Pepe Llaudet tells us about the Akane lamp

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Akane is inspired by traditional oriental lanterns, by the extreme sensation of warmth they create, and the magic they convey when on”.

– Akane is your latest creation for Faro Barcelona. How would you define it?
Yes, indeed. Akane is inspired by traditional oriental lanterns. From the beginning, the goal was to create a warm and comfortable light to conceive cozy and pleasant spaces.

– Akane is a minimalist design, both in terms of structure, shape and materials. Would you also call it a timeless design?
I see Akane as a dynamic object, very simple, yet with a movable structure in the form of legs, making up a unique product. I believe that the purity of its lines and the choice of materials are key factors to favor its permanence over time.

– How do you see this new design in connection with the rest of Faro’s 2014 collection? Do you know Faro’s claim?
To be honest, I don’t see any connection with other designs by Faro, but I believe that it adds up and supplements it by offering a different product.

lampara-akane– In your opinion, what is Akane’s differential value? Is it the fact that it is produced in Spain?
The differential value can be found in the piece’s design and overall appearance. The way in which the legs communicate and supplement the screen, attaining a level of structural solidity which they do not otherwise have separately.

– Akane has the “Made in Spain” seal. What’s your opinion on this?
I think it’s great. In fact, I have a distant hope that it will gradually be mass-produced here again. This offers many advantages, and allows for a better communication with manufacturers. Besides, it is much more sustainable.

– Behind each design or product there is always a story. Could you tell us the story behind Akane and its name?
As I told you, Akane is inspired by traditional oriental lanterns, by the extreme sensation of warmth they create, and by the magic they convey when on. My idea was to create a modern product to offer similar sensations and experiences, also providing structural and even use-related innovations.

Its name is of Japanese origin. I find it extremely feminine, solid and easy to remember.

– Finally… tell us something about your personal taste in terms of design and aesthetics
I am into pure lines, order, noble materials, warm colors… I am a big fan of nature, its textures, lights, colors, and smells. I like sincere, pure, peace-transmitting objects. I appreciate cultures and their customs, and I use them as a creative filter. I am not a fan of a specific trend , but I rather select those ingredients I like most from each trend, in order to create my own recipe.

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  1. lamparas bover says:

    Me gusta akane, el diseñador logra transmitir pureza, calidez, paz… no se equivoca.

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