Faro Barcelona participates for the first time in the Stockholm fair, cradle of Scandinavian design

Faro Barcelona has participated for the first time in the Stockholm Furniture Fair, cradle of Scandinavian design and promoter of its characteristic minimalistic style. stand-faro-barcelona-stockholm-furniture-fair For this occasion, Faro Barcelona presented its portable lamp HOOK by OiKo Design Office, which was designed under the most strict eco-design protocols.

In addition, Faro Barcelona also showed the WHIZZ lamp, designed by Cristopher Friedrich Wagner, which generated curiosity because it adapts to the tastes of the Nordic market. It was conceived to create a relaxed and comfortable environment.

The fair, which took place from February 7th to 11th, was attended by numerous visitors, mostly architects, but also interior designers, hotel representatives and some designers; it was the perfect venue to present Faro Barcelona’s novelties for 2017 and establish connections with local distributors in the Scandinavian countries.

nit-cat-and bu-oh “It was a cool fair, the quality of the connections established was great and MINE turned a large number of heads”, expressed Vincent Baroni, Faro Barcelona’s Export Sales Manager.

Some of the other Faro Barcelona’s novelties that caught the attention of the visitors, as well as the media, were the creations by Goula/Figuera. NIT and HAN won over the crowd because of their minimalistic design and their double functionality.

Finally, the BU-OH line by Estudi Ribaudí for outdoor lighting caused excitement among the attendants. “The Barcelona denomination attracts the Nordic crowd, although they have a very minimalistic style that usually does not ultimately fit with that of the Mediterranean people”, mentioned Vincent Baroni.

During the week of the fair, Faro Barcelona established some quality connections and introduced itself to the Scandinavian market, a first step towards finding local distributors to establish itself firmly in Northern Europe.
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Peixoto Home illuminated by Faro Barcelona lamps

The refurbishment of the Peixoto Home is an Erbalunga Studio Project and Faro Barcelona luminaries have been used to carry it out.

This home is located in a building from the 80’s and was characterized by small rooms all along a corridor. Now it’s totally different.

PAM pendant lamp A modern, simple and clean design has been chosen for the house. Although there is a separation between the bedrooms and the common areas; the living room, the kitchen and the dining room share the space.

This large room has a wooden table in the dining room which is presided over by the black and gold PAM hanging lamps. At one side, a concrete column allows a small separation between the dining room and the study.

The CELIA, an industrial-style wall light fixture, perfectly matches the uneven column and gives the room a modern touch. Also, the beam of light falls on the table and allows the visual comfort that is perfect for working.

Celia wall lamp The Marina Milà’s LULA table lamps are also present in this beautiful home. Their minimalism and color make them integrate perfectly with the rest of the ambience.

LULA table lamp Photographs: Iván Casal Nieto

This Project has appeared in the Interiores Minimalistas (Minimalist Interiors) Magazine.
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Bed & Blue, the bed and breakfast of Barcelona

There are projects born from a dream and little by little these start to take shape. That is precisely what happened with this establishment. The owner bought two stories of a building in Barcelona hoping to manage a Bed & Breakfast.

Two phases of the project were completed with the help of Nook Architects. First, convert the upstairs into a living space and get to know the neighborhood, and then work towards reaching the dream.  cocina-charlotte-colgante For this project, Nook Architects defined the final design of the structure with simple rooms for the final phase.

Noteworthy is the color blue in the rooms. In the kitchen, for example, the CHARLOTTE chandelier is the focal point and illuminates the open kitchen and dining room, creating a shadow free area. To help out in darker areas like where the ceramic cooktop and range hood are, a white CUP-1 lamp compliments the illumination of the room.

 cup-1-aplique White predominates in the bedroom, and the OVO wall lamp, that allows the lights to be adjusted to any level the circumstances may require, blends in perfectly with the wall creating a clean and open space, ideal for resting.

ovo-ilumina-el-dormitorio The most functional parts of the building are the turquoise bathrooms, which remind us of those found in a gym, but with little details that make you feel at home. Functionality is achieved with built in lighting that uniformly illuminates the area.

habitacion-bed-blue Bed & Blue has 6 double bedrooms with a bath and balcony or outer patio, a small breakfast room and a common area on the lower level to welcome the guests.
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