Faro Barcelona illuminates the garden of a house in Cantabria

Hemanos Vega Díaz are responsible for the changes in the garden of a single-family house in Cantabria. To cover needs, this distribution company has been responsible for the construction of a bathroom integrated into the garden and the remodelling of this to create a functional space.


The structure of the building is made of wood enamelled in colour and decorated with old wooden planks.

Both the lighting of the garden and the bathroom are from Faro Barcelona. On the main facade we find the ESTORIL rustic lamps. Their classic style and their protection index make them the perfect luminaire for this area.


If we enter the structure, we find a rustic bathroom, but with details that capture our attention. The wooden doors have been recovered by the Vega Díaz Brothers. The interior lining of the bathroom, as well as the imitation wood flooring give continuity to the style of the whole.


The bathroom taps belongs to the Bristan Group and is officially distributed by the people in charge of the project. Finally, to give light to the interior, two ART pendants with filament bulbs illuminate the dressing table and maintain that rustic and delicate style that surrounds the whole set.

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Faro Barcelona illuminates the rooms of the Lux Grand Gaube hotel

The Lux Grand Gaube hotel is located in Mauritius and although it has an enviable location, its rooms are not left behind.

VK Design has been the studio in charge of decorating the hotel suites and has counted on Design Place, distributor of Faro Barcelona, to illuminate the rooms of this hotel.


For the lighting of the head of the bed we find the BERNI wall lamp with reader. This Nahtrang design is adapted to the fresh and functional style of the entire hotel.

Its screen of fabric allows to diffuse the light and its reader facilitates the reading in the bed, giving the necessary light for that activity without dazzling the bed partner.


To complement the lighting of the rest of the room, there is the LINK lounge stand by Estudi Ribaudí. The black finish contrasts with the rest of the luminaires and allows to move the point of light. In this case, it is placed next to the chair and is in charge of the ambient lighting.


And finally the PLANET pendant by xJeR Studio illuminates the dresser of the room. Its minimalist aesthetic and its LED source with warm light provide a modern touch to the space.

The combination of the different luminaires allows to create a perfect atmosphere for rest or for the desired activity. The use of one to several allows to play with the amount of light and adapt to the needs and mood of the guest.

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Decoration and warmth with the WHIZZ luminaires

R-Estudio presents this project located in Terrassa and whose main objective was to reform the living-dining room of this house.

White and wood have been used in the house to create a sense of spaciousness and warmth.


For general lighting, a track with NAN projectors from Faro Barcelona is responsible for lighting both the entrance and the central part of the room.

The installation of lanes allows us to orientate the projectors and thus really adapt to the needs of the space and modify it if necessary.


To complement the lighting in the living room, the WHIZZ living room by Cristoph Friedrich Wagner was installed. Its minimalist style and its golden interior reinforce the aesthetics of the room and the warmth that the studio has achieved thanks to the wooden floor, the panels and the wall.


From the same WHIZZ set, two pendants illuminate the long dining table. The use of the same set gives continuity to the room and maintains the objective of a diaphanous and functional space, without the distraction of many ornaments.

R-Estudio has achieved a modern living-dining room with an adequate and warm lighting thanks to the lights of Faro Barcelona. A minimalist, simple selection, but with a cosmopolitan and original character.


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For the first time Faro Barcelona participated at the Architect @ Work Madrid

The lighting and ventilation company Faro Barcelona has participated for the first time in the Architect @ Work Madrid fair held on May 9th and 10th in the Spanish capital.

The jury of the event was in charge of selecting the luminaries for the occasion. So, presiding over booth number 88 we find MUTE of Nahtrang and whose petals reduce the reminiscence of sound.


This luminaire fits perfectly in the needs of visitors, architects and designers, since MUTE is perfect for restaurants and hotels.

Following the line of hospitality, two versatile and minimalist appliques were presented: NIKO is a wall lamp with Wireless charging for mobile phones and tablets and LE PETIT, novelty of 2018, is a design by Alex & Manel Lluscà and is characterized by the versatility of the screen as it is adjustable on its axis.


“MUTE caused a great impression among architects for the recycled material and its characteristics together with NIKO which was among the most commented”, says Iván Meana, Project Director of Faro Barcelona.


Finally, the WHIZZ applique by Christoph Friedrich Wagner complemented the selection for Architect @ Work Madrid.

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ALP illuminates a renovated garden

The interior architecture studio Minuscula has been appointed to design the exterior part of a double house in the Garraf.

The main objective of this work was to unite two semi-detached houses, with their respective gardens, in one and thus take advantage of the new spaces to change the access to the house and reorganize the exterior. To illuminate the new organization, the studio has had the ALP wall lamp, which surrounds the exterior wall of the entire enclosure and houses the pool, leisure, dining, garage and main entrance areas. It is the general light of the whole exterior part, an appliqué that has LED technology and that projects a beam of light in the lower part and in the upper part. With the same intention, stakes have been installed around the lawn, a very common resource in gardens that allows lighting and camouflaging the luminaries among the vegetation. In this garden the plants and trees also serve to offer the desired privacy.

Inside the house, Minuscula g has also had another Faro design: the PAM pendant lamp, which illuminates the central island of the kitchen and which is consistent with the modern and minimalist design of the entire stay and in general, the project.      
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The fans of Faro Barcelona exhibited at Lightfair International Chicago

For the first time Faro Barcelona has participated in Lightfair International (LFI) in Chicago on May 8th, 9th and 10th. “This fair is a good opportunity to know how the market works and talk with the prescribers. It is a good platform to look for new partners “explains Salvador Martí, Sales Manager of Faro Barcelona.


During this incursion in the American market, the lighting and ventilation firm has presented a wide sample of its fans. In a very original way, since some were installed on the wall so that the visitor could see the characteristics of the product, Faro Barcelona has selected ETERFAN and MINI ETERFAN, JUST FAN in copper and wood, TUBE FAN and TYPHOON.

“Our product was well received. The impact we have in this traditional market makes us position ourselves as an exclusive brand, characterized by freshness and originality “says Salvador Martí after asking about the reception of the products among visitors.


A sample of interior lighting was also exhibited together with the fans. Nahtrang MINE table lamps, awarded with the German Design Award 2018, portable HOSHI from xJeR Studio and two of the star products of Faro Barcelona, the portable HOOK by Oiko Design awarded with the Red Dot and the exclusive presentation of TAKE AWAY.
The interior selection has been complemented with some lamps designed especially for hotels and restaurants. The SUAU wall lamp in reader or reader with shelf format is a Nahtrang design and a great choice for lighting hotel rooms.

The STOOD wall lamp has been one of the most popular designs for its wooden shade. This Lúcid design has attracted the attention of interior designers and designers.

To finish the interior selection, ACADEMY. This wall lamp has a minimalist and industrial design that fits well with American tastes.


Finally, the firm has also wanted to present its outdoor luminaires. BU-OH beacons and appliqués awarded with the German Design Award 2018, SHADOW by Alex & Manel Lluscà and the STICKER beacon.

Regarding outdoor lamps, visitors could see TONE in white and black, FUTURE and the FLOW wall and spike lamp.

“The fans have made a very good impression, although the lighting has also been popular especially in reference to portable lamps and for the garden” says Alexandra Box, Export Area Manager of Faro Barcelona.

The participation of Faro Barcelona in LFI has been very positive, the number of leads and the feedback obtained indicate that it is a strong market and our presence has had a positive impact. We will continue working on positioning our products in this market.

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