How to light up your working area

Due to the confined situation we are in to curb the spread and impact of COVID-19, many of us have been forced to work from home.

In order to be able to concentrate, establish a good dynamic and make the most of the resources we have, we bring you seven tips to light up your desk from the Faro Barcelona project team.

1. Make the most of natural light
Find the window in the room where you will be working and place your table there. It is important that it is on the side of the window, neither in front or just behind it.

2. Position yourself according to the dominant hand
To take advantage of the natural light, you should place yourself on the opposite side of your dominant hand. This way you will not make shadows when writing, drawing or typing on the work surface.

3. Strengthens space with artificial light
If you do not have much natural light, or to work during the hours of less sun, you can opt for a lamp.

4. Avoid contrast
When looking for the best artificial light, make sure it projects evenly throughout the space. It’s not a good idea, for example, to use only one lamp on the desk in a dark space. This bad contrast will make your eyes harder to focus.

5. Combines a table lamp with the general light
What we do recommend is that you look for a table lamp that serves as a support, and that helps to unify the general light of the room.

6. Look for a light with a temperature of 4000K
The ideal temperature for work spaces should be 4000K, which is measured by the Chromatic Reproduction Index (CRI) and tells us how the light is projected

7. The best warm light for decoration
Similarly, it is best not to use lamps with warm temperatures (1,000 to 3,000K) for work spaces. These, we recommend for decorative lighting.
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You’re probably reading this from home, watching the Coronavirus infection curve and wondering when the situation will improve.

So are we, and we are convinced that this will happen and that it will be thanks to everyone’s effort, collective awareness and solidarity. Therefore, in Faro Barcelona we have reorganized to continue offering you the best service with all the teams that are developing their activity from home. Our priority is the people. We welcome you to FARO FROM HOME!

¿What will you find here now?

We want to inspire you, make you enjoy yourself, teach you new ways to pass the time and, why not, take over your life. We are going to talk about enlightenment, because light is our field and now it is more necessary than ever. We’ll give you tips, we’ll talk about trends and we’ll unveil projects that we already had underway. Follow us on our social networks, read the content we have prepared for you and share everything that interests you.

You can find…

How to light up your working area
The effect of Coronavirus on the environment and business production
Prepares the mind for every moment of the day
Lighting in the bathroom
Commercial service

We’ve reorganized to continue offering you the best of us. Find here the commercial of your area and ask for a virtual visit.
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We are temporarily closed

Health comes first

As a family business with more than 70 years, we have faced many challenges throughout our history and this is, without a doubt, an extraordinary situation that requires drastic measures, cooperation and social responsibility.

In view of the progress of Covid-19 worldwide and aware of the importance of the health of our teams, customers, suppliers and all those who are part of our community, we wish to inform you that we are ceasing our activity temporarily until further notice. In spite of this, the heart of our company continues to beat and we will be at your disposal at

We hope that this situation will pass as soon as possible in order to continue with our activity with the same vision and values as the day we started.

We take advantage of this to send all our support to any person affected, as well as to all health professionals. We also ask that you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and sound.

By acting together and with responsibility we will overcome this great challenge

Take care of yourself. I’ll see you around.


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Faro Barcelona and ProtoPixel join in the latest edition of Llum BCN

In mid-February Barcelona became the city of lights, design and technology thanks to the ninth edition of the Llum BCN festival. An artistic proposal with exhibitions, projections, performance and artistic installations in the Poblenou neighbourhood.

Among the many interesting proposals of this contest, “The Hackathon” by ProtoPixel stood out. A “marathon” of interactive lighting, where professional designers and architects collaborated with programmers, artists and creators to develop a lighting project. This year’s title was #HackTheLightUp and they featured mentors such as Antoni Arola, Jordi Ballesta from Last Night’s studio, and Moritz Behrens from Ingo Maurer. Also with Faro Barcelona, who shared and supported this space of creativity and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Faro was the promoter of the “Light & Emotions” award, a category related to the brand’s values, which always bets on meaningful design and that transmits, through the luminaries, the spirit and the desire to see life in different ways.
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We opened a new showroom in Madrid with docontract MAD

A new showroom dedicated for home and contract equipment brands opened in Madrid last week. It is called docontract MAD and brings together twelve companies from more than thirty product categories to offer architects, interior designers, designers and developers.

The lighting is represented by Faro Barcelona, which has taken the opportunity to join this networking and trends project in the central district of Salamanca. Thanks to this, you can find a great selection of our design and technical products in a space created to offer integral solutions to all types of projects. The opening was attended by more than one hundred professionals, several media, Mar Vera de Welcome Design who was responsible for the design of the space and representatives of CENFIM, the promoter of this ‘collaborative showroom’. Also some authorities such as Victor Medina, dean of the College of Interior Decorators and Designers of Madrid, who encouraged the guests to ‘get involved in the activities, to contrast the needs of their projects and to pose challenges to the brands’.

Along with Faro Barcelona you can find the brands Carinbisa, Duscholux, Floover, Sonae Arauco, JG Open Systems, RCR Deco, Supratex, Tarimatec, TM Sillerías, Villeroy & Bosch and Zennio.
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Welcome to Espacio Princesa

A few days ago we officially opened Espacio Princesa, a showroom in the centre of Barcelona.
it is a versatile place with an exhibition of the best luminaire and fan designs of Faro Barcelona. The design, by Piedra Papel Tijera, is based on mobile structures allowing space to be adapted to the specific needs of each moment.

Closeness, well-being and functionality. Espacio Princesa is a place to feel, share and learn. It is the meeting point and exchange of ideas for both consolidated professionals, emerging talents and design students, which will be developed with cycles of activities, artistic exhibitions, workshops, presentations and much more.

Located in the heart of El Born neighbourhood of Barcelona – on Princesa Street, 52 -, the rehabilitation of the space has preserved the original structure of the building dating from 1872, and provide it with elements that convey avant-garde and modernity, concepts consistent with Faro’s values. The space, with more than 800m2, coexists with the emblematic Biosca Botey lighting store, acquired by the group in 2011. You can see more pictures of the opening on our Pinterest profile.
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LOTUS is awarded the If Design Award

LOTUS, the outdoor lighting collection designed by Estudi Ribaudí, has been awarded the If Design Award, an important recognition from the design and innovation sector.

The international jury of the 67th edition of the content wanted to recognise the user adaptability function performed by LOTUS. Its shape, based on the flower of the same name, enables water to slide off it in the event of rain or watering, preventing complications in its operation. Thanks to this, it will be exhibited from 2nd to 10th May next to the other awarded works at the exhibition prepared by the institution in Berlin.

At this year’s edition, over 7,000 proposals from 7 disciplines from over 50 different nationalities were submitted, and the jury of these awards of German origin, will hand out over 1,500 commendations.
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HOOK wins the Excellent Product German Design Award

HOOK has done it again, the ecological and solidary lamp designed by OiKo Design of Faro Barcelona, has won an important recognition.

This time it has been the ‘Excellent’ category of the 2020 German Design Award, recognition granted by the German Design Council. These awards, which celebrate its seventh edition, were born with the aim of recognizing creativity as a brand identity badge.

HOOK is an indoor lamp that, thanks to the length of its cable and its design, allows it to be placed in many different spaces. It has a ‘hook’ shape and is made largely of recycled plastic. A strict environmental protocol has been used for its design and is totally free of PVC, a harmful material and used in most cables. In addition, it is a solidarity lamp: it is assembled by the Fundació El Maresme and with the sale of each unit a child is fed in an African school managed by the NGO Mary’s Meals.
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Everything we have learned with Mikmax Barcelona

Every day’s little great pleasures

A new year begins and so does our collaboration with the brand Mikmax Barcelona, which you can find in our new catalogue. With Cristina Montaña, the soul of the firm, we share the passion and the objective of transmitting, through the designs, comfort and convenience.

Mikmax Barcelona designs and manufactures bedding with high quality raw materials and thanks to this it has become an ally during our rest and the small pleasures that we allow ourselves at home, of warmth and well-being. Its creator has a clear idea of her goal: “I design thinking about the sensations I want to feel when I arrive at my house after a full day as a working woman, friend, and mother.”

An example of this is the success of its duvet covers made of organic cotton, which the customers surely enjoy before bedtime. For moments of rest or in company, for Mikmax Barcelona, comfort is also surrounded by people and objects that make life easier and that allow us to live small great moments of fullness on any given day. The contact of the tissues with the skin, a light, simple and natural rest. With this conscious and serene philosophy it is not surprising that we found the perfect companions for the new luminaries of Faro Barcelona. Convinced that the objects transport us to the lifestyle we want, we had a clear idea that part of the new collection had to evoke the well-being that Mikmax garments also transmit.

In this new catalogue you will find modern and functional designs such as the GUEST lamp that is ideal next to the bed, new rattan screens and taped fabric that will bring you closer to more pure and natural materials and an uneven, almost magical projection of light. The SAVOY, FOLD or NOON wall lamp collections to give new airs to the bedroom lighting, or fabric innovations with the CADAQUÉS design for outdoor lighting. We wanted to democratize even more and create fully combinable series for both indoor and outdoor, such as the new HUE, and not forgetting the more classic models such as BIANCA. In ventilation we continue betting on models of all sizes and successes such as the JUST FAN in more finishes. All with the best technology and prepared to refresh and accommodate a business or home. Throughout the pages of our new catalogue you will find areas renovated with our luminaires and textiles from Mikmax Barcelona. A collaboration that goes far beyond graphic material, which has made us travel to the work space of this brand, a house in the middle of the forest with large windows where you can observe the light throughout the day, feel and flow.

For this New Year we want to give you family moments, that you find every day at least one joy, a moment of light and tranquillity. That with the luminaries and the fans of Faro you turn every space of your house into comfortable places to be yourself, to enjoy many relaxing moments like those proposed by Mikmax Barcelona with very comfortable fabrics that melt into your skin and help you stop and then move on.
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Calendario de Adviento 2020

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