Faro Barcelona illuminates the Viko Boutique Apart Hotel

The rooms of the new Viko Boutique Apart Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, have been illuminated with different models of lamps and LED bulbs from Faro Barcelona.

The rooms are composed of resting areas, with beds and sofas, a small kitchen-dining room and a toilet. For each section of the room different luminaries have been used to adapt to the needs of the space. For the general illumination, the recessed luminaries allow to create a homogeneous light for the whole room.

For the bed and resting spaces, the design studio BondArt – Architecture and Interior Design and the hotel designers have chosen different models that fit perfectly to the needs of the light on the nightstand. We find the HANDY model recessed in the side of the bed’s head. In another bedroom, for example, the HOTEL wall lamp with LED reader allows guests to use it both as ambient or as reading light. They all give a warm and mild mood and are perfect with the toasted colors chosen for the rooms. In the toilet area, the AMBO-2 wall lamp provides an ideal light for the area of the mirror and the desk. Its color temperature resembles natural daylight allowing us to see without visual distortions. In other rooms, this luminaire has been replaced by OLAF, a gypsum wall lamp, whose technical features are similar to the AMBO-2. SQUAD ceiling lights provide continuity to the different spaces, since combined with the recessed luminaries allow to create a perfect natural light to illuminate the kitchen and the working areas. The SEVEN pendant light is responsible for providing direct light on the dining room table. The diffuser allows us to distribute its beam creating a visual comfort perfect for enjoying the evenings. And for the common area, where is the sofa and the TV, the white AZOR-2 ceiling lamp has been chosen.

Finally, on the outside, we find BIRD wall lamps designed by Estudi Ribaudí and that thanks to its 44-protection rating are the perfect choice for outdoor lighting.