The lamps of Faro Barcelona illuminate a chalet in Moscow

Belisama Lighting Studio is behind the project of this particular dwelling located 40 Km away from Moscow. In order to illuminate the different rooms, the studio has used the lamps of Faro Barcelona to provide warmth.For this chalet, they have chosen minimalistic lamps that contrast with the wood that covers the walls and the and tecto lighting corridorAt the entrance, we find TECTO ceiling lamps for a general lighting that is perfect to provide homogeneous light to the room. To accentuate paintings and mirrors, the LINK wall lamp with two bulbs is the choice for focused lighting.The busiest areas are the kitchen and the dining area, which are the soul of most houses. In these areas, we find PAM hanging lamps over the kitchen island and over the dining table. The set is perfect given that in the kitchen, it stresses the horizontality and in the dining room, it creates an original contrast with the round table.pam hanging lampOn the wall, and illuminating the paintings, in this case, we can find the single-bulb LINK wall lamp that provides the perfect beam to highlight the decorative elements. The use of LINK at the entrance and at the hall provides continuity to the different roomsIn the master bedroom, we can find the CELIA lamp, which, thanks to its articulated frame, can be directed to provide environmental lighting as well as to act as a reading light.celia bedroom lightingFinally, in the bathroom, we can find the TOLA ceiling lamp light, with an IP44 rating, ideal for this room because its protection index allows it to be near humidity.tola bathroom lighting 
Photographer: Ba Hons
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Rooms of the Mar y Sol Hotel Illuminated by Faro Barcelona

Faro Barcelona has worked in collaboration with Prestige Hotel & Resorts to illuminate the rooms of the Mar y Sol Hotel. This time by the hand of illuminate the rooms, white lamps has been used to reinforce the maritime and Mediterranean style that is present in the entire hotel.The MIX lamp family, designed by Àlex & Manel Lluscà, was chosen to provide warmth to the ensemble. We can find the pendant lamp over the dining room table and the table lamp, with its wooden details, as a focal point in the living room.mix pendant lampMIX lamp provides uniformity to the ensemble given that its materials blend in perfectly with the parquet floor and the white furniture.The metallic screen and the structure provide a youthful and relaxed vibe that is in contrast with the wood that reinforces the cozy feeling.mix-sobremesa-faro-barcelonaIn addition, we can also find the EACO-1 wall lamp, made with gypsum, which is part of the focal and environmental lighting. These two wall lamps serve as a frame for the beautiful painting that is located in the room.eaco-1 gypsum wall lampA well-lit and warm room, where white dominates over some touches of blue and wood.
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Faro Barcelona participated in Architect@Work Barcelona for the first time

The Faro Barcelona lighting firm participated in the first edition of Architect@Work Barcelona. For this occasion, Faro presented some of its novelties for 2017.

The HAN wall lamp, with its double functionality, given that it serves also as a hanger, was one of the lamps that caught more attention amongst those who attended the event. Designed by Goula/Figuera, its minimalistic style fits perfectly in various spaces.

han-by-goula-figuera Another Goula/Figuera design presented at the fair was the NIT, a wall lamp with a shelf. This lamp leaves the bulb at plain sight and, given that it uses a filament lightbulb, it provides a romantic and warm touch that is perfect for lighting bedrooms.

nit_suau_architect-work-bcnFinally, the SUAU by Nahtrang also made an appearance at Architect@Work Barcelona. This lamp is one of Faro’s best-sellers and its aesthetics and functionality meet the demands of architects and interior designers who are looking for the perfect way to light hotel rooms.

Our participation in Architect@Work Barcelona was a very positive experience and we will surely be present on its next edition.
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Faro Barcelona conquered Euroluce with its new lamps: STOOD and MINE

For the fourth consecutive year, Faro Barcelona participated in the Euroluce lighting fair, a biannual event held in Milan, from April 4th to April 9th. For this occasion, the lighting firm presented, exclusively, three new models: STOOD, DOLME and STAND UP.

stand_faro_barcelona_euroluce_2017“The stand was cozy and spacious, visitors felt comfortable, which made the work of the sellers much easier”, said Jennifer Nieto, Marketing Manager for Faro Barcelona.

One of the lamps that caught more attention was MINE SPACE by Nahtrang, due to the vast number of possibilities it offers due to the fact that the number of lights is customizable. Another successful model was STOOD.

This lamp family designed by LÚCID is characterized by wooden shades, a feature that provides warmth to the room and adds originality to the ensemble.“The number of international attendants that seized the opportunity to learn about our novelties and come to say hello was amazing. They were mainly architects, decorators and distributors. We are very happy for having participated in Euroluce”, said Salvador Martí, Commercial Director of Faro Group.

In addition, Faro Barcelona took the opportunity to present, exclusively, two new design families: DOLME and STAND UP. A minimalistic and useful design for illuminating homes or contract spaces such as hotels and restaurants.

HOOK, designed by OiKo Design Office under strict eco-design protocols, was one of the most popular lamps. The portable lamp drew attention in because of its versatility and its accessories. It was normal to see visitors picking it up, moving it around and testing it.

hook_by_oiko_design_officeRegarding outdoor lighting, HUE by Nahtrang, especially its floor lamp model, was one of the most requested lamps at commercial level. Its wide diffusor provides homogeneous lighting, especially envisioned for gardens and decks.

The launch of THE COLLECTION catalogue coincided with Faro’s participation in Euroluce. This new edition was praised by attendees and is an example of Faro Barcelona’s intention to pursue “simple but ingenious” designs.

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Xavier Martín, Faro Barcelona’s CEO, is the finalist of the Movers and Shakers Awards 2017

Xavier Martín, CEO of Faro Group, has been selected as the finalist in the category of “International Expansion” of the Movers and Shakers Awards 2017.Last March 28th a gala was celebrated to recognize the work of the businesses with head-offices in Catalonia, as well as the professionals who drive the economy and development strategies. For the occasion, Núria Martín, Financial Director of Faro Barcelona, was in charge of representing and thanking on behalf of Xavi for his recognition.moversandshakersawardsThese awards want recognise the excellence, best practices and innovation of Catalan Companies. For that reason, Faro’s teams want to say thank you for the recognition and to congratulate Xavier Martín for his work.
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WHIZZ has been chosen to be on the SaloneSatellite. 20 anni di nuova cretività

SaloneSatellite is celebrating its 20th anniversary by discovering new creators and this time WHIZZ by Cristopher Friedrich Wagner has been selected. This time, the celebration will be held from April 5th to 25th at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.whizz pendant lamp by Cristopher Friedrich wagnerOn April 4th, matching the beginning of Euroluce, the Hall will open its doors at 8:30 pm to welcome all those lovers of the new design.This time the WHIZZ family will participate in the sample thanks to the selection of the international jury that values the uniqueness of this original set.WHIZZ consists of two pendants, two portable and two accessories, one for wall lamp and the other for floor lamp. Its combination of colors, black and gold, give a modern touch that is complemented by an exposed light bulb that gives warmth to the whole display.whizz-wall-lampSaloneSatellite was the first event focused on young designers to show their work to the public. It began in 1998 and continues to retain its essence; it is a declaration of intent to enhance the creative talent of designers below 35 years.
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The new The Collection #4 is now available at Faro Barcelona

It’s a compilation of all designs of the Faro Barcelona lighting Brand.
Faro Barcelona is launching a new edition of its catalog The Collection. It’s a compilation of all lamps and fans created in collaboration with prestigious designers and studios.Its launch coincides this year with the prestigious lighting fair Euroluce (April 4th to 9th), where this year the lighting company will present some of its new exclusive creations.The Collection is one more example of the bet Faro Barcelona makes in a “simple but ingenious” design. It’s a democratic design, but with a great functional and aesthetic value. This 2017 we can highlight products with dual functionality (New Lighting Concepts), those that combine minimalism and warmth, such as WHIZZ or those who seek to illuminate a better world, such as HOOK.hook-the-collectionIn this new edition you will be able to see in detail all the new products for this 2017 and also the presentation of HOOK by OiKo Design Office, a free PVC portable lamp that helps to reduce the environmental footprint, entirely manufactured in Spain under strict eco-design processes.The Collection # 4 is presented in book format and intends to be a useful guide for architects and interior designers, a perfect collection to help you choose the luminaire or fan suitable for both, your home and contract spaces.Download The Collection #4
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