“PAULINE caresses the space with a warm light”

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PAULINE is one of this year’s new offerings from Nahtrang Design Studio. Its wooden skeleton subtly envelopes its light source, creating a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

We spoke with Nahtrang and asked it to reveal the secret behind this designer lamp.

pauline by Nahtrang

What inspired PAULINE?
Coderch’s Disa lamp was an element that guided us when it came to designing PAULINE. We were aiming to rationalise the forms and wanted the light to have a life of its own, so we decided to make the arms that embrace the light source opaque.

The entire lamp can be seen when it is switched on, and the light from PAULINE slips out through the gaps created by its symmetrical beams that are projected where it hangs, caressing the space with a warm light. The sensation of warmth is achieved thanks to the piece’s subtle wood finish.

How does inspiration come when you are thinking of a design?
Inspiration doesn’t just appear when you need it; you need to work on and stimulate paths in order to arrive at a creative process, where early sketches eventually appear that will serve as embryos for the project’s final result.

Projects sometimes appear as a result of a personal need, and in this case we needed to fill a very singular space with a special element that we couldn’t find. It was then that we thought about the need to make a unique piece for that specific space. That was how PAULINE came into being.

Good design is the ability to adapt to multiple spaces by creating a perfect ambience. This has been the case with PAULINE, a creation unique in its ability to fit into different spaces by creating comfortable atmospheres. Do you think about an ambience when you’re designing a product?

This can be a two-way street. In some cases, like this one, the context appears first and then the piece. Usually when you’re given a briefing, you’re asked for generic spaces into which that element can fit.

When we have no direct instructions, it’s much easier for the design process to get closer to the end goal by thinking about a space and the need to dress it.

pauline pendant lamp

How do you work with Faro Barcelona?
We try to establish a bond with all the companies we work with that goes beyond what is strictly professional. When the involvement is mutual, as it is with Faro Barcelona, everything flows much better and the results are much closer to what both parties expect.

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