. When we are in the attic, the only natural light enters through a small window at the end of the wall.
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We light up the new offices of Tresmares Capital

The Febrero Studio architecture studio entrusted Faro Barcelona with the lighting of its latest project, the offices of the investment fund Tresmares Capital in Madrid.

It is a space covering over 800 m2 arranged in open plan spaces which house the reception, meeting areas and work-cafe zone. In order to respect the building’s structure, the architects reserved the smallest or “residual” spaces for phone calls or small meetings. For the general lighting, both in the communal spaces and in the more restricted areas, CYLINDER track lights were used, which practically run through the entire office. The STAN and FONOVIA pendant lights – the latter being made from a material that is also sound absorbing – provide support for the general light in the reception and waiting room, and the desk zone, respectively.

The KERA wall light and the new 2020 GUADALUPE design are tasked with providing appropriate light in spaces such as the meeting area. GUADALUPE can also be found in floor lamp format or as a table lamp in the different break areas. Thanks to the cylindrical shape and the matte beige finish of its shade, this design by Isaac Piñeiro fits in perfectly with the decorative style of the renovation, which “sought to maintain a balance between the more sombre materials and the company red.”
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General lighting in a house on La Castellana

The SVEN round ceiling light illuminates a house on Madrid’s paseo de la Castellana. A new home that has been completely renovated by the Romero&Montoya studio, who also used the FRESH recessed ceiling light. The building was constructed in the 1950s and the house had a long dark corridor leading to the different rooms. To open it up to natural light, the architects brought the communal rooms together in the part of the facade with the most light and left the bedrooms in the other part.

To reinforce the light available in the different areas of this open-plan kitchen-diner, they used the SVEN ceiling light, an ally for general lighting which helps to increase the sensation of spaciousness, height and luminosity. In the bedrooms and the bathrooms, lower due to the false ceiling, they used the FRESH recessed model.
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