Did you know… you can use a ceiling fan outside?

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To use a ceiling fan outside, you only need to consider two factors. The first is that this fan must have IP Code 44 which is the degree of protection required against dust or water entering. The second is that you will need a roof for proper operation and maintenance.

Hierro is a ceiling fan to use outdoors

A ceiling fan placed on your porch or deck will help keep you cool during the months we want to spend outside but can’t due to the heat. In addition, as a curiosity, the ceiling fan has been traditionally used to keep away the flies, which are so annoying in summer.

The name HIERRO (“Iron” in English) is our strongest fan which you can install outdoors. It has IP Code 44 and is made of steel and ABS. Thanks to its built-in light kit, you can also enjoy a relaxing dinner on your deck or porch.

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