5 common mistakes which make remote working complicated

At this stage, most people who work remotely have already acquired some habits and have made the appropriate changes in their workspace. Even so, new challenges appear to achieve productivity and wellbeing, and some mistakes which should be borne in mind:

1. Not setting working hours. As we have already become used to the flexibility afforded by working from home, what at the start was resolved with a few hours set aside for work with some breaks, has now turned into a job on demand depending on volume. This lack of order can cause fatigue and procrastination, in other words, leaving tasks for later.

2. Taking refuge in working alone. Remote working does not mean you have stopped being part of a company, and even more importantly, of a team. You need to be in touch with colleagues, hold follow-up meetings and keep encouraging collaboration, since developing within a team is no easy task and after achieving it, losing it would mean slowing down the group’s dynamics.

3. Forgetting what time of year it is. At many companies, remote working is here to stay, so aside from finding a place at home where we can perform our tasks, we should also consider how we are affected by daylight hours according to the season, and when we need artificial light to help us concentrate. It is important to position ourselves according to our dominant hand so there are no reflections on the desk, and support general lighting with a table lamp which can be adjusted (such as the INVITING lamp) or always project warm 4000K light. 4. Only planning short term. Becoming used to an uncertain situation does not mean that the company does not have long-term goals or that our career aspirations are smaller over time. The company, like our professional skills, must keep growing, although bear in mind that the future situation is uncertain, and needs us to all pull together. We must not lose our ambition and desire to find new challenges.

5. Leaving leisure by the wayside. What with our daily space becoming smaller and restrictions not allowing us to socialize so much outdoors, most people have abandoned their leisure activities. We need to resurrect them, even if it is in other forms or without moving too much because they are necessary in order to clear the mind, rest and return to work with more energy.