3 interior design projects with Faro Barcelona lamps

Laia Ubia studio presents 3 residential projects with Faro Barcelona luminaires.

In the Covadonga kitchen work, located in Sabadell, an extension and opening of spaces was made to provide more light to the kitchen.


The DALLAS LED wall lamp was used to light the dining room. This wall lamp with straight lines fits perfectly on the wooden wall and provides a perfect light spot to complement the general lighting of the kitchen-living room.

The same DALLAS wall lamp is the one that has been used for the rehabilitation of Can Candi in Matadepera. This LED wall lamp is the one that gives continuity to the whole home, since it serves as a common thread in all rooms.

In the corridor and open areas, the wall lamp gives a nice diffused light directed upwards that allows the inhabitants to walk through the house with greater comfort.

Finally, in the Josep Pla housing, the studio carried out an integration of storage spaces in search of open and bright areas.


One of the most conflictive areas is the lighting of the staircase and to solve that lighting problem they used the PLAS recessed lamp that can be completely integrated into the wall. Thanks to this lamp we get an ideal light path since it is at ground level and does not blind and allows us to go up and down without problems.

Three lighting solutions adapted to the needs of the inhabitants of each home.