2016 Decor Lighting Trends: copper lamps

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2016 is taking shape, as are decorating and lighting trends, the most notable of which are copper and metal finishes.

Blogs and trend hunters have already included copper as one of the essential elements for decorating or renovating houses and hotels. The Scandinavian style has also given into the warmth of this material and interior designers are starting to bear it in mind when it comes to lighting a room.


Copper becomes a luxury material, an essential shine for giving a room warmth and colour. This metal reminds us of our grandmothers’ kitchen utensils and makes us feel nostalgic, which is why it has a place in decorating today.

Copper lamps match perfectly with a minimalist decor or even in houses with a chic touch. The shape of the light fixture can help us create a vintage or industrial ambience. It also fits in perfectly with open-plan spaces and in spaces where the collection of objects helps us give personality to a room.

A big advantage of this material is that it is very durable and requires practically no maintenance. It can be an essential choice for contract spaces with a certain rustic air, or in more contemporary environments.


Faro Barcelona presents three models with a copper finish that meet the needs of the sector. PLANET is a modern pendant lamp with pure lines, and is perfect for lighting up contemporary environments.

RETRO is an Alex&Manel Lluscà design and its answer to 1960s sophistication. Its 12-light model fits in with hallways and larger spaces. Conversely the pendant and wall light are the perfect option for individual lighting or group lighting in more intimate spaces.

Finally, the CUP family, designed by Alex&Manel Lluscà, comprises adjustable spotlights with one, two and three lights, and a ceiling of four. Its  shape and finish make it an essential piece for giving a room a retro chic touch, and are perfect for black and white spaces.

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