Ventilation Top Ten by Faro Barcelona. Winner Eterfan!

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Our Top Ten has finished today (14/06/2013). And the fan winner is… Eterfan. Thank you for participing. We will contact the winner participant soon.

Faro Barcelona has selected their best fans by features, but without your help we can’t set up our Ventilation Top Ten. So we’ve put up a contest for you to choose your favorite.

How to participate

It’s very easy, just subscribe to our blog and vote for your favorite fan. You have from May 27 to June 14 to do this. Among all participants we’ll raffle a Tritón, our tiniest fan. Vote here.


The most sustainable: Eterfan

ETERFAN-ventilador-detalleThe Eterfan is our most sustainable fan thanks to its DC engine which consumes less at a higher speed. This revolutionary technology contributes to energy savings. Plus, it has other features such as being quieter, lighter and more durable. + info: Eterfan

The most rustic: Corso

CORSO-detalleThis fan has a rustic style for its reddish and oak wooden blades, dark brown metal engine and translucent glass lampshades. The Corso is ideal for classic and/or rustic rooms. + info: Corso

The funnest: Palao

PALAO-detalleOur funnest fan, the Palao, is ideal for children or teenagers rooms, reduced in size. It brings a touch of color and incorporates a light kit with an opal glass diffuser. + info: Palao

The cheapest: Mini Indus

MINI-INDUS-detalleThe Mini Indus is a modern fan with a very affordable price and great features: 5 speeds, wall regulator included, engine and steel blades in white… A good choice for small spaces. + info: Mini Indus

The brightest: Galápago

GALAPAGO-detalle-ventilador de techoThe Galápago is our brightest fan thanks to its 3-lampshade light kit featuring 3-GU10 50W light bulbs each. A good solution to freshen and illuminate at the same time. + info: Galápago

The most practical: Easy

EASY-detalleAs its name suggests, the Easy is easy to place in any room, easy to install, its blades are fitted with a “click”, and easy to use by its built-in remote. + info: Easy

The most high-tech: Chiloe

CHILOE-detalleThe Chiloe ceiling fan features a light kit using LED technology, which enables lower power consumption. + info: Chiloe

The most retro: Faretto

FARETTO-detalleWith the Faretto we are transported to the historic Italian motorcycle, the Vespa 1946, source of inspiration for this ceiling fan. More than just a fan, it’s a lifestyle. + info: Faretto

The toughest: Hierro

HIERRO-detalle-ventilador de techoThis ceiling fan is for outdoor use as it has IP44 protecting it from moisture and dust, making it one of our most resistant models, so that its name couldn’t be other than Hierro. The 4 blades are reversible and are made of ABS material. It features a light kit. + info: Hierro

The tiniest: Tritón

TRITON-detalle-ventilador de mesaInnovative in style and design, the Tritón is ideal as a table fan. Very handy thanks to its small size. + info: Tritón

Vote for your favorite fan!

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