• 5 common mistakes which make remote working complicated

    We seem to have become accustomed to teleworking, but are we doing everything right? New challenges to achieving productivity and well-being and some mistakes to watch out for are emerging.
  • Faro Barcelona commits to honest sustainable design in its new 2021 catalogue

    Learn from the difficulties of 2020 and look forward. With this declaration of intent, the Faro Barcelona presents its new catalogue.
  • Turn your new flat into a home

    The pandemic has made us reframe many things about our everyday life. There are many people who have decided to embark upon a new stage in a different place.

  • A comprehensive project of open areas

    Project: Granollers
    Products: STAN, LUNA and more
    Architects: Quatre Coses
  • Faro Barcelona lighting in a Barcelona attic

    Project: Tres Torres
    Architect: David Labori
    Products: SUAU, HYDE and more
  • A property with sea views

    Project: Calafell
    Designers: Magamo Studio
    Products: ALO, HYDE and more