Prepare your work area with good lighting

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When we work, whether it is reading, working on the computer or assembly, our eyes must receive the light they need to be able to do these jobs without having to strain. To do this, we need to prepare our work area so we can go back to school or work.


The quality of the lighting must be high in order to guarantee sufficient visual performance. We must also bear in mind that age has an influence on our lighting needs.

As we get older, the transmittance (percentage of light that passes through the lens) of the crystalline deteriorates and that means we need more light than before to carry out a task.

iluminacion_general_oficinaAn improvement in light performance becomes an improvement in productivity. This is why our work area must have lighting that is appropriate for us and for tackling whatever activity we are going to do.

It is also proven that appropriate lighting in the work environment can help us when it comes to planning tasks and being more enthusiastic about doing them. For all these reasons, desk and work table lighting is an important matter, the fine tuning needed to get the month of September off to a good start.

Overall lighting must be uniform and provide light to the entire room without there being areas darker than others or spaces shrouded in semi-darkness. A good option is recessed or ceiling lights that enable us to have a dome light that is distributed throughout the room. We must bear in mind that in order to work optimally, the light must be natural white (4000K) and must not be excessively bright or very white (6000K) because this can make concentrating difficult.

It is also recommendable to have a flexo light on the work table that enables us to point the light, thereby reinforcing it. Remember to place it in such a way that it does not project shadows over your reading space, in other words, if you are right-handed place it on the left and if you are left-handed place it on the opposite side.


Another advantage of using this kind of lighting is that when you work with computers, it is best that the light is not projected directly onto the screen, or it will hit the keyboard and scatter.

A good flexo light must have different positions and provide natural white light so that your eyes do not have to make too much effort to read or use the computer. Lamps with LED lights are efficient and the light source does not get too hot, helping us maintain our concentration for longer and allowing us to save energy, since its consumption is lower.

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