Synchronize the DISC, SIOUX, LEYTE and POLARIS fan control

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To synchronize the control kit of the models DISC 33397, SIOUX 33770, LEYTE 33780 and POLARIS 33346, you should follow the following steps:

1. After the installation and assembly is completed, cut off the fan current for at least 10 seconds.
2. Insert the battery into the remote control.
3. Reconnect the fan to the current. The receiver will be active for synchronization only for 30 seconds after reconnecting the current.
4. Press and hold the “FAN ON/OFF” button until a continuous beep for 2 seconds is heard. Normally this beeping takes about 6 seconds to occur.
mando a distancia DISC y TAO
5. Execute an order and the fan will obey you.
In case the fan does not follow the given commands, repeat the operation again starting from the power cut mentioned in step 1.

If you have more than 1 fan
If you have more than one fan in the same room, and you want them to work independently, you should follow the same steps as above. The process must be carried out individually and independently with a control for each fan. Remember that you must also remove the power from each fan independently. It does not serve the general or common cut as it can induce the error and both fans would try to synchronize with the same control. The aim is that the operation of one fan does not affect the operation of other fans.

If you want to synchronize and control several fans with the same remote control, you only have to perform the same process with the same transmitter control to each of the fans to be controlled; like this way all the fans would work at the same time.

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