TEN and a minimalist bathroom

In Lyon, France, the interior designer behind BC Atelier has renovated the bathroom and bedroom of a small apartment in a minimalist style.

For this he has used the TEN wall lamp in both rooms. In the bedroom, where the colour black predominates and the space is used with high white cupboards, the wall lights are located on the wall just in front of the bed.

In the bathroom, on the other hand, a single wall light illuminates the mirror area. In this space it is no longer black that is predominant. A lighter atmosphere has been created, with wood in the basins, white walls and a dark green-grey to give contrast to the mirror, the structures and the black wall lamp. This is a very stylish reform that gives the bathroom a certain prominence and highlights the importance of lighting, also in terms of design, in the areas we use most every day.

Information about the renovation

Interior design: BC Ateliers
Colaboration: Bonnemazou Cambus, Prostoria, Florim Ceramiche y Artewalls.
Photography: Franklin Marcot
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The minimalism of PAM

PAM is one of the pendant lights that you can find in our catalogue. We created it in two finishes, thinking about minimalist style spaces to be reinforced, or to convey more peace and quiet with the white version, or break it with the black and gold version.

It is a design with personality which the professionals from RODES, Arquitectura y Diseño have used for their latest renovation, an amazing apartment on the beach in Alicante. They installed three PAMs above a white and grey marble countertop, which complements the kitchen, which in turn is an open space with direct access to the dining room. The entire dwelling is governed by the colour white, both in furniture and in finishes, and is broken up only with an element manufactured in natural materials.

The bedrooms are also uncluttered and minimalist, and have been reinforced with MALLORCA and NASSAU fans to accompany summer naps and hot nights. Renovation information
Architects: RODES, arquitectura y diseño
Photography: Germán Cabo
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A building and different styles

The Hernandez Arquitectos team has been charged with renovating all the dwellings of this building to convert the spaces into tourist apartments.

With more than one house to be designed, the architects have mixed styles, combined materials, respected the original decorative materials and varied the layout of the space in each one. In the smallest apartments and to make the most of the space, they used LINK wall lights on the bedroom headboards and living room walls. Minimalist in style and in black finish, they are found in those Nordic style apartments, where they fit in perfectly.

We can also find the Faro Barcelona PLAT pendant lights. In this case, it lights up the centres of a table of two of the largest dwellings, which have a spacious eat-in kitchen and have been decorated with warm finishes and, in one of them, even the tiled floor has been respected. The black finish of this light, with a fine design shade that allows the lightbulb to take the lead, gives the wood of both tables a modern and attractive air. Renovation information
Architects: Hernandez Arquitectos
Collaborators: El Picaporte Valencia
Photography: Mayte Piera
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Adam’s Villa

On the island of Rhodes, in Greece, Bianco Villas has created two oases of peace dedicated to the first humans who the Bible says God created. Two people who lived in heaven surrounded by nature, peace and abundance… exactly what we can find in these houses

We enter Adam’s Villa, a dwelling renovated by the architects Melenos&Katogas and based on minimalism and bohemian style. With open spaces, it has three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a spacious dining room and a kitchen open to the garden, which has a swimming pool in the centre. The intention of the renovation was to make the most of the natural light and make the environment “enter” the room, a feature that made it essential to install ceiling fans. Like a good summer refuge, it has two LUZON fans in all the rooms. A fan with fine lines which is modern and whose brown finish contrasts with the white walls, the noble materials of the furniture and the natural fibre materials that decorate the entire apartment. Details of the renovation
Architects: Klimis Katogas and Dimitris Melenos
Construction: Oiko-Savvaides
Topographic study: Sotiris Aristidou
Photography: Harry Zampetoulas
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A light filled flat

In the central Madrid neighbourhood of Las Letras is the new project of the interior designers Espejo y Goyanes.

It is a modern flat where they have attempted to make the most of the natural light, thanks in part to the small terrace it has at the end. The predominant colour is white and the materials of some old furniture and the ceiling beams have been respected.

For the kitchen, with an amazing central island, they have played with a greenish blue tone and the same marble finish. SVEN, which is placed between the asymmetries of the ceiling, lights up the entire round ceiling. It is made in plaster and blends in perfectly with the entire surroundings.

The bathroom also has Faro Barcelona lighting. It is a space with white laminate walls and NASE downlighters, which, thanks to their technical features, can light up humid spaces such as the bathroom or outdoor zones.
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A luxury flat in Hungary

Architect Richárd Somogyi is behind this amazing renovation of a luxury flat in Hungary with the collaboration of Baselight.

It is a home of large spaces with wood as the main element, both in the furniture and on the walls and finishes. A staircase that counterposes the white colour is the clearest point in the entire home, which governs its chromatic scale in the tones of this noble material.

So it is no surprise that in the bedrooms it is the MOOD light fixture that accompanies the headboards. It is also made in light wood and projects an indirect light perfect for resting. Indeed, lighting plays a very important role in the displaying of the design. The round shaped BOARD lamp reflects indirect warm light in the main hallway, giving a leading role to the finish of the wall. It looks like a small eclipse that accompanies you to the bedrooms. The MINE light has been placed in triple format in the reception. Its modern, simple and sophisticated design enables the necessary combinations to be made for each space. As in this flat in Hungary, quiet an architectural luxury.
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With view to the Giralda

We walk through the historic centre of Seville to enter the new remodelling project of the architects Jimenez & Linares.

In this incredible location there is a 150m2 apartment with views of the Giralda and the Patio de los Naranjos, which has small patios of light and a design ‘that pays homage to the facades of the civil architecture of the Sevillian baroque’.

To give contrast to this idea, clear and relaxed spaces such as the bedrooms have also been sought, where lighting the two sides of the beds has used the LINK wall lamp in a white finish. Thanks to its rotation, it is a perfect lamp as a bed assistant. In general, the Faro Barcelona wall lamps have been a good solution for architects, who have chosen the most elegant design of Nahtrang, SUAU, in gold finish for the bathrooms. It emits a warm light, also allows rotation and has a built-in switch in the base.

The Wall lamps are design and style solutions that “free” space and allow light to be fixed at a more exact point. They are integrated into the decoration and allow greater comfort in its use.
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The modernism of Barcelona

Modernism marked a time of changes in the conception of Catalan design and today it still remains in homes, objects and artistic creations.

An example of this is the last project of the architect Jofre Roca in cooperation with UPO Luce: the remodelling of an old apartment in the central street of Carme de Barcelona, right next to the Ramblas, which was built in 1861 under this current.

Bright, with open spaces and three courtyards, it is a modern house that has exposed many original elements, such as an incredible hydraulic floor, the walls made with old billows, the ceilings of beams and drawings in ceramics, and wooden elements.

To give full prominence to this recovery, the rest of the design is simple and sophisticated, and plays with elements of light-coloured materials and walls. The LE VITA lamp camouflages perfectly in this union, illuminating the master bedroom with the hanging and wall version, which goes from the ceiling to the side of the bed. Photos: Adrià Goula
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Relaxing in Greece

In an amazing countryside setting near the sea is the Casita Casita Lindos Hotel in Greece.

Renovated by the architect Vana Pernari, it has small, but cosy rooms decorated in the purest Mediterranean style. From them all, a large pool can be enjoyed that merges with the landscape. It is an oasis of peace and quiet.

To make the visitor’s stay even more pleasant, the JUST FAN fan with wooden blades has been installed in the double rooms, which not only helps you sleep and cool down, but, thanks to its design, provides wellbeing and elegance. In the jewel in the crown, the two storey suite with dining room, Pernari has gone for the WINCH fan. With a more industrial style and incorporated light, it has been installed in a sloping roof. A brown fan perfect for a space as large as this one.

Each corner is designed for guests to put their problems to one side and relax the mind. The bathrooms facilities and the decorative elements are dark stones, and to accompany the mirrors, you will find MOY wall lights. Small, sophisticated—the interior designer chose the gold finish—and perfect for humid environments. Fotography: Stelios Kalisperis
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Eating in style

Grupo Saona has a variety of restaurants spread out over the Valencian capital and coast. They offer home-style, healthy dishes made with top quality ingredients and their spaces perfectly reflect their philosophy: to convey wellbeing and bring us closer to a healthy life and an environment as warm as the beach in Formentera bearing its name.

So, the interior designers Tarruella Trenchs set about cooling down the dining areas with the matte nickel LANTAU fan with dark walnut wooden blades, a finish that blends in with all the spaces and goes unnoticed among wood, esparto grass, fabric and a lot of natural light.

In Madrid, Gandia or Jávea you can find top quality food, spaces with modern, elegant and, at the same time, very Mediterranean designs, and one of our star fans.
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