Ceiling fans with dc motor by Faro Barcelona

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One feature to consider when you choose a fan is the type of motor it has: its performance and energy usage depend on it.

There are two types of motors: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The big difference between them is simply energy usage. DC motors are characterised by low power consumption, quiet operation and precise speed control.


This type of engine is also known as a direct current motor. The difference between the DC and AC is that DC always generates the same voltage, while AC varies. As such, plug sockets do not always receive the same voltage. It oscillates within a certain range.

The first ceiling fan with a DC motor appeared in 2009 at the hands of the American company Emerson Electrics. Lower costs led to further work on these motors, although they were initially very costly, and the result is effective models at a competitive price.


The main advantages of this engine are:

Energy usage is 70% lower than conventional fans. At an average speed of 50rpm, it uses about 3W.

It is very quick to start up, accelerate, decelerate and stop.

Speed control is very precise, and so a wide range of speeds (six) are typically offered.

They offer a very low minimum rotation speed.

They weigh less because the motor is lighter and that makes installation easy.

They don’t heat up as much as conventional fans and they are usually more durable

Moreover, most of these fans can be put into reverse and can be activated by remote control, without the need to use the controls on the fan itself.

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6 Responses to Ceiling fans with dc motor by Faro Barcelona

  1. […] ago 4 › Ventiladores Faro Barcelona con motor DC » […]

  2. Carlos Montes says:

    Necesito 4 ventiladores completamente blancos de techo con luz, motor DC y mando a distancia.
    Mis techos no son muy altos (247cm.) o sea que deberían tener poca altura.
    Tres habitaciones (dormitorios) son pequeñas (unos 10 m2) por lo que el diámetro debería ser más pequeño (creo). alrededor de un metro.
    La cuarta habitación salón) es más grande. En este caso el diámetro podría ser un poco mayor 120 ó 130.
    Espero no decir muchas tonterías. Esta es la idea que tengo; pero no soy un experto.
    Me podéis recomendar algún modelo.

  3. José Luis says:

    Hola, ¿me gustaría saber si disponen de un módulo de control wifi compatible con Google home?, recientemente he adquirido el ventilador Faro Barcelona 33548 – COCOS

    • Faro Barcelona Faro Barcelona says:

      Buenos días José Luis,

      No, no disponemos de ningún modulo wifi por el momento. Estamos trabajando en ello para un futuro.

      Reciba un cordial saludo

  4. Jesús says:

    Necesito un ventilador para techo muy alto (Buhardilla) de 4,5 metros, con una tija de unos 120 cm ó 140 cm, con mando a distancia y motor DC (Corriente continua) a ser posible, bueno , bonito y barato.

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