What’s new on outdoor lighting on 2016?

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As usual, for this spring-summer season, Faro Barcelona presents and endless number of innovations in outdoor lighting. Simple yet ingenious and fun ideas that add value due to their innovation, style and functionality.

Aim! TONI is an adjustable corrosion proof spotlight equipped with a spike that can be installed directly on the ground or on any raised garden bed. Experiment illuminating corners and plants or play with the shadows projected by the leaves. The possibilities are endless! It can also be used as a sconce.

toni-estaca jarrett-portatil

Sit! JARRET is a flat-white translucent portable lamp; object by day, lamp by night. It is an essential warm-light auxiliary ambiance lamp you can sit on and chat. Fun and innovative: the essence of summer at its finest.

Move! With CAT, another of our new portable lamps. This design by Nahtrang is manufactured with polycarbonate and produces a nice and soft light. Move it around, leave it on a corner, take it with you or hang it to create new and amazing spaces. Its possibilities are amazing, you can create new spaces and different decorations through light for every occasion.

cat-portatil grow-baliza

Reinvent! GROW is an outdoor beacon that incorporates a removable flowerpot stand. A design that received the My Favourite Lighting Products Award 2015 in the Hong Kong Lighting Fair, that goes beyond light… Will you dare reinvent yourself?

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