Mosquitos against ceiling fans

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That time of year starts when mosquitoes feed on us and it becomes an odyssey to keep safe from bites.

This spring is still quite wet, at least in some areas, and that makes mosquitoes a suitable habitat to reproduce and increase their ranks. There are several remedies against mosquitos but one of the most effective are the fans.

fan vs mosquito

Would you like to be in a place with high winds? Imagine you are a mosquito wishing to bite someone, but to get there you have to cross windy areas. That is what the fan does, making them difficult to flight.

But the most effective part is that the fan distributes the CO2 that humans let go while breathing and that is what guides the mosquitoes to find us and bite us. The fan blades distribute carbon dioxide that makes the Mosquito“GPS” spoil and do not know where to go.

In addition, we must remember that there are outdoor fans, so this remedy can be used outdoors, in porches and gardens. A useful tool that besides confuse insects, also helps to fight the attacks of flies, cools the air and makes your summer days more enjoyable.

Another advantage to using a fan. Arm yourself against mosquitos!

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