ALP illuminates a renovated garden

The interior architecture studio Minuscula has been appointed to design the exterior part of a double house in the Garraf.

The main objective of this work was to unite two semi-detached houses, with their respective gardens, in one and thus take advantage of the new spaces to change the access to the house and reorganize the exterior. To illuminate the new organization, the studio has had the ALP wall lamp, which surrounds the exterior wall of the entire enclosure and houses the pool, leisure, dining, garage and main entrance areas. It is the general light of the whole exterior part, an appliqué that has LED technology and that projects a beam of light in the lower part and in the upper part. With the same intention, stakes have been installed around the lawn, a very common resource in gardens that allows lighting and camouflaging the luminaries among the vegetation. In this garden the plants and trees also serve to offer the desired privacy.

Inside the house, Minuscula g has also had another Faro design: the PAM pendant lamp, which illuminates the central island of the kitchen and which is consistent with the modern and minimalist design of the entire stay and in general, the project.