The light for the bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that is most rehabilitated along with the kitchen. Its continuous use and changing needs as we grow or age also has an influence when planning a bathroom renovation

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Whether it’s a big or small change, they’re all important and that’s why we’re going to give you some lighting tips to keep in mind.


The Protection Rating (IP) has an influence when installing the luminaries. IP is a two-digit number that tells us if the luminaire offers protection against the entry of water and dust.

We should start with general lighting. For this, recessed or ceiling panels with IP44 are enough to provide a homogeneous light throughout the room. If you want to see our wide selection of bath products, click here.

In the mirror area we recommend luminaries with IP44 and a 4000K light color, i.e., the one most similar to natural light. NILO or EDGE are chrome wall lamps, available in different sizes, perfect for framing the mirror and providing the necessary light for shaving or makeup.


Continuing to the bath or shower area, the recommended protection rating is IP65 since it is necessary to be watertight and able to withstand steam and moisture concentration. For this area, Faro Barcelona proposes the AIM, CLEAR or COMPACT recessed lamps. These luminaries are solid, resistant and integrate perfectly in the room.


If we follow these tips our lighting will be resistant and adequate to the needs of this room. If we also use luminaries with LED light source we will save on the electricity bill and with less power we will enjoy more lumens.

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