Types of light to study

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Back to school is near, and with it, a return to the books. There are several types of light and it is very important to choose the right light for studying. From Faro Barcelona we give you some recommendations for you to choose the best option.

Types of light to study

Whenever possible, the most suitable type of light is natural light. When this is insufficient, you can supplement it with artificial light. We recommend you put the desk well-oriented towards the window so that it does not cause uncomfortable shadows.

LED reading lamp to study

BABA LED Red office reading lamp with USBTo achieve the proper lighting for studying, we will use two types of artificial light. One that generates ambient light and another localized, as long as they are not very bright so that they do not cause many reflections.

– For ambient light, you can use wall lamps or a pendant lamp. Currently, the fluorescent lights can also be an effective lighting alternative to study. Think that this light will be used as a filler and will be supplemented with another localized one.

– For direct light, one of the best alternatives is the use of reading lamps. A good reading lamp will concentrate the light on the exact place of study; will have good mobility and a good range. Note that if you are going to spend a long time studying, you should choose a light bulb that does not overheat and has low power consumption. If you want, you can watch our video comparing light bulbs.

reading lamp to light up the computer keyboard

These types of light are also those you will use in the computer. Only remember that the most important thing is to illuminate the keyboard. In this way, you will avoid annoying reflections on the screen.

Remember that the lighting should always be oriented according to the hand with which you write, if you are right handed, the light to study must come from the left side; if you are left handed, the light should come from the right. In this way you will also avoid shadows.

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