Synchronize the control of fans with DC motor

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In this article we will show you the steps to follow to synchronize the control kit of the ceiling fan with DC motor of the Faro Barcelona brand. Here is the list of fans that also have this type of synchronization:

After the installation and assembly is completed according to instructions, you must follow the following steps to control the fan and for it to obey the commands:
1. Insert the corresponding battery into the transmitter.
2. Select a combination with the microswitches (1-2-3-4). There are 16 different combinations. You can select the one you want. These micro switches are located on the back, where the battery goes.
3. Cut the fan current for a minimum of 10 seconds.
4. Connect the current again.
5. Within 60 seconds after power is applied, press and hold the SET button for 6-60 seconds. This button is located on the back, where the battery goes.
6. If your fan has a light kit, it will light up intermittently two or three times, meaning that the synchronization has been done correctly. At this point you can stop pressing the SET button. If you do not have a light kit, we must select some speed and verify that the fan turns. In some cases the fan turns automatically once the synchronization has been completed.
NOTE: according to the specifications of each model to which this type of coding of their control kit applies, each fan can react differently just after this process. In most cases, the fan rotates at maximum speed in both directions for a certain period of time in order to achieve a voltage stabilization of some DC motors. During that time the fan will not execute any command. After the relevant time has elapsed, the fan will operate at the selected speed.
7. You have the control kit synchronized, now you can use and control all the functions of your fan.

If you have more than one fan in the same room, and you want them to work independently, you should follow the same steps as above. But remember that you should also remove the current from each fan independently. A general cut of energy can induce error and is not useful since both fans will try to synchronize with the same control. The aim is that the operation of one fan does not affect the operation of other fans. For example:

1-Make sure that you have completed the assembly, connections and that the receiver’s power is off.
2- Install the 12V battery in the remote.
3- Change the position of the microswitches (1-2-3-4) on remote 1, so it will be different from remote 2.
4- Turn on the fan power 1.
5- Press and hold the SET button until you have the correct synchronization mentioned above.
6- Turn off the fan power 1. This will not be affected by the next encoding process that will be performed on fan 2.
Proceed in the same way as with fan 1 by changing the position of the switches (1-2-3-4).

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5 Responses to Synchronize the control of fans with DC motor

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  2. antonio garcia robles says:

    acabo de comprar un ventilador PEMBA, he colocado los micro interruptores todos hacia abajo y he seguido el resto de las instrucciones, pero en la velocidad 1 y 2 el ventilador intenta arrancar pero no lo hace. en el resto de velocidades funciona normalmente. >A que se debe? como puedo solucionarlo. un saludo gracias

  3. Fernando says:

    Hola tengo un faro cinco aspas color nogal y solo le van algunas funciones del mando la luz las tres velocidades pero no consigo encendido y apagado

    • Faro Barcelona Faro Barcelona says:

      Buenos días Fernando,
      Muchas gracias por ponerse en contacto.
      Para poder ayudarle, en primer lugar, necesitaríamos que nos dijera qué modelo de ventilador es.
      Muchas gracias de antemano y quedamos a la espera de su respuesta.

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