A small, modern work

The centre of Kiev is home to the new renovation project of the Ukrainian interior designers Bubes&Grabovska, a small 56 m2 flat with a very modern, functional style.

Despite its small size, the designers have managed to create a home that meets every need and has a bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, a dining room that opens out onto the kitchen with a bar, a bathroom and even a small pantry. A space that is very well used and that, thanks to the use of neutral tones and materials such as wood, at the same time gives a certain feeling of spaciousness. The lighting follows the same mantra and has adapted perfectly to this modern work. The WHIZZ pendant light designed by Christoph Friedrich Wagner for Faro Barcelona was installed above the bar separating the kitchen from the dining room and, thanks to its black and copper finish, provides a touch of colour, modernity and contrast with the wood. TAKE AWAY, the portable lamp by Nahtrang also for Faro, is the lighting accessory that the designers have chosen for the bedroom, next to the bed. Since it is portable, TAKE AWAY can help to light any corner of this small, but stylish home and help to light, for instance, the walk-in wardrobe next to the bedroom. Photography: Sergiy Kadulin