How to light up your working area

Due to the confined situation we are in to curb the spread and impact of COVID-19, many of us have been forced to work from home.

In order to be able to concentrate, establish a good dynamic and make the most of the resources we have, we bring you seven tips to light up your desk from the Faro Barcelona project team.

1. Make the most of natural light
Find the window in the room where you will be working and place your table there. It is important that it is on the side of the window, neither in front or just behind it.

2. Position yourself according to the dominant hand
To take advantage of the natural light, you should place yourself on the opposite side of your dominant hand. This way you will not make shadows when writing, drawing or typing on the work surface.

3. Strengthens space with artificial light
If you do not have much natural light, or to work during the hours of less sun, you can opt for a lamp.

4. Avoid contrast
When looking for the best artificial light, make sure it projects evenly throughout the space. It’s not a good idea, for example, to use only one lamp on the desk in a dark space. This bad contrast will make your eyes harder to focus.

5. Combines a table lamp with the general light
What we do recommend is that you look for a table lamp that serves as a support, and that helps to unify the general light of the room.

6. Look for a light with a temperature of 4000K
The ideal temperature for work spaces should be 4000K, which is measured by the Chromatic Reproduction Index (CRI) and tells us how the light is projected

7. The best warm light for decoration
Similarly, it is best not to use lamps with warm temperatures (1,000 to 3,000K) for work spaces. These, we recommend for decorative lighting.
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The minimalism of PAM

PAM is one of the pendant lights that you can find in our catalogue. We created it in two finishes, thinking about minimalist style spaces to be reinforced, or to convey more peace and quiet with the white version, or break it with the black and gold version.

It is a design with personality which the professionals from RODES, Arquitectura y Diseño have used for their latest renovation, an amazing apartment on the beach in Alicante. They installed three PAMs above a white and grey marble countertop, which complements the kitchen, which in turn is an open space with direct access to the dining room. The entire dwelling is governed by the colour white, both in furniture and in finishes, and is broken up only with an element manufactured in natural materials.

The bedrooms are also uncluttered and minimalist, and have been reinforced with MALLORCA and NASSAU fans to accompany summer naps and hot nights. Renovation information
Architects: RODES, arquitectura y diseño
Photography: Germán Cabo
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A building and different styles

The Hernandez Arquitectos team has been charged with renovating all the dwellings of this building to convert the spaces into tourist apartments.

With more than one house to be designed, the architects have mixed styles, combined materials, respected the original decorative materials and varied the layout of the space in each one. In the smallest apartments and to make the most of the space, they used LINK wall lights on the bedroom headboards and living room walls. Minimalist in style and in black finish, they are found in those Nordic style apartments, where they fit in perfectly.

We can also find the Faro Barcelona PLAT pendant lights. In this case, it lights up the centres of a table of two of the largest dwellings, which have a spacious eat-in kitchen and have been decorated with warm finishes and, in one of them, even the tiled floor has been respected. The black finish of this light, with a fine design shade that allows the lightbulb to take the lead, gives the wood of both tables a modern and attractive air. Renovation information
Architects: Hernandez Arquitectos
Collaborators: El Picaporte Valencia
Photography: Mayte Piera
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