TAKE AWAY´s three key elements

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Do you know the TAKE AWAY lamp? A modern design and in two colors, comes to revolutionize the portable concept. It can accompany you in summer and winter, inside and outside, as auxiliary light or in the center of a table. Its wooden base provides warmth and allows greater rest.

Discover its three main key elements!


Do you want to control the intensity any time? Choose one of the three powers offered by the lamp. To activate them, you only have to press one, two or three times and the lamp will project a warm light of 1, 2, or 3W. Three adjustable intensities for three different moments.


Thanks to its handle and its size, you can take TAKE AWAY wherever you want. It will allow you to transport it from your own hand or hang it from the bicycle, from your tent or from a porch. It also has a wooden base that will let you rest comfortably.


TAKE AWAY is recharged through a USB output and its autonomy depends on the light intensity: 1W 15 hours, 2W 10 hours and 3W 5 hours. This will allow you to take it without worrying about plugs or batteries and use it with total freedom.

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