SWAN, a very special gift for Father’s Day

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We want to introduce you a very special gift for Father’s Day, the table lamp SWAN. It’s one of our 2014 Home Catalog news and is just arrived from Japan. But if we have to hightlight a feature of SWAN, without hesitation, it is its functionality.


The control of light in your hands


Many table lamps are equipped with systems that facilitate on and off, as it would be Touch Lamp; but SWAN goes a little further since you will not even have to touch it. Passing the hand over the top of the head, you can turn it on or turn it off; but also, you can adjust the color temperature and the power. How?

With vertical movements on the head, you can control the temperature of color or tonality of the light from the 2700 to 6300K. In whole you have four colours to choose from, two positions for cold light and two others for warm light. Thus, you will be able to adapt the light to situations as different as they would be working or relaxing moments.


SWAN But not only allow you to adjust the hue , his hand can also change the power of light. Doing the opposite movement above: passing his hand flat on the head , four different intensities are obtained from power on until turned off. This way you can adjust the light output to the lighting needs of the moment.

But SWAN not only will allow you to adjust the tonality, with the hand also you will be able to change the power of the light. You only have to do the opposite movement to the previous one: passing the hand horizontally on the head, four different intensities are obtained. This way you will be able to adapt the luminous flow to the needs of lighting of every moment.

Despite its apparent fragility, SWAN is an office lamp that stands out for its robustness, thanks to the quality of their materials. In addition, because of its flexibility, you can direct the beam of light to the point where you are more interested.

Undoubtedly, this table lamp is a modern, simple but elegant piece that will mark a before and after in studio and office lighting. SWAN is the swan of the desk lamps and a great gift for Father’s Day! 😉

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2 Responses to SWAN, a very special gift for Father’s Day

  1. gonza says:


    Aqui he visto un buen regalo para el dia del padre

  2. lamparas bover says:

    Un diseño mas que apropiado, con una tecnología que tampoco se queda atrás, resulta practico pasar la mano por encima y regular el tono de la luz.

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