Devotion to LULA of Marina Milá

The team of Bop Arquitectura has been responsible for these two homes whose common goal was the need to bring more light to the space.


In the Mascaró, the team needed to add light to this 50 m2 flat. For that purpose, a complete rehabilitation was done to remove the divisions and get wider common areas where the light from the windows reached all corners.

The predominant color is white and the wooden cabinets that give warmth and color to this flat stand out. For the general lighting, we find the recessed lamps, they give homogeneity to the whole set, and for the spot lighting, the white table lamp LULA of Marina Milá.

lula detalle vivienda

In another of its works, in the Agregació, Bop Arquitectura had to achieve the same thing as in the previous one, to bring natural light to all the rooms and to create a laundry room inside the house respecting the organization that already existed.

In the new proposal, the kitchen performs the role of distributor to the living room and to take better advantage of the habitable meters. In addition, it was possible to create an area to use as a laundry room inside the house.

The LULA lamp in white is found in different rooms of the house. In the master bedroom is used as spot light and ambient on the bedside table. In the laundry area, LULA provides a perfect ambient light to give warmth to the home.

lula dormitorio principal

>LULA is a timeless design whose metallic structure brings lightness and the fabric shade, warmth. It is a versatile design devised for a multitude of spaces, as we can see in these examples by Bop Arquitectura.


Picture: Blanca Serrano
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