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How to control lights and bulbs with your mobile phone or wifi

12 Ago 2022 // by Laia Canalejo

The 'connected home' or 'connected home', i.e. the connection of household appliances and installations to the internet or wifi, is a reality today. And in the field of lighting, there are smart bulbs that allow you to control the light, regulate its intensity or colour, create ambience, programme scenes and even turn bulbs on and off without having to touch a switch.


This type of bulbs can be controlled from mobile phones, tablets or voice systems such as Alexa, 'Google Assistant', Siri, Echo or others. The aim of this type of solution is to improve people's comfort and well-being.


Let us now discover, quite simply, what we need and which applications can manage the operation of these devices.



Control lights by wifi or voice

To control the lights via wifi, it is essential:

  • Tener conexión wifi
  • Choose a smart bulb with wifi connectivity.
  • Choose a luminaire (fixture in which you insert the bulb) compatible with wifi or voice control.

Features and benefits of smart bulbs

Some of the many functionalities that these bulbs offer


1. They allow more than one luminaire to be grouped together to control the switching on or off of an entire room or even the entire home.


2. You can save in the application's memory a specific mode in a room. For example, to watch TV, you can determine which lights you want to be on and at what intensity.


3. To determine the characteristics of one of the luminaires, you can take a photograph of the room and from there select which lamp you want to control.


4. You can set the time and day to light a lamp or an entire room.


With these options, you will be able to personalise the light in each room and at each moment, save energy use, obtain greater comfort and complement the home automation technology already installed in your home.



Smart bulb control with Google Assistant

To turn a light bulb on and off or set the intensity of a bulb with the Google Home app you must first link a Smart Life account to the enabled bulb. If the bulb is not 'Made for Google' you will need the Google Home app and the bulb manufacturer's app. You may also need a bridge or hub from the bulb manufacturer. More information about using light bulbs with Google Home or Nest devices.


When it's set up, you just need to tell your mobile Google Assistant "OK Google, turn on the lamp". Or call the lamp by the name you've assigned it in the app. The Google Home smart speaker also works with these same voice commands, once they have been set up.


Basic voice commands

Controlling the lights at home goes far beyond the simple "Ok Google, turn on the light bulb". Here are all the commands you can use:


To do this: Say "Hey Google" and...
Switching a light on or off "Turn on" or "Turn off"
Lowering the intensity of a light "Lower the intensity of"
Increase the intensity of a light "The intensity of ... rises"
Adjusting the intensity of a light to a specific percentage "Adjust the intensity to 50 %"
Raise or lower the intensity of the lights by a certain percentage.

"Lower the intensity by 50%".

"Raise the intensity by 30 %"

Changing the colour of a light "Change the colour from to green"
Switching all lights on or off in a room "Turn the lights on " or "Turn the lights off "
Turn all lights on or off "Turn all lights on" or "Turn all lights off"



Turning lights on and off with Alexa or Amazon Echo

Amazon users can control the bulbs using their voice via their Alexa app in the Digital Home section. To connect the smart bulb to Alexa:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Open More. and select Add device.
  3. Select Light and then select the brand you wish to connect.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

When connected, you can control the colour, intensity and operation of the bulb with your voice, for example by saying "Alexa, turn on the red lamp" or "Alexa, increase the brightness of the lamp to 35%".



Faro Barcelona Smart Bulbs

The Faro Barcelona catalogue has a selection of luminaires that can use smart or SMART bulbs (this is how you will recognise them in our catalogue).


In addition, we have the A60 Bulb, compatible with the TUYA lighting control application and with programs such as Alexa, 'Google Assistant' or Siri.