FOX and LINK, the perfect combination for a reading corner

In a very bright attic in the Catalan city of Terrassa, the interior designer Anna Brotons has redesigned a dining room to achieve “two functional and independent atmospheres“.

Her aim was to transmit wellbeing and comfort throughout the space, which is why she has painted the entire room white and used noble materials such as wood. He has kept the original elements that already had their function and has completed it with elements with a neutral and warm base. The outdoor area is integrated into the living-dining room through the vegetation and the access to the terrace.

As far as lighting is concerned, the interior designer has made changes to the electrical installations to relocate the light points. She has used the black FOX recessed lights to illuminate a shelf built into the wall and reinforced with wooden slats, and the LINK floor lamp in black next to the sofa. Together, they are located in the relaxation and reading area of the living room, which is thus illuminated to create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere.
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BROT and FUJI win the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2021

The outdoor luminaires BROT and FUJI, a Faro Barcelona novelty for the 2021 catalogue, have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the lighting category. Created in the 1950s to reward exceptional and quality product design, each year it brings together more than 50 different categories where attractive aesthetics, design functionality and innovation are evaluated.

Its prestigious jury has awarded BROT, an outdoor lighting collection designed by Yembara Studio. Its design makes it highly decorative and perfect for all types of outdoor spaces. The series is available in two formats: as an outdoor luminaire with installation on a floor light point, and a luminaire with a cable that functions as a free-standing luminaire without the need for installation, easy to move and lightweight. FUJI has also been awarded in the lighting category as a chameleonic and surprising design. This portable luminaire, designed by Isaac Piñeiro, is ideal for lighting both indoor and outdoor spaces as it has a protection rating of 44. It is a very versatile lighting proposal as it can function as a portable lamp, table lamp or even as a pendant lamp thanks to a small hook included.

Two modern and attractive designs that now also have a highly recognised award for design and functionality.
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An apartment in the heart of Palermo

How do you turn the top floor of a historic building into an attractive tourist apartment? Sicilian architects Gianluca Puccio and Andrea Collodoro, of the eponymous studio, answer our question thanks to their latest project: Pantò-Rooftop Boutique Rooms.

We are in the centre of Palermo, in Sicily, on the top floor of a recently renovated building with a terrace boasting a spectacular view of the entire city. The apartment has three bedrooms and communal areas spread out over two floors, which make the most of the natural light thanks to the sloping ceiling windows.

The style of the renovation is “Japanese-inspired Mediterranean minimalism”, which the architects have channelled with the use of materials and some pieces of furniture, such as natural oak wood, brushed marble and anthracite resin. A style which they have topped off with some Faro Barcelona lighting designs, since light helps to enhance the quality of these materials. As you enter, the SIDE wall lamps welcome you and light up the hallway, which leads to an imposing wooden staircase. These wall lights in black and gold finish contrast with the finishes of the noble wall materials we mentioned. As general lighting and also on the same floor, we find STAN track projectors in black and, from the same collection, ceilings lamps in one of the bathrooms. A space which preserves the simple, but modern and comfortable style of the entire dwelling. Both the ceiling lights, the track projectors and the recessed lights from the GAS collection – which we can also see in the circulation zones – help to provide general lighting in the bedrooms.

In the kitchen, which is on the upper floor, the DANKA pendant lamp in satin gold finish stands out with part of the black structure. The same tone of the cupboards and appliances which contrasts with the anthracite marble. The kitchen leads us to the terrace which, to accompany al fresco dining, drinks or just sitting and enjoying the views, has the MUST wall light on the walls and the TONO stake light. A renovation whose result is a comfortable, modern space, with different bedrooms perfect for relaxing and enjoying the delights of the city.
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Faro Barcelona fans for a warm and comfortable home

Architects Carolina Cunill, of The Hall Studio, and Manu Pagés have completely refurbished a 115m2 home in Barcelona’s Gracia district.

To do so, they have created a large open-plan space that houses the kitchen, dining room and study area. The latter, in turn, is separated by sliding doors. The original structure of the house, which has an interior courtyard, has helped to divide the spaces to make the most of natural light and ventilation.

With the aim of creating a pleasant and warm space, organic and natural materials have been used and the original ones, such as the brick of some of the walls and wooden elements, have been left exposed. The warmth of the materials, which create a pleasant atmosphere and turn the house into a peaceful family home, has been reinforced by the Faro Barcelona MINI MALLORCA fans installed in the large dining room, kitchen and children’s room. Ceiling fans help to create comfortable spaces and regulate the temperature in the hottest seasons. A great solution to combine with natural ventilation that is perfectly integrated into the design. Faro Barcelona has also used OSLO wall lamps in the corridors, which are made of plaster and provide light from above and below. They allow a more homogeneous illumination of the passageway area of this refurbished house, also with energy efficiency in mind.
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LINK projectors illuminate a designer staircase

João Nuno Macedo, Ricardo Silva, Marta Machado are the architects who have renovated the Monsenhor Airosa House in Braga, Portugal.

In doing so, they have maintained the original layout of the house, which is divided by an imposing staircase that connects all the levels. The staircase, in the centre of the main space, is the most important element, allowing the spaces to be distributed without closing them off and letting natural light into the whole house.

To illuminate it, they have chosen LINK adjustable projects. Projector lighting allows the light to be fixed where it is most needed and to act as general lighting so that it is perfectly integrated into the ceiling. In this case, it illuminates part of the staircase and the rest area that shares the space. This model has also been used for the kitchen. In the renovation, we can also find the MINE pendant lamp on the upper floor to illuminate a table centrepiece, the HYDE recessed luminaires for general lighting – as we are in a house with open spaces, general lighting plays a fundamental role – and the OSLO wall lights in the corridors. The architects have restored the main façade to reveal a traditional Portuguese style, which is complemented at the entrance by the THON outdoor floodlight.
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A comprehensive project of open areas

We´re going to Granollers, a city in Barcelona province, to visit a new house from the architects at the Quatre Coses studio. A comprehensive renovation where the living area’s open zone plays a leading role.

The project has successfully brought dining room and kitchen together, and expanded the space given away to one of the bedrooms. We are now in a huge living room open to the natural light, which when it starts to fade is lit with STAN ceiling lights. And from the same collection, the wall light version is installed in the kitchen, right above the sink. From two single bedrooms, the architects have managed to create the master bedroom, also obtaining a much larger space. For reading lighting, right on the headboard-wall, they used LINK wall lights in bronze finish, providing coolness and modernity.

They did something similar with the child’s bedroom, previously the master which together with the old laundry room is now home to a large living room. Decorated with wallpaper painted with stars and moon, the LUNA wall light is installed right in the centre. It projects a pretty indirect light around the perfect structure to accompany evenings of games and sweet dreams. The bathroom, totally renovated, is lit by KOMBA pendant lights in beige and the mirror area and corridor, which displays the original brick, feature COTTON wall lights in black.

A comprehensive renovation whose result is a modern and functional home of open spaces, and which has found at Faro Barcelona a solution for the lighting in each room.
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5 common mistakes which make remote working complicated

At this stage, most people who work remotely have already acquired some habits and have made the appropriate changes in their workspace. Even so, new challenges appear to achieve productivity and wellbeing, and some mistakes which should be borne in mind:

1. Not setting working hours. As we have already become used to the flexibility afforded by working from home, what at the start was resolved with a few hours set aside for work with some breaks, has now turned into a job on demand depending on volume. This lack of order can cause fatigue and procrastination, in other words, leaving tasks for later.

2. Taking refuge in working alone. Remote working does not mean you have stopped being part of a company, and even more importantly, of a team. You need to be in touch with colleagues, hold follow-up meetings and keep encouraging collaboration, since developing within a team is no easy task and after achieving it, losing it would mean slowing down the group’s dynamics.

3. Forgetting what time of year it is. At many companies, remote working is here to stay, so aside from finding a place at home where we can perform our tasks, we should also consider how we are affected by daylight hours according to the season, and when we need artificial light to help us concentrate. It is important to position ourselves according to our dominant hand so there are no reflections on the desk, and support general lighting with a table lamp which can be adjusted (such as the INVITING lamp) or always project warm 4000K light. 4. Only planning short term. Becoming used to an uncertain situation does not mean that the company does not have long-term goals or that our career aspirations are smaller over time. The company, like our professional skills, must keep growing, although bear in mind that the future situation is uncertain, and needs us to all pull together. We must not lose our ambition and desire to find new challenges.

5. Leaving leisure by the wayside. What with our daily space becoming smaller and restrictions not allowing us to socialize so much outdoors, most people have abandoned their leisure activities. We need to resurrect them, even if it is in other forms or without moving too much because they are necessary in order to clear the mind, rest and return to work with more energy.
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Faro Barcelona lighting in a Barcelona attic

The architect David Labori has found at Faro Barcelona the perfect lighting for each corner of his latest project. And a ceiling fan, too.

It is the comprehensive renovation of an attic floor duplex in Barcelona’s Tres Torres neighbourhood. To make the most of the natural light and create a large communal space, the living-dining room, kitchen and laundry room were brought together, knocking down the interior walls and using glass sliding doors. There we find HYDE recess lights in black for the general lighting in the kitchen (also on the upper floor), a STAN recess light to illuminate the living room library and two pendant lights in grey from the KOMBO collection over the kitchen table. Installed over the dining room table, by contrast, is the PAM-G pendant light. The private aeras on the same floor, three bedrooms and three complete bathrooms, have been laid out to accommodate the bedrooms. In the master bedroom you will find SUAU wall lights, designed to project reading light, and in the children’s bedroom, with the same function, we find ACADEMY wall lights. The PEMBA fan has also been installed in the double bedroom, perfect for cooling down the summer nights and creating comfort all year round. Before we ascend to the duplex’s upper floor via an amazing staircase, we should note that it is lit by PLAS recess lights, as in the corridor, with the stairwell home to the PLUMA pendant light. A modern and impactful design combination which fits in very well with that space.

In this house’s upper part, designed with a renewable energies collection, we find a multifunctIonal living room and access to the terrace and to the balcony. Both outdoor spaces are lit by OLAN wall lights, with the SOUN-2 recess light on the terrace and the DART-1 recess light for the balcony.
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Faro Barcelona commits to honest sustainable design in its new 2021 catalogue

Learn from the difficulties of 2020 and look forward. With this declaration of intent, the Faro Barcelona designer lighting and ventilation brand presents its new catalogue.

More environmentally responsible designs which provide value for people predominate. The adaptability and the functionality of the light fixtures is one of the brand’s emblems.

Nueva llamada a la acción A good example of this is Isaac Piñeiro’s FUJI portable light. Its oriental style design enables it to function as a pendant light and as a table lamp. A proposal with which to “play” amongst the different positions of the shade and to place in both indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to the ingress protection against rain and dust. It is easily recharged with a USB cable.

This adaptability in spaces is also designed for projects. With the DOMINO wall lamp designed by Aldanondoyfdez, Faro Barcelona allows us to point the light in four positions with a different light opening in each one. As it is made from plaster it can be painted the same colour as the wall in order to be totally incorporated into the space.

Let’s go outside! To light up and decorate outdoor spaces, we can look forward to proposals like Yembara’s BROT collection. The design and sophistication are also transferred to the garden or the terrace with these minimalist and modern models. They also include a version with a cable to facilitate their installation and mobility. Faro Barcelona this year surprises us with its first two urban lighting collections: the RUSH and SCREEN series. Committed to technology and versatility, both have lantern, table lamp and stake versions, and with different lighting features deigned to bring together the best of urban lighting and transfer it to hybrid spaces, such as common entrances and circulation areas in urban developments or hotels. In this respect, it also presents new developments in technical lighting with the NESO HOLE light fixtures for the NESO magnetic track system, which enables specific series to be created for each project with recessed, suspended and surface installation. Also adaptable to projects are the new LED strips with multiple decorative applications which can be installed in corners or make shapes, and which emit a neon effect light. They are totally versatile.

In ventilation, where the brand is leader in Europe, they have gone a step further by applying IOT technology in the majority of its models. Thanks to that option, the fan can be controlled through a mobile phone or the house’s home system. As a new design, the COPPER fan stands out; a modern version of the mythical JUST FAN collection which has a copper motor.

Ultimately, Faro Barcelona wants to keep lighting up both domestic and professional spaces with the best design and innovation. This new catalogue is the result of an optimistic and demanding team, convinced that 2021 will be a year to shine.

Nueva llamada a la acción
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A property with sea views

On the coast of Tarragona, in Calafell, is one of Magamo Studio’s latest projects. It is a 90m2 family house on the seafront designed to rest and escape all year round.

With the reform the kitchen, the living room and the dining room have been unified creating a great community space and taking advantage of the sunlight. The whole room has custom-made wooden furniture, which manages to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere without leaving aside the modern and timeless design. A long corridor runs through the flat to the bedrooms and the bathroom, and has been illuminated with HYDE round recessed lights, which are perfectly integrated into the ceiling and provide good general lighting. Inside the main bedroom another model of Faro Barcelona lamp illuminates the room. This is the wall lamp with a reader designed by Nutcreatives FOLD, which, on both sides of the bed, is perfect for spot lighting and for reading before going to sleep. Its lampshade is made of fabric.

Both in the bedroom and in the dining room, the ALO fan has been installed to cool down the hot summer days. As it has a reverse function, it will also help the heating system in winter. Its design and finishes (black the motor and wood the blades) make it a perfect model for Mediterranean style, comfortable and warm spaces. Photography: Merce Gost
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