Types of light

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Light is so important in our everyday lives, just like everything we adapt to our routine: getting up, eating, working, relaxing, sleeping. And, even though we do not realise it, for each time and space there is perfect lighting that accompanies us:

-General lighting: That which completely lights a room or spacious corner. They are usually ceiling, recessed or wall lights connected to these room switches. Be sure to not create areas of shadows or marked contrasts between rooms.

Mute (general)

-Pointed lighting: This is the light required to light something specific, such as a picture, a corner or a work of art, for which wall lights and picture lights that display a more intense and centred light are ideal. As support light, it must be complemented by seeking a balance with general light, without shadows or strong contrasts getting in the way.

-Ambient lighting: This type of lighting acts as a support light, since it is not enough on its own to light an activity, so it complements the general light. The lamps that are used with said purpose are floor and table lamps, and sometimes pendant lights. They play an important decorative role.

Jellyfish (ambiente)

-Work lighting: This is also a type of lighting that is pointed, but focused on performing tasks requiring concentration and a single and explicit focus, such as reading and study corners. In this case, balanced-arm lamps, table lamps and floor lamps are used. Another place where light has to help in specific tasks is in the kitchen, where the furniture sometimes does not help with the lighting and creates darks corners. This is the case with counter-tops, where a strong, bright light is required, such as LED strip lights. Finally, the bathroom and the specific lighting for the mirror, where light fixtures with IP44 and a 4000K light colour, in other words, the most like natural light, are recommended. Chrome wall lights are perfect for framing the mirror and providing the light needed for shaving or putting on make-up.

inviting (trabajo)


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