MINE SPACE awarded with the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

The MINE SPACE pendant light, designed by Nahtrang, has been awarded the Restaurant & Bar Design Award in the category ‘Light installations’ after the jury’s recognition for its adaptability to the space and its beauty.

Mine Space by Nahtrang

This award, granted by a jury of 28 hospitality designers from around the world, is presented with the aim of globally recognizing the best and most innovative designs related to the restaurant sector.In its 2017 edition, MINE SPACE has won the Light Installations category for being “an innovative product that fits every space” and for “the beauty of its simplicity”, as highlighted by the juror Natali Canas del Pozo.The ceremony of the ninth edition will be held on October 5 at London’s King’s Cross and the 13 award-winning brands will attend it.Colgante para espacios contract MINE SPACE is a customizable pendant light with a versatile design, perfect for the lighting of contract spaces thanks to the diffused and comfortable light that invites relaxation.Its Scandinavian design and its rounded shape give warmth to the set, an installation that brings comfort. Available in two colors: white and gray
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FARO Barcelona presents HOOK at Natura Casa Barcelona

Faro Barcelona brought together design and media professionals to present its most ecological and supportive model: HOOK.

The presentation took place in the Natura Casa store in Barcelona ​​and was attended by representatives of Xavi Martín, CEO of the company, Román Fabra, director of Mary’s Meals Spain, Raul Torres, production manager of the Fundació Maresme and the Designers of the lamp, José López-Aguilar and Salva Cordinach of OiKo Design Office.

All the features of this model were highlighted, made with recycled and PVC-free material that is stuffed by the people of Fundació El Maresme and that with each unit sold, helps to feed a child during a school year in Gboidoi Public School in collaboration with Mary’s Meals.

The attendees stated that it is a “versatile and functional design, ideal for both a terrace, to illuminate the garden in a summer night or for a shelf in the interior”. They also agreed on the great added value of collaborating on a social work and helping the environment “everything behind HOOK is good; It is ecological, recyclable, solidary and functional” were the words of the majority of the attendees who ended up with a HOOK under their arm.

HOOK can be purchased at Natura Casa Barcelona, ​​Natura Casa Madrid (c/ de Velázquez, 48), at Biosca&Botey and on the site hook.faro.es.


Faro Barcelona is honored with the La Cambra de Terrassa 2017 Award for its international achievements

La Cambra de Terrassa recognizes the work of Faro Barcelona as a company with a well-founded international history and a culture aimed at furthering internationalization.

This award is presented to Faro Barcelona “for its obvious international positioning strategy based on studies and careful selection of international markets”, as stated by La Cambra de Comerç de Terrassa.

The team of Faro Barcelona would like to express its appreciation of this award and congratulate the other 12 companies that also received awards, such as Amate Audio, Mutua de Terrassa, HP Printing & Computing Solutions and LÚCID, design studio, with which Faro also collaborates.

premis_cambra_2017 This award is evidence of the capacity and the vision of Faro Barcelona to export its products adapting to the needs of each market and obtaining the required homologations and certifications to commercialize its lighting and ventilation solutions.

Although, Faro Barcelona initiated its exporting activities in 2003, it was in 2010 when the company prepared a strong international expansion plan that has led them to export regularly to more than 70 different countries. Faro Barcelona is present in Central America, China, the United States. South Africa and Australia. It currently has affiliates in Hong Kong and China.

As a result of this ambitious plan, in 2016, the company has achieved a yearly global revenue increase of 25%, 45% of which comes from exporting activities.
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Faro Barcelona participates in Decor + Design Melbourne 2017 for the first time

For the first time, Faro Barcelona will be present in Decor+Design 2017, the most important interior design and decoration event, in Melbourne, Australia. Visit us at our booth G12

In this opportunity, by the hand of our official distributor in Australia, Phos Light, we will present the novelties we bring in 2017 for indoor and outdoor lighting as well as fans.

decor-design-standThe event will be held on July 22nd and 23rd and more than 250 companies will have the chance to show their novelties for decoration and interior design.

A wide selection of Faro Barcelona designs will be present in our 36-square-meter stand. Two fans, JUST FAN and TYPHOON, will freshen up the environment.

Regarding indoor lighting, visitors will have the opportunity to see the SIDE ceiling/wall lamp and its multiple combinations, as well as MINE, FLASH and WHIZZ.

Lastly, for outdoor lighting, attendants to Decor+Design will see up close our HUE family, BU-OH and STICKER.
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Faro Barcelona Illuminates the Second Edition of Gabinete, Feria del Dibujo y de la Estampa

The Faro Barcelona lighting company sponsors Gabinete, Feria del Dibujo y de la Estampa, which holds its second edition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts from May 25th to May 28th.

unos-paneles-enrejados-marcan-el-camino-a-los-visitantes_740x555_34bb54c1For this occasion, Faro Barcelona will provide the lighting for all the spaces. 25 exhibitors will attend the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts to present an impressive selection of drawings, engravings, art books and art prints.

The exhibition will be a journey from the seventeenth century to the year 2017, and it will incorporate a new format called “salón-boutique” (hall-boutique), created by the architect Juan Herreros.

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Faro Barcelona participates in Hi Design Croatia for the first time

For the first time, the business team of Faro Barcelona will be present in Split, Croatia, from June 7th to 9th, to attend Hi Design 2017.

Hi Design (Hotel Interior Design) is an event for hotel space and contract product supply professionals. The idea behind the event is to promote networking through its face-to-face interview format.

smile by Jordi Busquets Following its internationalization plan regarding the HOTEC segment, Faro Barcelona will be present with its lighting and ventilation models designed for hospitality projects.

In addition to presenting the SMILE wall lamp by Jordi Busquets, FLASH by Estudi Ribaudí and HOSHI by xJeR Studio, the Faro Barcelona team will also explain attendants its ability to adapt to different markets and the possibility of customizing products based on the project at hand. flash_contract_spaces
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HAN was presented with an award, during the 2017’ Muuuz International Awards Ceremony

The HAN wall lamp won the price to Best Wall Light, in this year’s Muuuz International Awards (MIAW), organized by Archi Design Club in partnership with Muuuz and Magazin d’a.

han-by-goula-figuera This is the fifth annual edition of the Miaw, which celebrates achievements in design and innovation in the world of interior design and architecture.

In this event, HAN, the wall lamp/hanger, created by Goula/Figuera for Faro Barcelona, won the award to best wall light.

This lamp stands out for its double functionality (New Lighting Concepts), because in addition to providing warm and decorative illumination, it is also a hanger.

han-showed-at-euroluce HAN has been one of the most successful products in the fairs that Faro Barcelona has participated in during 2017, and it is a clear example of the company’s vision of developing products that are “simple, but ingenious”.

Faro Barcelona would like to present its gratitude for the prize as well as congratulate the fellow winners of 2017’ Miaw Awards.

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Faro Barcelona participated in Architect@Work Barcelona for the first time

The Faro Barcelona lighting firm participated in the first edition of Architect@Work Barcelona. For this occasion, Faro presented some of its novelties for 2017.

The HAN wall lamp, with its double functionality, given that it serves also as a hanger, was one of the lamps that caught more attention amongst those who attended the event. Designed by Goula/Figuera, its minimalistic style fits perfectly in various spaces.

han-by-goula-figuera Another Goula/Figuera design presented at the fair was the NIT, a wall lamp with a shelf. This lamp leaves the bulb at plain sight and, given that it uses a filament lightbulb, it provides a romantic and warm touch that is perfect for lighting bedrooms.

nit_suau_architect-work-bcnFinally, the SUAU by Nahtrang also made an appearance at Architect@Work Barcelona. This lamp is one of Faro’s best-sellers and its aesthetics and functionality meet the demands of architects and interior designers who are looking for the perfect way to light hotel rooms.

Our participation in Architect@Work Barcelona was a very positive experience and we will surely be present on its next edition.
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Faro Barcelona conquered Euroluce with its new lamps: STOOD and MINE

For the fourth consecutive year, Faro Barcelona participated in the Euroluce lighting fair, a biannual event held in Milan, from April 4th to April 9th. For this occasion, the lighting firm presented, exclusively, three new models: STOOD, DOLME and STAND UP.

stand_faro_barcelona_euroluce_2017“The stand was cozy and spacious, visitors felt comfortable, which made the work of the sellers much easier”, said Jennifer Nieto, Marketing Manager for Faro Barcelona.

One of the lamps that caught more attention was MINE SPACE by Nahtrang, due to the vast number of possibilities it offers due to the fact that the number of lights is customizable. Another successful model was STOOD.

This lamp family designed by LÚCID is characterized by wooden shades, a feature that provides warmth to the room and adds originality to the ensemble.

https://faro.es/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/stood.jpg“The number of international attendants that seized the opportunity to learn about our novelties and come to say hello was amazing. They were mainly architects, decorators and distributors. We are very happy for having participated in Euroluce”, said Salvador Martí, Commercial Director of Faro Group.

In addition, Faro Barcelona took the opportunity to present, exclusively, two new design families: DOLME and STAND UP. A minimalistic and useful design for illuminating homes or contract spaces such as hotels and restaurants.

HOOK, designed by OiKo Design Office under strict eco-design protocols, was one of the most popular lamps. The portable lamp drew attention in because of its versatility and its accessories. It was normal to see visitors picking it up, moving it around and testing it.

hook_by_oiko_design_officeRegarding outdoor lighting, HUE by Nahtrang, especially its floor lamp model, was one of the most requested lamps at commercial level. Its wide diffusor provides homogeneous lighting, especially envisioned for gardens and decks.

The launch of THE COLLECTION catalogue coincided with Faro’s participation in Euroluce. This new edition was praised by attendees and is an example of Faro Barcelona’s intention to pursue “simple but ingenious” designs.

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