New Lighting Concepts: luminaires with two purposes

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Faro Barcelona launches its new catalogues and some of this year’s novelties include the New Lighting Concepts. These luminaires offer not one but two features, which adds value to the products.

Their efficiency is multiplied, given that, in addition to providing us with light, they allow us to optimize our spaces and have extra uses for them.

All lamps are created with the same purpose in mind. However, what if they were not? What if, besides being decorative and providing light, they had another purpose?


A great example of this concept is the STUDIO lamp, which, by adding an accessory, can be transformed into a clamp, which allows it to be installed on a headboard or a shelf.

SMILE and its multiple positions allow this wall lamp to become a reading light, refocusing the light beam to make reading more comfortable and easy.

In addition, other two designs are added to the list of New Lighting Concepts. One of them is HAN, a hanger and a wall lamp with indirect lighting. We take full advantage of the space, given that, in the area where we have a hanger, we are also able to have a support light to fulfill the lighting needs of the current times.


The other one is NIT, a Goula/Figuera design thought for bringing nightstand lighting to its simplest form. Its platform can be used as a shelf and the light is provided by a bulb, simple yet elegant. This luminaire allows us to provide a warm touch to the bedroom.

This year, our catalogue is full of novelties and amazing products. We look for simplicity and beauty with the help of designers and studios in order to provide the best solutions for your homes.

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