Do you have proper lighting for working at the kitchen?

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Chopping onions, calculating quantities with the kitchen scale or cleaning the dishes and cutlery.  The kitchen counter, the sink and the stoves need the right light so that you can work safely. How to light up the place where we use to cook the food, handle it and clean? You’ll find useful tips in this post.

Aluminio pendant lamp for the kitchen

First of all, the lighting of the working area of the kitchen has to be strong. It is also essential to enable light to reproduce exactly the range of colours of the food. For this reason, we recommend you to choose light fixtures with a cold colour temperature. Why? White light (4 000 Kelvin degrees) is the one that will offer you more and better visibility while working and handling food.

under-cabinet fluorescent lamp


In order to get a direct and right focused lighting, use the lower part of the kitchen cabinets to light up the working areas. In this way, you will avoid shadows, as well as increasing the general visibility. Pick out little surface lamps, like Tomo-P, and use them with its accessory.

Some other good idea is to install under-cabinet fluorescent lamps, which provide very bright light, perfect for rinsing the food and washing dishes in the sink until they spark. You can also opt for installing LED strips running through the width of the cabinets.

If the working area of the kitchen is placed in an island, why if you try to light it up with a pendant lamp? For instance, the industrial and modern design of the TRANSFER lamp is the perfect complement for a minimalist style kitchen. Another one of our proposals for this kind of spaces is the MIA pendant lamp, with LED technology.


Industrial style lamp for the kitchen

In fact, we strongly recommend you not to use standard halogen lamps, mainly for its high consumption of energy and the large amount of heat.

And you, what kind of light do you like for working at the kitchen? Which solutions you have used to light up your kitchen? Tell us about your experience or lighting project, comments are welcomed!

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