Faro Barcelona lights the Havelock City Project

Havelock City is an urban project in Sri Lanka, by Reality Overseas, Faro Barcelona lights its 600 floors and cools them with the VANU ceiling fan.

vanu y thana en los pisos de Havelock city On the dining table, we find the THANA 3-light pendant. Its timeless style has the ideal look to fit in this minimalist and comfortable design.

On the other hand, the VANU fan becomes the undisputed king of the room. Thanks to its light source it allows to illuminate the room and at the same time remove the air, creating an efficient cooling system.

vanu en el dormitorio principal And since fans are an effective way to fall asleep on hot summer nights, VANU is also found in different rooms. It is used as main lamp but also as fan.

The dark brown finish makes it suitable for any room and adds a touch of color and originality to the bedrooms. A good choice for these flats in the heart of Colombo, the most populated city of Sri Lanka.

vanu dormitorio infantil
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Made and three projects with Faro Barcelona

The architecture and design studio Made has relied on Faro Barcelona’s luminaires for three of its latest projects.

Both deal with modern and minimalist style city housing rehabilitations. For the “Escurçant el camí” project, a house with long corridors and with little natural light, they have chosen the polished aluminium lamp SQUAD, that allows to place the light on specific areas and to illuminate this space between rooms.They have also thought of SQUAD for the “Let’s patchwork” project but this time as a spot of light in the dining room, in the common area of ​​the couch and television. Its rectangular, vertical and narrow design camouflages perfectly in the space providing a warm and pleasant light.

In the main room and, keeping the modern and minimalist style, they have installed the KAILUA ceiling fan with LED light. Fans are a very good choice for the bedroom as they are quiet, efficient and do not dry the air.For the third project, “Hexamood”, they have relied again on Faro Barcelona for the ceiling lamps. This time with the model SVEN, cylindrical and modern, which lights and complements functional and decorative furniture. It’s a dwelling with open spaces, so the ceiling lamps also help to connect the different spaces.Finally, in the kitchen the recessed lamps are responsible for giving prominence to this room; designed to welcome the whole family and surprise by its modern and functional design.

The warm light of Faro Barcelona in the Taller de Gràcia

Sincro has been the studio in charge of this rehabilitation to turn the premises into one of the shops of the El Taller franchise. In this case the bakery-cafeteria is located in Travessera de Gràcia, Barcelona.

The premises of this franchise feature a Nordic and industrial style, but without losing the warm touch that allows customers to enjoy the environment and the products.

general_el_taller_gracia_faro_barcelona The general lighting of this project is based on the use of recessed lamps but the need to create different environments has led Sincro to use other types of luminaires that, while maintaining the aesthetic, allow to create comfortable spaces that evoke home.

In the tasting area, we find the chairs and the wooden tables, Faro Barcelona’s LED filament bulbs provide a warm and pleasant light that is trimmed on the walls and its sheets of minimalist design.

detalle_bombillas_led_faro Our bulbs are also present in front of the bar, in one of the most modern and fun areas of the place. A wall with black and white wallpaper that is lighted by the warm temperature LED light that contrasts with that casual modernity and more prone to cool colour light brings dynamism to the space.

espai_modern_el_taller The result is a place full of nuances and with several different areas. Using the same tones, its blending gives different results. A relaxed, comfortable cafe that invites tasting and to spend time between its walls.

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Light the dining room with Faro Barcelona lamps

The purpose of the Espuny Design project was to update the dining room of a single-family home in Tortosa. The room has large windows that provide natural light overlooking the garden.

faro_barcelona_proyecto_luminicio However, we must also keep in mind the needs once the natural light disappears.

What is most striking is the wall of the whole room. The geometric print is a good canvas for OVO, a design by Estudi Ribaudí. This round wall lamp allows us to regulate the diffuser and to create a perfect indirect light for this area.

ovo_estampado_geometrico It is important that light can create different environments. Indirect lighting plays an essential role in creating a relaxed atmosphere.

For general lighting, the LINK spotlight. An original way to homogeneously illuminate the room, the rails allow you to add as many light points as needed.

In the living room area, the LINK white spotlight from Estudi Ribaudí complements the rest of the light needs of this spacious room.

In front of the large window, we find a standing LINK, but in this case black. This luminaire has been chosen for its minimalism that perfectly matches the armchairs and the 50’s American style table.

link_pie_de_salon_proyecto Contributors to this project: Coordonné & Ardi koollection.
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LANTAU at Soul on the Beach restaurant

general-restaurante-bali There are few places on the earth like Bali and in Sindhu Beach in Sanur we find the restaurant Soul on the Beach. In its covered terrace, we find Faro Barcelona’s LANTAU fans.

The wooden blades perfectly match the relaxed and warm atmosphere of the restaurant. The fan moves and renews the air and allows diners to enjoy a pleasant temperature.

lantau_restaurante_soul_on_the_beach Soul on the Beach has fantastic views and is one of the top restaurants in Bali not only for the views but also for the food.

It is a Fantastik Asia project.

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The contrast of the SMILE wall lamp for a minimalist room

Mi llave maestra Estudio has designed a room with the purpose of creating an integrated dressing room inside the bedroom and with its access unnoticed. To achieve this, Olaya Álvarez, the interior designer responsible for the project, has chosen a minimalist style in shades of gray and white as stars.Faro Barcelona’s SMILE wall lamps, designed by Jordi Busquets, were used for contrast. Placed on the sides of the head of the bed, they can be used as indirect light or ambient or as reading light, since its design allows to place them in vertical or horizontal position. A good choice for bedroom lighting.The matte black ones have been chosen, which give a modern and sophisticated touch to the room, and that make of the wall lamps the stars of the decorative style.

Faro Barcelona illuminates Elena Castells´s project

A home should be a warm and comfortable space; therefore, Elena Castells adapts to the needs of each client, producing a light study to define and achieve unique environments and homes.

For this private house of 300m2 in Barcelona, the interior designer chose warm materials such as wood and neutral colours that give the whole house a feeling of modernity and serenity.

The house has four floors distributed as follows: a basement with games room for the children of the house; a main floor with kitchen, living room and bookcase; a second floor with four bedrooms and a magnificent solarium on the deck.

For general lighting, built-in LEDs have been integrated into the ceiling allowing camouflage points of light that are only visible when needed.

In the dining room, there are two CRATER pendants in gold and black illuminating the long table and cut out on the large window that brings natural light to the whole room.

In the living room area, we find the STELLA whose fabric screen diffuses the light and creates a dim lighting. The arm of this lamp is adjustable both horizontally and vertically, ideal as backlight.

Near the bookcase, the LUPE floor lamp, designed by Jordi Busquets, maintains the aesthetics of the whole; its head can be adjusted to the needs of each family member.

lupe_pie de salon_libreria Elena Castells stands out in the world of interior design for her care of light, one of her signatures as an interior designer. As she says, “A project without light is like a frame without a diamond”

On the landing, the NAN projector highlights the frames of the staircase, providing points of decorative light that reinforce the general light.

nan_proyector In the master bedroom highlights the black BERNI with LED reader. An illumination especially designed for the head of the bedroom, acting as ambient or reading light. These luminaires are a Nahtrang design.

From Nahtrang we also find the LINK projectors that direct their light towards the shelves and the television. It is important to properly illuminate the television to avoid visual fatigue or tired vision.

Finally, the BLISS table lamp with wood structure complements the bedroom lighting.

bliss y link dormitorio In the children’s room, industrial style luminaries predominate. In the bed, the CELIA wall light with its articulated arm makes it easy to read in bed. We cannot miss the GRU lamp on the desk to facilitate concentration and study.

gru_iluminacion-escritorio The result is a timeless, elegant, modern and practical space.

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