A way of life for each type of luminaire

We design objects thinking about the happiness and comfort of the people who will be in contact with them. Our design speaks of well-being, energy, commitment, respect and conscience.

And you, with what design do you identify yourself?

A conscious life

A leisurely, full and conscious life. Enjoy a sunny day with friends; Respect the environment and want to improve the world in which you live. Inner peace is the new success. Well-beign

Breathe deeply and feel good. Look around you and recognize yourself in everything you have achieved, in every object, smell and memory. You have found your site Well-being is the new wealth. You love technology

You like to have control, you are a demanding person. You love technology and do not conceive to live without it. You look for the change in the things that surround you to achieve perfection, you do not settle for little. Free souls

Life in the city is accelerated, dynamic and exciting. It is full of free souls that move with lightness and character. They do not like to have only one space. They are spontaneous and revolutionary, they leave a mark. Creating

You have found inspiration, it is time. You are calm and you find in your origins what makes you shine. You create letting yourself be carried away, like a writer who faces the blank sheet without any means. The happiness

“A day without smiling is a lost day” and that is why you have to live with joy, vitality and freshness. Fill the days with colours, the people you love and good times. A toast for today! You like to shine

The magic sneaks into your space. You look for harmony and elegance. You are touched by the subtle, delicate and bright. For you, the important thing is now, enjoy, share and feel. A luxury. Being connected

In a changing world, being connected becomes essential for you. Be dynamic while efficient, have a foot in each continent and venture. And, from time to time, stop and recharge the battery.
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INVITING receives the 2019 Red Dot: Product Design award

INVITING, by Swedish designers Bohman & Folenius, has been awarded the prestigious 2019Red Dot Design Award.

It is the third recognition for this modern and functional design that puts at the centre of its creation the need and experience of the person. Thanks to its operation, which allows to regulate the light intensity and colour, is distinguished by the adaptability and autonomy, the human centric lighting concept that has been valued by a distinguished jury. Red Dot Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the design and creation sector worldwide. With more than 60 years of history, these awards of German origin include bringing together the most important professionals in the sector and enhancing the innovation of products that, according to their manifesto, ‘deserve global attention’.

INVITING will become part of the official yearbook of the winners of Red Dot and will participate in the exhibitions held both in its Museum in Essen and around the world.
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