From a small hotel to a refuge on the Costa Brava

If we think about where we want to spend the summer and a few days’ holiday, an apartment might come to mind, like the one renovated by Alto Interiorismo.

An old hotel in the cove of Cap Sa Sal, Begur, Girona, this small space has been designed to accommodate a family during the summer season. The layout is open and preserves noble materials such as the wood on the wall of the dining room or the ceiling. The entire decor has a seafaring air, as do the colours chosen in different pieces of furniture to provide a contrast with the main white colour. A white INDUS fan has been put in the master bedroom right above the bed, and will provide coolness and make little noise. The bedroom, like the dining room, looks out onto the terrace, an important corner of the apartment that provides natural light indoors.

To illuminate evening meals outdoors and the times spent with friends after a day on the beach, ALTO Interiorismo has used NEWPORT wall lights. The perfect complement for a home that looks out onto and is inspired by the sea.
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How to prepare your house for summer with Pía Capdevila

The interior designer tells us about her tips to have a comfortable, cool home in summer. Taking refuge in her house in Empordà and reading a good book on her porch are all Pía Capdevila needs. While as a girl she spent her summers by the sea, it is in the middle of the countryside where she now feels she can relax and switch off.

This interior designer, who has been working on design, architecture and decoration projects for over 10 years, defines her style as very much her own. She likes working with basics and neutrals, in order to then add colour with fabrics and patterns, and needs to know the space and her clients very well in order to start drawing and imagining.

Coolness and naturalness

Summer for her is a mojito and plans to spend time with her loved ones. And when it comes to decorating, she goes for natural fibres and colours with their own light like yellow, which is very fashionable this season. She also recommends turquoise and coral, using lights and light bulbs for chill out areas, cane materials, light fabrics as bases and fruits and plants as table centrepieces.

“Mixing is done more during summer! You need to avoid textiles that are not fresh or that are heavy; the rest is allowed. The sun puts us in a good mood.”

It must be silent

And following this style mantra, we delve into one of her latest projects, a small duplex in a coastal town. Using white as the base, the wooden elements like the floor and some furniture create a much more open and calm space. The colour turquoise also provides contrast and personality. The ECO INDUS fan stands out in the centre of the dining room, which with its design adapts to the interior designer’s summer essentials: “I’m looking for it to integrate perfectly with the ceiling and go unnoticed.”

Speaking of ventilation, Pía recommends the Panama style fans for the porch and tells us that for her the fan must be silent.

This might be why she chose the MINI MALLORCA model for the renovation of her own house in Empordà. In an amazing renovation project, the interior designer has managed to design a space that is open to nature, comfortable and calm. The white fan with maple wood blades is the perfect accompaniment to the decor of neutral tones and natural elements of the wicker or cane objects, and at the same time allows the dining room to be cooled and prepared for a siesta or some quiet relaxation time.

Wellbeing, in the end, is what we are all looking for in our homes and in our everyday lives. At Faro Barcelona we believe that it is the most important thing for people and we think about how an object can make you feel, live and connect with your lifestyle. Working with the best interior designers and amazing projects allows us to accompany people in their summers.
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This summer choose Faro Barcelona fans

The season of heat and high temperatures is coming. The naps in the garden, the dinners in the open air and a huge desire to stop and rest.

To avoid heat preventing you from enjoying the summer, we present you our offer in ventilation. Fans created for wellbeing, sustainability and design that can reduce the ambient temperature by up to 8º.

Where to find them?

There is a fan for each type of home

Choosing the ideal fan depends on the characteristics of the space it will occupy and the device itself. Within our wide gamma, we recommend you:

JUST FAN: fan with DC motor, high performance, durability, lightness and low consumption. It is available in 3 different sizes and 5 finishes. It has a DC motor and a simple and sober design.

ICE SPEAKER: fan with light, modern style and with speaker connected with Bluetooth. It is ideal for large rooms and, thanks to its inverse function, it can also be used in winter.

TYPHOON: a good option for the outside. Yes, you read correctly. TYPHOON is a design fan with IP44 that will allow you to install it on porches or entrances. It also has an anticorrosive treatment and DC motor.

POLEA: one of the novelties of this year. This fan has a nautical-inspired design, DC motor and is ideal for all types of spaces. It is suitable for inclined roof and has an inverse function.

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INVITING wins the IF Design Award!

New recognition, new joy: the INVITING family, from the Swedish designers Bohman & Folenius, has won the prestigious IF Design Award 2019.

It has done it in the Lighting category and within this in the human centric lighting that recognizes the adaptability and autonomy to control the light at all times. Thanks to its design, INVITING allows to regulate the light intensity and temperature and adapt it to every need. Minimalist style, it is ideal for workspaces. More than sixty experts have assessed the design and functionality of the lamp in one of the most important recognitions in the sector. The If Design Award was conceived in Germany with the aim of giving visibility to products and projects of high aesthetic and ethical quality. This year, more than 6,400 entries from more than 50 countries have competed. If you still do not know INVITING, let yourself be seduced by a Nordic style lamp that you will find in three finishes and versions, and that will allow you to work to your liking and integrate in any space. An award-winning design!
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Faro Barcelona produces “Lampanot”, by agreement with the “Premis Talent” organization

Lampanot is a design by Cristina Borràs inspired in the well-known Barcelona’s symbol, the Panot tile. The design has been awarded with the Premi Talent 3D 2016 in the Premis Talent contest carried out by EmprenE2, which focuses on unveiling and promoting local talent. Produced by Faro Barcelona.

This cube-shaped luminaire has on five of its six faces the Panot, symbol of the city of Barcelona. The Premis Talent award was born with the aim of promoting the talent of people who contribute in improving the Barcelona and Catalonia brands.


The lighting company Faro Barcelona has made it possible for the idea to move from paper to reality. The luminary will be presented this July 4, the date on which the awards of the IV edition will be presented, in the Recent Modernist of Sant Pau.


Xavier Martín, CEO of Faro Barcelona, will be a jury of the Premis Talent 2018 awards in the 3D category and will be present at the gala along with his jury partners Joan Oliveres i Bagues, president of Bagués-Masriera; Pilar Vélez, director of the Museu del Disseny; Montse Cantín, adviser to the Presidency of the Provincial Council of Barcelona and Núria-Anna Salas and Cristina Borràs, winners of the Talent 3D Premi of 2017 and 2016 respectively.

We wish Xavier Martín good luck in this arduous task as a jury and we will be watching the entire gala through social networks.

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The Collection vol. 5, much more than light

Faro Barcelona presents the new volume The Collection, a collection of all design luminaries and fans. In addition, this year we’ve also launched some products exclusively, such as the fun INVITING LIGHT by Bohman&Folenius.


Its presentation coincides with the prestigious Light&Building lighting fair (from March 18 to 23) and where the company will present the new luminaries live.

The Collection vol.5, as in the previous volumes, is a commitment of Faro Barcelona for the democratic design and with multiple functionalities. It is much more than a luminary!

NIKO with cellphone charger or MUTE that absorbs the reminiscence of sound, both are multi-purpose Nahtrang designs that come to solve day-to-day problems for both users as hotels and restaurants.


In home lighting, we find the STOOD family by Lúcid and LOOP by Estudi Ribaudí, both with a natural cherry shade. Two sets of great warmth and high-quality details, such as the Touch Dimmer system from LOOP.

Exclusively for The Collection, PURE, a Nahtrang rounded head wall lamp designed for interior lighting.

For the hospitality sector, Faro Barcelona presents three families called ETERNA, REM and ARTIS with several shades that adapt to all styles and needs.


This year, portable lamps are the new trend. For the first time we present the portable JELLYFISH, available in black and white, which completes the offer along with TAKE AWAY or HOSHI.

Regarding exterior lighting, we find FLOW by Alegre Design, a stake with adjustable head and BRONX by Alex&Manel Lluscà; these wall lamps are inspired by the hanging bells of La Boquería de Barcelona.


Finally, in ventilation, where Faro Barcelona is the European market leader, we can find ICE SPEAKER by Estudi Ribaudí. This ceiling fan has a Bluetooth speaker to play music from any mobile device.

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BU-OH and MINE winners of the German Design Award 2018

This year, Faro Barcelona’s design has reasons to celebrate. The BU-OH family of Estudi Ribaudí has been the winner of the “Lighting” category awarded by the 24 members of the jury of the German Design Council.


For its part, MINE, a design by Nahtrang, has been awarded the prize in the “Special Mention” category. A recognition that emphasizes the versatility and minimalist design of this family of pendants.

premio_german_design award

The German Design Award recognizes creativity as a brand identity flagship. With an experience of 60 years; this jury is in charge of nominating and awarding the most original designs in international design. The fifth edition has gathered more than 3,400 applicants from all over the world and has awarded 42 prizes.

The ceremony will be held on February 9, in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Faro Barcelona conquered Euroluce with its new lamps: STOOD and MINE

For the fourth consecutive year, Faro Barcelona participated in the Euroluce lighting fair, a biannual event held in Milan, from April 4th to April 9th. For this occasion, the lighting firm presented, exclusively, three new models: STOOD, DOLME and STAND UP.

stand_faro_barcelona_euroluce_2017 “The stand was cozy and spacious, visitors felt comfortable, which made the work of the sellers much easier”, said Jennifer Nieto, Marketing Manager for Faro Barcelona.

One of the lamps that caught more attention was MINE SPACE by Nahtrang, due to the vast number of possibilities it offers due to the fact that the number of lights is customizable. Another successful model was STOOD.

This lamp family designed by LÚCID is characterized by wooden shades, a feature that provides warmth to the room and adds originality to the ensemble. “The number of international attendants that seized the opportunity to learn about our novelties and come to say hello was amazing. They were mainly architects, decorators and distributors. We are very happy for having participated in Euroluce”, said Salvador Martí, Commercial Director of Faro Group.

In addition, Faro Barcelona took the opportunity to present, exclusively, two new design families: DOLME and STAND UP. A minimalistic and useful design for illuminating homes or contract spaces such as hotels and restaurants.

HOOK, designed by OiKo Design Office under strict eco-design protocols, was one of the most popular lamps. The portable lamp drew attention in because of its versatility and its accessories. It was normal to see visitors picking it up, moving it around and testing it.

hook_by_oiko_design_office Regarding outdoor lighting, HUE by Nahtrang, especially its floor lamp model, was one of the most requested lamps at commercial level. Its wide diffusor provides homogeneous lighting, especially envisioned for gardens and decks.

The launch of THE COLLECTION catalogue coincided with Faro’s participation in Euroluce. This new edition was praised by attendees and is an example of Faro Barcelona’s intention to pursue “simple but ingenious” designs.

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Faro Barcelona consolidates itself in Milan

Faro Barcelona has attended for the first time the Architect@Work Milano fair held on November 23 and 24.

During the two days, Faro has shown some of its lighting solutions for contract and hospitality spaces. We highlight the great acceptance of the HANDY wall lamp and the portable CAT that have caught the eye and the attention of the attendees.

stand faro barcelona architect milano “We have had a large number of people. Architects, designers and lighting-related professionals have been the main visitors of our stand” says Claudio Rizzo, Export Area Manager of the Faro Group.

This fair is an opportunity for Faro Barcelona to come forward in some regions of Italy and strengthen its presence in other. “It is good for our brand to be present in Milan and we will surely come again” corroborates Claudio Rizzo after asking him about the passage of Faro Group by the fair.
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Great acceptance of the new Faro Barcelona’s models in the Hong Kong Lighting Fair

Faro Barcelona has attended the Hong Kong Lighting Fair (HKLF) from October 27 to 30, to show its developments for 2017.

With the slogan New Lighting Concepts, the Catalan company has introduced about 40 new features in indoor, outdoor lighting and ventilation where design and functionality are present in each piece. “It’s impressive that we are a company that is so dynamic that it can offer so many own design families year after year. No one has this wide variety each year” says Salvador Martí, Sales Manager of the Faro Group, after passing through the fair.

new-2017-faro-barcelona Result of the work with prestigious designers, the company has expanded its efforts on the design. In addition to its regular collaborators like Alex & Manel Lluscà, Estudi Ribaudí or Nahtrang there have also been new additions like Goula/Figuera or Christoph Friedrich Wagner.

“The Hong Kong Lighting Fair allows us to show the product and get feedback before releasing it into the market” says Rosa Bertrán, Product Development Engineer of Faro Barcelona.

nit-goula-figuera The innovation goes hand in hand with fresh ideas and designs that unite functionality, aesthetic and technology. We highlight, for example, the HUE outdoor family by Nahtrang, the ICE fan with Bluetooth by Estudi Ribaudí, multiple combinations of SIDE by Alex & Manel Lluscà and HOSHI with its adjustable light.

Jordi Prat, Junior Sales Representative of the Faro Group, says that “being in HKLF allows the company to keep in touch with existing customers in Asian countries and above all increase its presence in others where Faro is still growing”.

In this edition, Faro Barcelona has created a stand with three defined zones to show its developments, a venue to talk and a networking room for a more personalized service to all customers who approached. A stand that was breathing perfectly, not only by its amenities when walking through it, but also by how the product was displayed.
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