• What to find in our new catalogue

    In our new catalogue, we want to make the most of the design, technology and adaptability of our luminaires.
  • HOOK wins the Excellent Product German Design Award

    HOOK has done it again, the ecological and solidary lamp designed by OiKo Design of Faro Barcelona, has won an important recognition.
  • Everything we have learned with Mikmax Barcelona

    A new year begins and so does our collaboration with the brand Mikmax Barcelona, which you can find in our new catalogue.

  • A luxury flat in Hungary

    Project: Hungría
    Arquitect: Richárd Somogyi
    Products: MINE, MOOD
  • With view to the Giralda

    Project: Sevilla
    Architects: Jimenez&Linares
    Products: SUAU, LINK
  • The modernism of Barcelona

    Project: Calle del Carme
    Architect: Jofre Roca
    Product: LE VITA