¡TAKE AWAY around the world!

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Portable, rechargeable and with three levels of intensity. This is TAKE AWAY, the new lamp of Faro Barcelona that today begins a trip around the world to show us its versatility.

It is adventurous, light and with a lot of style. It can be adapted to any environment, regulating its light depending on the time and place: a long excursion in the desert, a dinner on the lawn of Central Park or a walk through the temples of Japan.


TAKE AWAY begun its trip in Australia! To the mountains of Ayers Rock, as warm as the light it emits. Will TAKE AWAY illuminate a night under the stars in this natural park?


Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. TAKE AWAY has arrived to immerse itself in a thousand-year-old culture, visit temples and eat noodles. And it is that it can regulate its light to accompany any moment of the day.


Until Arizona has flown TAKE AWAY! It has visited the Monument Valley, a great desert with huge rocks, an American symbol. Easy to carry, with 5 hours of autonomy and a wooden base.


Oh là là, TAKE AWAY is in Paris. Will it ride on a bike through the Champs-Élysées? Its modern design fits well with the Parisian touch.


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2 Responses to ¡TAKE AWAY around the world!

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