Tips for illuminating your home the right way

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If the moment has come to renew your home and transform that space into your own, you must definitely consider the lighting. When planning a renovation, we must study the needs and the possibilities of each space.

Using the natural light that enters through the windows is a must, as it is organizing the luminaires to create a comfortable space adapted to its use.

In order to properly distribute lamps, Faro Barcelona’s Project Director recommends using a lighting software that helps assess the needs of each room to know the amount of light they need.

consejos para iluminar tu hogar

We will always start with the general lighting of a room, where creating a space homogenously lit and shadow free is the main objective. We will use general lighting to guarantee visibility and harmonize the space and decorative lighting to provide a personal touch of style to each of the rooms.

We will use focused lights in work areas, closets or mirrors; and indirect lighting for television sets, paintings or decorative elements.

vesper pie de salon

To illuminate the rest of the house, we can use hanging lamps for the general lighting and diffusors in clear tones or fabrics to provide warmth. Floor lamps and wall lamps can also provide warm lighting (2700K o 3000K), a tone that allows us to create a warm environment that embraces us while we are in it.

One of 2017’s tendencies are double functionality lamps. In this case, we recommend the HAN, a hanger/wall lamp perfect to welcome you in as soon as you set foot at home; or the NIT, which, thanks to its support, can be set as nightstand lamp or next to a couch.

nit aplique faro

Lastly, to provide an original touch to your home, you can use portable lamps such as BOO, which can be placed in different locations to achieve different effects. It can be your trusty companion. The Boo comes in handy when there are power outages or to provide a support light whenever you need it.

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