Copper lamps in Beauty the shop

The team of Estudio AG Interiorismo has been responsible for the complete design and implementation of Beauty the Shop, a place located on Paseo Colón 1 in Albolote, Granada.


For the renovation, two Faro Barcelona lights have been chosen. In the counter area, we find 3 copper-colored PLANET pendant lights, designed by xJeR Studio, which combine perfectly with the rest of the luminaries and shelves.


The project plays with the wood, the white color, the floor in gray tones and the copper, which predominates and stands out above the rest of the elements.

PLANET provides a focal light and reinforces the rest of the lighting.

In the make-up area and recreating the dressers of the stars, we found a composition of 6 TEN, Faro Team design, with an apparent light bulb. This light allows customers to look comfortably in the mirror and appreciate the tones and finishes of the products.


These wall lamps are also copper-colored to maintain the spirit and style of the entire store.

The result is a warm and comfortable place, with a strong presence of copper that marries perfectly with the roof’s hanging garden. Colors and lighting work together to embrace the customer and offer the best user experience.

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Pluma in Home for Susan

Home for Susan is a project by Studio Bunyik; it’s a flat in Budapest where they made a rehabilitation and turned the place into a home.


In this case, the housing is much more feminine than the previous Home for Tamas project.

The main room and the alma mater of this flat is the living room with integrated kitchen. On this occasion, the wooden floor gives warmth to the whole home and, therefore, the walls are white to give luminosity.

The open kitchen consists of an island that allows a small separation between the living room and the working area. On that island, we find three PLUMA pendants, a Nahtrang design.


The use of white pendants gives a feeling of spaciousness and its golden interior gives warmth to the light that matches the thick carpet of the living room and reinforces the goal of the project, turning it into a home.

PLUMA has a small opening on one side and that makes it original as well as timeless, since its straight and minimalist style is a long-term success.

For the general lighting of the rest of the house round LED recessed lamps have been used so that the electricity consumption is lower and therefore more efficient.


The use of recessed lamps is a good option because they are integrated into the ceiling and the space seems wider and cleaner, without distractions.

The result is a warm and comfortable flat, with a strong presence of wood and a homogeneous light in all rooms and focal light points to improve visibility and adapt to the needs of each moment.

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3 interior design projects with Faro Barcelona lamps

Laia Ubia studio presents 3 residential projects with Faro Barcelona luminaires.

In the Covadonga kitchen work, located in Sabadell, an extension and opening of spaces was made to provide more light to the kitchen.


The DALLAS LED wall lamp was used to light the dining room. This wall lamp with straight lines fits perfectly on the wooden wall and provides a perfect light spot to complement the general lighting of the kitchen-living room.

The same DALLAS wall lamp is the one that has been used for the rehabilitation of Can Candi in Matadepera. This LED wall lamp is the one that gives continuity to the whole home, since it serves as a common thread in all rooms.

In the corridor and open areas, the wall lamp gives a nice diffused light directed upwards that allows the inhabitants to walk through the house with greater comfort.

Finally, in the Josep Pla housing, the studio carried out an integration of storage spaces in search of open and bright areas.


One of the most conflictive areas is the lighting of the staircase and to solve that lighting problem they used the PLAS recessed lamp that can be completely integrated into the wall. Thanks to this lamp we get an ideal light path since it is at ground level and does not blind and allows us to go up and down without problems.

Three lighting solutions adapted to the needs of the inhabitants of each home.

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Enter in our 5 HOOK Lamp contest

We have a new catalogue and many news, but not only that, our catalogue (both on paper as digital) hides a few surprises.

To celebrate it we are giving 5 HOOK Lamps. What should you do to win one?


It is very simple:

1. Follow us on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

2. Give us your personal data so we can get in touch with you if you are one of the 5 winners

3. Answer the question:

Clue 1: If you have a paper catalogue, turn off the light

Clue 2: Become a Hunter of smiles if you are searching with the digital catalogue

Good luck!
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NAN lights Home for Tamas

This project is the work of Bunyik Studio and it is an attic located in Budapest. This newly built penthouse is surrounded by cement and to create a home it was necessary to make comfortable and warm spaces for its owner, Tamas.


The architectural concept is an L-shaped kitchen and the living room, dining room and kitchen were joined to have a common space perfect for sharing moments.

The large dining table is ideal for meetings with friends. To provide focused light on the table, the NAN pendant in black finish has been used. Its stylised body breaks the flatness of the table and gives it dimensionality.

The pendants complement the lighting of the wide room. In the kitchen, we find recessed lamps that give adequate lighting for cooking and are integrated into the furniture without hindering work or causing shadows.


Finally, in the living room, the POTE ceiling lamp is responsible for the general lighting. Its timeless style and its semblance with NAN give continuity to the room, a minimalist lighting and well integrated into the large L-shaped kitchen.


Designer: Bunyik Studio

Builder: Végtelen Megoldás

Photography: Gábor Schlosser

Table: AU Workshop

Artwork: Benze

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Faro Barcelona attends Achitect@Work Dusseldorf for the first time

Faro Barcelona has attended for the first time the Architect@Work Dusseldorf fair, held from 6-7 of December in this German city.


For the occasion, the lighting company Faro Barcelona has presented its innovations for the contract sector to the architects and designers. Among the displayed models we find the HAN wall lamp/coat rack by Goula/Figuera and awarded with the MIAW Award; the wall lamp WHIZZ by Christoph Friedrich Wagner and the MINE pendant by Nahtrang.


In addition, in exterior lighting, the BU-OH family was presented, recently awarded with the German Design Award 2018, that dazzled the audience with its design and its light source.

For Faro Barcelona, the Architect@Work format is perfect to publicise the company among the opinion leaders. “It’s an agile format and the contacts are very interesting” says Alexandra Box, Hospitality Sales of Grupo Faro.


After two days of fair, the sales team attended the visitors and expanded the prospecting of the German market. The displayed models were a success and aroused the interest of the attendees.

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TECTO lights the new Miele store

The appliance chain Miele has refurbished one of its stores in Sabadell and for this has relied on the interior designer Laia Ubia studio.

The goal of the work was to give another focus to the spaces of the store, the offices and the warehouse, and take the opportunity to give more visibility to the product and get a functional design for each space. For it, Laia Ubia has used the TECTO lamp by Faro Barcelona. Located in both the store and the office, the ceiling lamp helps to light spacious passage areas.

The black version has been installed, which, in contrast to the white of the whole store, gives it a modern and sophisticated look, and the white version was installed in the reception area of ​​the office. The design of the ceiling lamps is also innovative, so they are consistent with the new overhauled look of the chain.
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Faro Barcelona fans in the Casa de la Playa

Laura Ortín Arquitectura has been the studio in charge of this expansion project and to ventilate the rooms it has chosen Faro Barcelona fans.

ventilador pemba de faro barcelona

This family home is located on the Mediterranean coast, specifically in Alicante, and the rehabilitation has been carried out by the need to expand the holiday residence.

For this, a volatile architecture has been proposed that is integrated into the landscape. A practical and simple expansion, but with a spectacular result.

“The house is fresh, cosy and bright, essential qualities to rest on vacation” says Laura Ortín.

In the master bedroom, we find the white ceiling fan PEMBA. This fan has a DC motor so its efficiency and silence is perfect for bedrooms.

ventilador blanco con motor DC

The use of fans favours the circulation of air, helps against mosquitoes and on the hottest nights allows you to fall asleep without drying the air.

For those same reasons, in the youth bedroom we also find another of our models. In this case, the MINI MALLORCA fan, designed for medium-sized rooms, and with 3 speeds.

Mini Mallorca para habitación juvenil

A beautiful and perfectly ventilated holiday home for the warmer months on the Alicante coast.

Photography: David Frutos
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WHIZZ AND MINE triumph in Milan

For the second time in a row, Faro Barcelona has attended the Architecht@Work fair in Milan on November 29 and 30.

Many developers, architects and designers visited the Faro stand, which presented with great success the WHIZZ models, the pendant version of MINE and the ecological and solidarity lamp HOOK. MINE, design lamp by Nahtrang, has recently been awarded with the German Design Award 2018 and the Restaurant and Bar Product Design Award, and together with WHIZZ have been the main attraction, just like the last fairs Faro Barcelona has attended.

According to Xiomara Sanromà, Export Area Manager, the fair “has been a very good experience, with profiles very focused on the contract channel, architects and designers with offices in Milan, London and Dubai mainly” and does not rule out attending again next year.
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