VOLTA family of timeless design created by Estudi Ribaudí

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VOLTA is a family of indoor lamps designed by Estudi Ribaudí. This set consists of fixtures, table lamps, hanging lamps and living room foot lamps in the elegant binomial black and white.

volta-aplique-de-diseño-de-estudi-ribaudi2La familia encaja perfectamente en el canal contract, su amplia gama de productos permite encontrar la pieza perfecta a cada estancia y su sobriedad hacen de VOLTA el objeto ideal para todos los estilos, des de los más clásicos a los más modernos.

The family fits perfectly into the channel contract; its wide range of products allows you to find the perfect piece for every room and its sobriety make VOLTA the ideal object for all the styles, from the most classic to the most modern.

VOLTA is a series that takes the utmost care of all the details, such as the small switches on the fixtures or the stylized rods on the table lamps and living room foot lamps.

Its structure is metal and the purity of the design gives it strength and enough character to become a timeless and elegant element, with a great design load.

volta-pie-de-salon-de-diseño-de-estudi-ribaudi2Estudi Ribaudí are the thinkers of this family. The multidisciplinary team first works with ideas that are eventually turned into objects. A group formed by designers and interior decorators who mix creativity, materials and technology to transform spaces and objects into elements with their own character.

To know a little more about VOLTA we spoke to their creators:

-How did you come from the first idea to the final model?

We were looking to make a different but elegant shade. To subtly enhance the value that the shade already has in itself.

-Would you say that this family is a timeless design?

Clearly, yes. We believe it is not a revolutionary design and it was not the intention.  We were looking for a serene and unpretentious design.

-What do you think is the differential value of this new design?

Its elegance.

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