Tropical-minimalism in a house full of memories

Romanian interior designer David Raymond decided a year ago to renovate the lower floor of his family home.

The 58 square meters room has been given a second life by the designer with the mix of various styles full of personality: “tropical minimalism”. The refurbishing, which gave place to a large open space, has been carried out with wood on the floor, ceiling and some walls as main material of the project. A central and protagonist arch separates the entrance from the different rest areas of the house maintaining the old spirit of this country house. Raymond has distributed the room with different chill and reading areas that he has combined with different furniture, a green wall and elements of decor. In one of these corners you can find the floor lamp in bronze finish LINK which directs perfectly its beam of light to support your reading.

From Faro Barcelona the interior designer has also used the FUGA projector lamps in black finish, as general lighting.

A reform with a lot of personality thought to keep, again, many family memories.
Information about the reform
Name project: Parent House
Location: Brasov, Rumanía
Interior design: David Raymond
Distributor: Urmet
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An endless summer

The team of Egue and Seta says that in this house “he lives the summer and doesn’t get bored”. That is probably why the architecture studio has named the project “Summermode”.

It is a 209m2 house in Corbera de Llobregat, Barcelona, designed to rest and recover. The objective of the reform has been to bring the pool and garden environment closer to the interior so that all spaces are equally accessible.

The result is an incredible two-storey house, with open spaces and modern and functional decoration. And although we would get lost in any corner, we have noticed how the LE VITA lamp illuminates the sofa area of the studio and the VERSUS model the porch and the garden. The former is part of the collection with the same name by Nahtrang and the latter is a design by Pepe Llaudet. VERSUS is an outdoor table lamp, but in this project we see it converted into a floor lamp installed with the structure. A very good option to leave the light to the measure of the sofa and, therefore, of the people who will enjoy it. Photography: Vicugo Studio
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An incredible barn with Faro fans

A few kilometres from Santander is the latest renovation project of Zooco Estudio.

It is the reconversion of an old stable into a summer house, practically distributed in only one floor and room. The reform has taken into account the original plan and, in a subtle way, has improved it leaving the wooden beams visible. The most important modification has been made to the façade, which has been modified to “let nature in” and to accompany the fantastic Cantabrian landscapes.

The result is an incredible space, wide, simple and very stylish. The ceiling, which has the typical sloping shape, gives it a lot of personality and is complemented by the Faro Barcelona LANTAU fan in the dining area. A modern style fan that, thanks to its oak wood finish with black motor, fits perfectly into the design.

From Faro Barcelona we can also find the TYPHOON ceiling fan. In this case it is located on the porch, where it will surely help to cool down the summer evenings thanks to its technical characteristics that allow it to be installed outdoors. The porch is another of the essential elements of this house that has an incredible environment (with swimming pool included). Photography: Imagen Subliminal
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Technical lighting in a stylish home

Sometimes, when we talk about lighting an interior design project, we forget the importance of technical lighting. It may be the “least visible” but at the same time it is the most necessary and indispensable. This project by Rodes Arquitectura in Alicante is an example of this. The FRESH and RADON recessed lights have been installed in corridors and at the entrance to the kitchen. They bathe the space and accompany the route to the main rooms. RADÓN is also adjustable, allowing the light to be fixed to the preferred “path”.

This remodelling has also included the TROOP recessed fixtures in the bathroom where they act as general light, and the IBIZA, NASSAU and OBOE fans in different rooms.

It is a spacious, two-storey house that has been completely refurbished. Of minimalist and very elegant style, it plays with the entrance of some spaces and others and it is characterized by the terrace of the superior floor, integrated completely to the house with a large window-acordion.
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The favorite designs of “La finca roja”

“La finca roja” is the interior design studio of architects Ana Martí and Alfonso Zumárraga, who define their projects as “honest, timeless and elegant”, and in three of their latest works in Valencia they have used lighting from Faro Barcelona. Unique designs with a lot of personality.

For the penthouse on Calle Joan Llorens, the composition of four MINE pendant lamps presides over a side wooden table. It is a small flat where they have wanted to take advantage of the height of the ceilings – like a good attic -, the natural materials such as wood or stone walls, and the idea that natural light “enters” from all the rooms. In the same location, but on Calle Colón, it is the hanging design of LE VITA in a gold finish and the PURE wall lights that illuminate the dining room. In this space, the predominant colours are black and natural wood which contrast perfectly with the finish of our lights. Nothing to do with the space of the rooms, more “cold” and white. In them we can find the SUAU wall lights in black on both sides of the bed. And, in the last project we told you about, the one in the area of the San Antonio Hills, we also find the hanging lamp LE VITA above the table. In this case, the style of this one-storey house is much more minimalist and white is the protagonist in its entirety. In a corner of the living room open to the outside we find the ACADEMY floor lamp, in what can be a good reading shelter. In white finish, of course.
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A small apartment with MINE

Julia Brunet‘s team of interior designers has renovated a small 45m2 apartment in the Catalan town of Manlleu.

It is a very well used floor that has a dining room-kitchen, a room, a bathroom and which has solved the lack of space with modular walls and built-in wardrobes.

Electric blue is the main colour of the kitchen, which contrasts with the white of the tiles and the stone tones of the rest of the furniture and the floor. The MINE lamp illuminates the central part of the high table made of the same tiles, and thanks to its double composition and its finishes, it fits perfectly in this modern and timeless space.

In this same corner (which houses the kitchen and the rest area) we can also find the WHIZZ extendable wall light in black finish. Thanks to its design, it is built-in into the wall without taking up space and can be oriented according to the needs of the person sitting on the sofa. Another versatile and modern solution.
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TEN and a minimalist bathroom

In Lyon, France, the interior designer behind BC Atelier has renovated the bathroom and bedroom of a small minimalist style flat.

To do so, he used the TEN wall light in both rooms. In the bedroom, where the colour black dominates along with tall white wardrobes to make the most of the space, the wall lights are on the wall, right before the bed.

In the bathroom on the other hand, a single wall light illuminates the mirror area. In this space, black no longer dominates. A lighter ambience has been created, with wood around the basins, white walls and a dark greenish grey to provide contrast to the mirror, the structures and the black wall light. A very stylish renovation that allows the bathroom to play a leading role and shows the importance of the lighting, as well as the design of the areas we use most each day. Information about the renovation

Interior design: BC Ateliers
Colaboration: Bonnemazou Cambus, Prostoria, Florim Ceramiche y Artewalls.
Photography: Franklin Marcot
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A building and different styles

The Hernandez Arquitectos team has been charged with renovating all the dwellings of this building to convert the spaces into tourist apartments.

With more than one house to be designed, the architects have mixed styles, combined materials, respected the original decorative materials and varied the layout of the space in each one. In the smallest apartments and to make the most of the space, they used LINK wall lights on the bedroom headboards and living room walls. Minimalist in style and in black finish, they are found in those Nordic style apartments, where they fit in perfectly.

We can also find the Faro Barcelona PLAT pendant lights. In this case, it lights up the centres of a table of two of the largest dwellings, which have a spacious eat-in kitchen and have been decorated with warm finishes and, in one of them, even the tiled floor has been respected. The black finish of this light, with a fine design shade that allows the lightbulb to take the lead, gives the wood of both tables a modern and attractive air. Renovation information
Architects: Hernandez Arquitectos
Collaborators: El Picaporte Valencia
Photography: Mayte Piera
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Adam’s Villa

On the island of Rhodes, in Greece, Bianco Villas has created two oases of peace dedicated to the first humans who the Bible says God created. Two people who lived in heaven surrounded by nature, peace and abundance… exactly what we can find in these houses

We enter Adam’s Villa, a dwelling renovated by the architects Melenos&Katogas and based on minimalism and bohemian style. With open spaces, it has three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a spacious dining room and a kitchen open to the garden, which has a swimming pool in the centre. The intention of the renovation was to make the most of the natural light and make the environment “enter” the room, a feature that made it essential to install ceiling fans. Like a good summer refuge, it has two LUZON fans in all the rooms. A fan with fine lines which is modern and whose brown finish contrasts with the white walls, the noble materials of the furniture and the natural fibre materials that decorate the entire apartment. Details of the renovation
Architects: Klimis Katogas and Dimitris Melenos
Construction: Oiko-Savvaides
Topographic study: Sotiris Aristidou
Photography: Harry Zampetoulas
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A light filled flat

In the central Madrid neighbourhood of Las Letras is the new project of the interior designers Espejo y Goyanes.

It is a modern flat where they have attempted to make the most of the natural light, thanks in part to the small terrace it has at the end. The predominant colour is white and the materials of some old furniture and the ceiling beams have been respected.

For the kitchen, with an amazing central island, they have played with a greenish blue tone and the same marble finish. SVEN, which is placed between the asymmetries of the ceiling, lights up the entire round ceiling. It is made in plaster and blends in perfectly with the entire surroundings.

The bathroom also has Faro Barcelona lighting. It is a space with white laminate walls and NASE downlighters, which, thanks to their technical features, can light up humid spaces such as the bathroom or outdoor zones.
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