What is the perfect light to study?

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Adequate lighting is the one that provides light in a homogeneous way but also that allows to create environments. The light has different temperatures (K) and its correct use can help us to optimize the development of the school tasks or the reading.

Finding the right light allows you to enjoy the activity without straining your eyes.

ito led
The light has three basic temperatures: white, neutral and warm. Some studies ensure that the proper application can lead to decreased concentration when doing the homework.

Cold lights of about 4,000k – 5,000K are suitable for environments where attention is required, as in the case of studying, reading or sewing, for example.

Another aspect to take into account is the Color Rendering Index (CRI) that is what allows to faithfully reproduce the colors. Those who have a low CRI favor the loss of concentration and are recommended for environments where relaxation is sought, such as the bedroom or living room.

Finally, the last aspect that we must consider are the lux, that is to say, the number of lumens per square meter. We would have enough light to focus on our studies between 400 and 500 lux.

Other lighting tips

1. The best reading light is the one that illuminates the book from above.

2. The right-handed should receive the light above the left shoulder, while the left-handed should receive the light on the opposite side.

3. Avoid reflections. To do this place a mirror where the book will be, if the light is reflected you should move it a little to deflect the reflection that affects your eyes.

4. A lamp with adjustable head and articulating arm will allow you to direct the beam, as well as to adapt to the different members of the family.

5. Lamps that allow light temperature and intensity change are recommended. These will adapt to the different times of the day, when our sight is tired and needs more light.

6. LED luminaires will help you save on the light bill, since its consumption is much more efficient

STUDIO como luz de apoyo a la lectura
7. If you read at night, it is not recommended to use only the reading lamp</strong>, as it may not be enough, in these cases, it is advisable to have a warm light for the room and another supplementary for reading.

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    gracias , ahora ya lo tengo mas claro,me sirvio de mucho todas las recomendaciones.

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