Proper lighting in the office

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The office is one of the places where we spend more hours a day so it is very important to illuminate the work area well. The lighting in an office affects your eye health and your well-being at work. In the office, good lighting enhances productivity, improves motivation and helps reduce absenteeism.

We illuminate the office with three types of light:

Natural light: it is the best, although sometimes it is insufficient.

ORE fluorescent lights with a diffuser to light the officeGeneral artificial light: The most advisable thing is to use fluorescent lights with a diffuser to protect us from direct light. With this kind of light you will avoid shadows and you will get a general light for your work area.


Artificial localized light: In cases in which the light remains insufficient you can add a localized light, such as reading lamps. With this type of office lamps you will be able to illuminate specific areas of your work area such as the keyboard.

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