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Ceiling fans for schools: how to achieve a cool, comfortable and healthy environment

25 May 2023

In the educational environment, it is crucial to create an environment conducive to student learning. Temperature and air quality play a key role in the concentration and well-being of students.


An effective and efficient solution to maintain a pleasant climate, without incorporating noise into the classroom, is the installation of ceiling fans. In this article, we will explain the benefits of using these devices in schools, colleges, institutes or any educational building and we offer you a list of the best models to install.


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The 8 benefits of ceiling fans in schools



1. Improved comfort and well-being


Thermal comfort is essential to ensure that students feel comfortable during their school hours. Faro Barcelona ceiling fans provide a constant, gentle breeze that helps to maintain a pleasant temperature in the school environment.


In this way, students can concentrate better on their academic activities, which translates into optimal performance.


2. Healthy air


The way ceiling fans ventilate is not at all unhealthy compared to any air conditioner. Air conditioners generate air artificially, and the atmosphere they create is mainly responsible for those summer colds that everyone hates.

Ceiling fans, however, do not produce air, but move the air already in a space, which is much healthier and feels infinitely more natural.


Furthermore, unlike other ventilation systems, ceiling fans do not emit any toxic fumes, making them not only a much healthier option, but also a much more environmentally friendly one.


ceiling fans for schools


3. Energy saving


In addition to providing comfort, ceiling fans represent an energy-efficient solution compared to other air conditioning systems.


Ceiling fans have a lower energy consumption, saving up to 50% compared to any air conditioner, so the school will not have to worry about energy bills during the hottest times of the year.


In addition, ceiling fans run on mains electricity, and even at the lowest intensity, they are able to move the necessary air, creating a breeze similar to that felt at the seashore.


This not only helps to reduce the environmental impact, but also to reduce the energy costs of schools.

4. Improving air quality


The quality of the air in classrooms is vitally important, as it can affect the health and performance of students. Faro Barcelona ceiling fans, in addition to creating a cool environment, help to maintain air circulation in classrooms.


This is especially relevant in schools where windows are not always open due to safety considerations. Air circulation facilitates the removal of suspended particles and ensures a healthier environment for pupils.

5. Ultra quiet operation


Faro Barcelona ceiling fans are ideal for educational environments, as the new modern designs created with lightweight materials are able to create air currents so quietly that you will hardly notice that they are switched on.


And if that wasn't enough, ceiling fans are also the most effective solution for combating insects such as mosquitoes and flies with the air that moves their blades.


quiet ceiling fans

6. Extra lighting


An additional advantage of Faro Barcelona's ceiling fans is that some models have built-in lighting, providing a complete lighting and ventilation solution for classrooms.


These fans with light provide soft, even illumination, creating a cosy and functional learning environment.


The combination of ventilation and lighting in a single device optimises space and simplifies installation, providing a practical and efficient solution for schools.

7. Durability and safety


Faro Barcelona ceiling fans are designed and manufactured to high quality standards, ensuring durability and safe operation in demanding environments such as schools.


These devices meet the most rigorous safety standards and are thoroughly tested before reaching the market. In this way, schools can be confident that they are investing in a safe and long-lasting product.



8. Reverse function for all seasons


The reverse function allows the fan to be used on both the coldest and hottest days. Depending on the rotation of the blades, it can be used in winter or summer mode.


During the winter, when warm air tends to accumulate at the top of rooms, activating the reverse function redistributes the heat more evenly, providing a sense of comfort throughout the classroom.

Best ceiling fans for schools


1. Punt



Punt, the economical ceiling fan that incorporates the special memory function, i.e. it can be used by leaving it switched on by the remote control, and the switch can be used to switch it on and leave the remote control in a safe place.


2. Siros




Siros is an economical ceiling fan with a simple and timeless design. This fan with DC motor is operated by remote control or app. It has 5 adjustable speeds.


3. Gotland



The Gotland ceiling fan is available in white or wood finish with a simple and timeless design. This fan with DC motor is operated by remote control with programmer. It has 6 adjustable speeds and a reverse function. It is suitable for sloping ceilings.


4. Pemba



Pemba is a ceiling fan which works very well in rooms with high ceilings, i.e. low classrooms. Ceiling fan with DC motor with modern lines. Motor made of steel and white acrylic non-reversible blades.


5. Heywood




A ceiling fan with a different style, with natural wood. Heywood can be used without remote control and with memory, this way when pressing the switch the fan and light will recover the same state they had before turning it off.


We help you with your project

At Faro Barcelona we mainly recommend ceiling fans with DC motors, as they consume less energy and are more efficient than the latter. We also have fans with AC motors, however, the trend in the sector is to use DC motors for several reasons:


  • They operate with direct current, avoiding wasting energy.
  • They use all the energy they consume, which is still minimal.
  • They are quieter, as they require less friction from the motor.
  • They are more durable because their operation is more optimal.


If you would like more information about the installation of ceiling fans in schools or institutes, please do not hesitate to contact us using this form. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.


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