A travel attic

Madrid’s modern Malasaña neighbourhood is home to the latest project of architects Egue y Seta: the “Traveller’s shelter,” an attic designed for resting, returning to the city and enjoying it from on high.

With open spaces, and modern finishes and decoration, this house has a unique bedroom. The bed ‘leans’ on a small wall that separates the wardrobe-dressing room area, and has two spaces made-to-measure for the LINK table lamps, which act as reading lights.

In the same bedroom, we can also find the PAM pendant lamp in black (like the LINK) and gold finish. In this case, it lights up a small side table and reinforces all the bedroom’s artificial lighting. When we are in the attic, the only natural light enters through a small window at the end of the wall.
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Espacio Princesa is now featured in the AD guide

The Faro Barcelona showroom, located at Calle Princesa 52 in Barcelona, has come to form part of the prestigious guide of the magazine Architectural Digest.

This guide covers the best design premises in Spain, which include offices, shops, restaurants and hotels, and which are places of interest both for their interior design and for the activity they carry out. Interests that align with the readers of this leading magazine in the sector, enabling them to become acquainted with “truly unique and exceptional places.” Espacio Princesa is the creative hub of Faro Barcelona, modernist premises renovated to house designers, students and artists from other disciplines, where the company’s most exclusive product is displayed. A modern space inspired by the city and its artistic trends.

The space shares the limelight with the BioscaBotey lighting store, where other big lighting design brands can be found.

Both firms are now featured in the AD guide.

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We light up the new offices of Tresmares Capital

The Febrero Studio architecture studio entrusted Faro Barcelona with the lighting of its latest project, the offices of the investment fund Tresmares Capital in Madrid.

It is a space covering over 800 m2 arranged in open plan spaces which house the reception, meeting areas and work-cafe zone. In order to respect the building’s structure, the architects reserved the smallest or “residual” spaces for phone calls or small meetings. For the general lighting, both in the communal spaces and in the more restricted areas, CYLINDER track lights were used, which practically run through the entire office. The STAN and FONOVIA pendant lights – the latter being made from a material that is also sound absorbing – provide support for the general light in the reception and waiting room, and the desk zone, respectively.

The KERA wall light and the new 2020 GUADALUPE design are tasked with providing appropriate light in spaces such as the meeting area. GUADALUPE can also be found in floor lamp format or as a table lamp in the different break areas. Thanks to the cylindrical shape and the matte beige finish of its shade, this design by Isaac Piñeiro fits in perfectly with the decorative style of the renovation, which “sought to maintain a balance between the more sombre materials and the company red.”
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General lighting in a house on La Castellana

The SVEN round ceiling light illuminates a house on Madrid’s paseo de la Castellana. A new home that has been completely renovated by the Romero&Montoya studio, who also used the FRESH recessed ceiling light. The building was constructed in the 1950s and the house had a long dark corridor leading to the different rooms. To open it up to natural light, the architects brought the communal rooms together in the part of the facade with the most light and left the bedrooms in the other part.

To reinforce the light available in the different areas of this open-plan kitchen-diner, they used the SVEN ceiling light, an ally for general lighting which helps to increase the sensation of spaciousness, height and luminosity. In the bedrooms and the bathrooms, lower due to the false ceiling, they used the FRESH recessed model.
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An optician in Valencia with Faro Barcelona lighting

The MINE SPACE pendant lamp illuminates one of the corners of the new optician Óptica Climent in Burjassot, Valencia. It was chosen by the Studio Lyke interior designers, who designed a space with the objective of “bringing the product closer to the customers.” To do so, they created a transparent glass facade, turning the interior into the perfect window display. At first sight the display units (to the sides and with one central unit) can be seen with new products, and then the customer service areas with counters, tables and chairs.

It is precisely the corner for “meeting” customers that is lit by Nahtrang’s collection of MINE SPACE pendant lights. Thanks to the initial idea of creating compositions according to need, at Óptica Climent we can find the unitary version and two doubles, all in grey finish. Photography: Jordi Díaz
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MINE and a flat with a lot of history

“Seeking to remove the layers of years of modifications and return their simplicity” was, in the words of the interior designer Cosma Mussachio, the main objective of the Vilardell project.

We are in Barcelona’s Sants neighbourhood, in a flat built in 1902 with natural light entering through three different points, a spacious dining room, kitchen, bathroom and three large bedrooms, one with a balcony and dressing room. Mussachio managed to rescue the original materials and simplify the design of the entire dwelling. Now walls, beams and a beautiful pressed tile floor in the kitchen and corridors stand out.

The MINE pendant lamp can be found in one of the master bedrooms, where it hangs on both sides of the bed and is an integral part of a bedroom of light tones. The wall acting as headboard is disrupted with original materials and the combination of both elements gives it a modern, singular air. The Nahtrang-designed light has wooden elements which provide warmth and it projects a warm light that is perfect for lighting a bedroom like this one.
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Lighting up the summer nights

In Polop de la Marina, Valencia, the Larcosta architects have designed different housing models in a relaxed neighbourhood perfect for spending the summer holidays.

We enter the ‘Juliet & Romeo’ house, a two-storey home, sitting on a 628m2 property, with a swimming pool, garden and various terraces. A space with large, open rooms that integrates the exterior and leverages natural light.

The bedrooms are also spacious and functional. The cabinets are built into the walls, which, in turn, separate the different spaces; and the beds are lit with two Faro Barcelona wall lamps: the LINK in a bronze finish, and the MITIC. As already mentioned, the exterior plays an influential role and is designed to embrace long hours of relaxation, meals, games and naps. To light up the terrace table, Larcosta has once again trusted Faro Barcelona with a MISTU outdoor shade, perfectly integrated as a pendant lamp on the porch ceiling to accompany the spectacular view of the pool and landscape. Photography by Peter Foldiak
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A great reform in Valladolid

The BeSpoke design studio has been commissioned to refurbish a large house in Valladolid, and to do so, it has used the technical lighting of Faro Barcelona.

The objective of this reform, whose space has 99m2, was to combine the family’s private space and the large areas for meetings and guests. The result is a flat with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a separate kitchen and an L-shaped living-dining room.

Lighting has played a fundamental role in this house of minimalist and modern style, where wood is the great protagonist. To give it its “power” BeSpoke has chosen Faro Barcelona’s LED strips to “reinforce the position of the beams”, also behind the main furniture and under the wooden bench in the living room, the niches and the mirrors in the bathrooms. The LED strips emit warm light and allow for glare-free illumination. They are a good solution for highlighting objects and spaces while remaining unnoticed. From Faro Barcelona we also find the HYDE adjustable recessed lights as general lighting throughout the house and in black finish in the bathrooms, the REL-P ceiling in the centre of the kitchen and the TEN lamp in black finish. Photographs by Cesar Prados.
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Tropical-minimalism in a house full of memories

Romanian interior designer David Raymond decided a year ago to renovate the lower floor of his family home.

The 58 square meters room has been given a second life by the designer with the mix of various styles full of personality: “tropical minimalism”. The refurbishing, which gave place to a large open space, has been carried out with wood on the floor, ceiling and some walls as main material of the project. A central and protagonist arch separates the entrance from the different rest areas of the house maintaining the old spirit of this country house. Raymond has distributed the room with different chill and reading areas that he has combined with different furniture, a green wall and elements of decor. In one of these corners you can find the floor lamp in bronze finish LINK which directs perfectly its beam of light to support your reading.

From Faro Barcelona the interior designer has also used the FUGA projector lamps in black finish, as general lighting.

A reform with a lot of personality thought to keep, again, many family memories.
Information about the reform
Name project: Parent House
Location: Brasov, Rumanía
Interior design: David Raymond
Distributor: Urmet
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Sustainable shipping is possible with Faro Barcelona and Nozama Green

A few months ago we closed the collaboration agreement with Nozama Green, the company that makes sustainable deliveries of our orders possible thanks to the use of emission-free vehicles.

With Nozama Green we also make it easier for all our customers to collect packaging and household waste so that it is recycled correctly and does not end up in our seas or forests.

This new service responds to our commitment to the environment and our desire to continue advancing one of our most important values: sustainability. Nozama Green is an expert in recycling, ensuring that it is done in the right way. This work is carried out by people at risk of social exclusion with the aim of giving them a job and a decent life.

With plans to extend the scope to other cities, this service is available in Barcelona. The aim is to contribute to the reduction of waste and emissions harmful to the environment and thus take care of our planet.
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